Update: Firefight Erupts Friday Morning After FBI Releases Boston Marathon Bomber Suspect Images - Possible Link

Update 2:39am: Early Friday Morning a gunfight erupted in Watertown, Ma, 1 person has been taken into custody and authorities are trying to determine if this person was involved with the Boston Marathon Bombing and/or the fatal shooting of an M.I.T. policeman....details emerging and remain fluid.

To follow click this link to Boston Area Media


The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released images of two suspects they believe to be the Boston Marathon Bombers and are asking the public's help in identifying them.

If you, or your friends, know who these individuals are please contact your local FBI Office.


They should be considered armed and dangerous.

Again, if anyone has any knowledge of who these people are, please this is the time to step up.

Terrorism, whether foreign or domestic, is unacceptable in a civilized society.


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