Boston Marathon Bombing A Cowardly Act

Boston Marathon Bombing A Cowardly Act
Boston Satellite Image (NASA_Public Domain)

The Boston Marathon is a world-class event in a world-class city. And even in the face of tragedy Boston has the ability to handle the most horrific of cowardly acts - a terrorist attack. Authorities must be credited with their swift response and their ability to protect others from further harm. Tonight Boston is in my heart and in my prayers.

The explosions that were set off near the finish line, as well as the one a couple of blocks behind it set off a chain reaction of both despair and valor as people tried in vain to comfort those injured and maimed. No easy task but one that heroes of all stripes and colors perform none the less without regard for their own safety.

As for the person, or persons responsible - the only thing that can be said is that the act was a cowardly one. And one that will be met with a resolve and determination for your capture. You can run but you can't hide as cameras and video surveillance will no doubt reveal your identity.

To those killed or injured- our prayers go out to you and your family in hopes that comfort can be found amid this heinous act. No one, but no one should have to endure such an event at such a peaceful gathering of humanity. Runners, family of runners and general spectators were present for no other reason than to cheer on the competitors.

And that is what makes this particularly numbing. The Boston Marathon is simply a gathering of people with nothing more than a common interest in supporting a grand event that is free from political dissension or turmoil. People just being people in the simplest terms with the only agenda being one of offering locals and tourists alike a welcoming hug.

The City of Boston and the Boston Marathon will survive this upheaval because the people there will make sure of that. The people of Boston are resilient and will go to great lengths in the future to prevent the chaos and harm we saw today. Their hearts may be heavy tonight but I also know that they will forever remain the welcoming city it has been for those of us lucky enough to have experienced their hospitality.

Boston - tonight we not only stand united with you, but you have our deepest sympathies and prayers.


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  • I suppose that the police will eventually find the perps (especially since a couple of the bombs didn't go off), but I wonder about the experts who say that whoever did it was doing it for publicity and their shadow group would have taken credit by now.

    This reminds me more of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombing, which gives me pause in that the wrong person was made a suspect (but not arrested) and it took 10 years to arrest someone.

    Again, killing children shows what kind of chicken bleep it was.

  • In reply to jack:

    Good Evening Jack. Yes have to agree with you. At one point while jumping through the different stations, it was aid there was a Black man with a foreign accent with a backpack on who was stopped trying to get into a restricted area and once stopped covered his face with his sweatshirt. Whether this was the person or one of - who knows. One thing is certain though - Boston cameras work unlike Chicago's so I suspect they are reviewing them as we speak.

    But no one should jump to any conclusions at this point because it is too easy to err; ergo the incident in Atlanta. Unfortunately this must just take its natural course and I hope the find the person(s) responsible. The maimed and the dead did not deserve this especially an event known for its humanity. This was just a sick act by a sick person(s).

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