Project PRISM: Americans Under Attack By Own Government

Project PRISM: Americans Under Attack By Own Government

The Post 9/11 world has brought many changes and those changes haven't necessarily been conducive with a free peoples living in a free society. Of course that is not to say that government hadn't misbehaved prior to 9/11. Paranoia, it seems, has a way of bringing out the worst among those serving in government who must balance what is in the best interests of a nation versus the best interests of the individual.

The National Security Agency, though, is an area of government where strange individuals with strange ideas reside. And their overzealous need to know become dangerous experiments in how far our personal freedoms should be stretched by them and whatever administration is in charge. And that makes government very dangerous for the average citizen. So dangerous, in fact, that it places Average Americans under attack by its own government.

And to bring that into sharper focus just consider the latest attack. The Guardian UK has discovered and reported that the NSA (National Security Agency) has "direct access to tech giants' systems for user data" under a previously unreported program called PRISM.

As I said previously the government is dangerous and this sort of secret snooping makes them extra dangerous because they have no way of knowing how to disseminate the enormous amount of data they are looking at. And don't think that they haven't shown us how futile it is to detect the difference between a threat and simple venting on social media sites because they sure as hell missed whatever signs they are trained to detect when it came to those involved in the Boston Marathon Bombings.

So to be very clear here, what the Obama Administration and NSA are doing is nothing more than an outright attack on the rights of the average citizen as protected by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Sadly, even though the Administration of former President George W. Bush did much to harm Americans with the Patriot Act, the current Administration of Barack Obama has taken it to another level entirely. As we know, there are already a long list of abuses associated with President Obama but if you take the last two involving the Internal Revenue Service and the National Security Agency, well I am sorry to say that President Obama has shown us a pattern - and that is no accident. And neither is Project PRISM!

It is bad enough when government purposely misleads its citizens with misinformation but when the President of the United States stands at the podium and continues the deception after the fact it shows a total disregard for the people and makes him the hypocrite he has become. Remember, we are talking about the man who swore he would bring the people a new level of transparency in government.

Well Mister President the spreading of misinformation and attempted suppression of political parties other than your Holier Than Thou Democratic one has been something of an annoyance to everyone who believes in a Constitutional Democracy and how it is supposed to work.

So shame on you!

And shame on the American Mainstream News Media who have given you the unprecedented and seemingly uninterrupted honeymoon since attaining the Office of the Presidency. Hey we got it early on okay? After all, the nation, it seemed, had finally learned to bury some of its prejudices and rally around an Agent of Change. The problem, though, is that President Obama has not been that positive agent of that change. Quite frankly, I believe he has squandered his legacy because he couldn't stay true to his promises.

And the American Press should have pounced like the irreverent seeker of the truth that we used to hold them up as. There is no doubt in my mind that Edward Murrow, Tim Russert and Walter Cronkite are rolling in their graves at the sad sack state of affairs in today's news media. At least those three had the courage to point out the things that were being abused by those in government or in Washington regardless of their own political beliefs. And that is exactly why they were trusted unlike the myriad of film-flam personalities "masquerading as news-people" in today's liberal news media.

But those masquerading can no longer run away from the fact that they have failed in doing their due diligence. And don't think for a moment that I am saying that the conservative Fox News Network has been any better at it because they haven't always done their due diligence either. It seems to me that today's media just picks and chooses whatever they want, or worse - they push whatever the Administration has wanted then to push as the two have often come on air as if in hi-fi stereo using the same buzzwords.

Sadly, Americans must rely on the quality outside sources for their news today because they are at least keeping an eye on the hypocrisy taking place in American Politics. I can't tell how many times I go to such sites as the Guardian UK, Deutsche Welle (DW) or al-Jazeera because they at least they seem to be trying their best to give people a more complete and in-depth picture of what is really going on.

And that is what the American People need more than ever as government under the last two administrations (including the current one) have gone to great lengths to destroy American Liberties. You know I have often said that you better be careful what you ask for and I don't say it lightly. Whether Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever - the people are entitled to the truth about what their government is doing.

Our rights are not to be taken lightly as many have died giving their last measure of devotion to a political system that once valued all the right things. And government and the media shouldn't dishonor that fact. But they have lost their way, people are being lied to and snooped on as if they were common criminals. Well it isn't right and unless we want America to resemble a Stalinist Russia, Hitler's Wehrmacht or Mao Zedong's China then we better damn well stay vigilant and be willing to protect those liberties bestowed upon us by our Nation's Forefathers who clearly understood the dangers of an unchecked and powerful government.

And understood well they did as Americans are under attack by its own government - Right Now!


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  • Careful, Michael, you will be labeled as big a "wingnut" as I.

    The bottom line to all this is that it is Bush's fault. Obama will have his rear protected by the pathetic liberals and progressives and true believers as per usual.

    You better watch out for an audit. Used to be a joke. Now it's a reality. Even ordinary, small time bloggers are targeted, apparently in real time.

    Do the average readers of Chicaonow care? No. It will be justified by the same ones who crucified Bush.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Well Richard I think we can handle it right? And yeah I have to agree with you even though I voted for Bush way back once - he did so much to harm this country that I don't think people understand the full breadth of yet. Of course the liberals and progressives can use use W as a valid argument but I also think if people are honest with themselves and are willing to review the paths both presidents took there is more commonality than not. It is just what it is from an observers point of view. And if that leads to an audit, well oh well. Truth is a bitch sometimes but one can hardly run from it in the end. So I guess we stick with what we do Richard - at least we aren't afraid to speak our minds whether people agree or not.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    "...if people are honest with themselves...."

    They are not.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Indeed my friend - indeed.

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