Presidential Debates or Major League Baseball?

Presidential Debates or Major League Baseball?

I don't know about anyone else but the final day of the Major League Baseball season has a hell of a lot more to offer than two stooges trying to bamboozle the electorate.

Promises, promises, promises. That's all Americans get from its elected leaders, and mind you - I am using that term leaders very loosely here because they have done anything but lead. Sadly, Americans will go to the polls in about a month and have very little to choose from: an incumbent POTUS that has displayed pandering as his very best quality versus a silver spoon in the mouth elitist who doesn't reflect 99.5% of the population.

Some fucking choice!

On the other hand, Major League Baseball has two games where teams have fought tooth and nail to forge a final day showdown for a pennant. And given that Baseball has been referred as "America's Game, well what can be more American than watching two entertaining games in a row with Texas battling Oakland and/or activating the split screen function on your TV to catch the New York Yankees versus Boston Red Sox and the Baltimore Orioles facing the Tampa Bay Rays. Ahh - now doesn't that bring back some fond memories of Mr. Cub Ernie Banks saying '"Let's Play Two?"

Of course, I wouldn't want to offend the party faithfuls who still believe that their respective political ideologies actually may stand for something. But I do have to ask this just the same - have your political parties actually made life better for the majority of Americans or have they simply redistributed the wealth among the special interests that sit on both sides of the fence? And while we are at it, will any one of these two presidential candidates have the courage to revert our nation back to the Constitutional Republic our Founding Fathers created or will they continue to usurp that vision by continuing to falsely refer to this nation as a Democracy?

Well, if the questions and answers are as obvious as I believe them to be then I suggest that the 99.5% avoid the presidential debates and head straight for the fridge and grab themselves a cold one (or two, or three, or...) and then park their butts in those worn-in favorite chairs and wait for the umpire to say "Play Ball!" Besides, once the games begin, we will at least have the knowledge that the baseball players will be playing their games the right way.

And that's something I can't say about either of either these two candidates!


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  • Probably neither. Especially since baseball doesn't involve any team from around here, and even more of the series (proper plural?) will be cable only.

    As for the debates, apparently the scoring was style over substance. At least in baseball, someone has to cross home plate, and in local teams' case, eventually.

  • In reply to jack:

    I watched Baseball - I am a BIG Yankees fan. Funny considering I nearly grew up in Wrigley Field, but New York is where I entered this country so it has always had a special place in my heart. Shame the Cubs lost over 100 games - so much for Epstein walking on water. p.s. I hate that MLB has moved so much to cable but I finally broke down (well my family wanted it) and got UVerse - so I'll be able to catch all the game if I choose - but my biggest love is still Soccer (Football) so even there I needed cable to get games from my hometown team.

    But I really like your analogy at the end Jack. But bear in mind even politicians must "cross the plate" at some point. Unfortunately I don't see these two Yokels as more than "Bench Players" more adept at striking out than hitting the big one.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    In the sense that someone will eventually be elected (although that wasn't that clear in 2000). But the debates are something like "Chris Volstad got through the 4th." Question whether the leader after 1 can get through the 5th inning.

    I sure hope your family isn't like the snotty 12-14 year olds who say "in my day we didn't have..." in the commercials. They'll probably make you put the games on the 4 at once DVR.

  • In reply to jack:

    So true; And no no snotty's actually I have a late in life teenager - but he's a good kid, National Honor Society, Super High GPA & ACT - we're sorting through all the colleges now that are after him because they have to have a good track and field program so he can pursue his Discus ambitions in addition to his major. So about the only bother (if at all) is driving hundreds of miles here, there and everywhere because I want to see the campuses too. Otherwise I am sure he would drive there himself. Fortunate.

    But I had resisted paying for cable / satellite - I hate that I am paying for fucking commercials - so much for premium because I got the commercials for free from my roof antenna.

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