PETA A Slaughterhouse!

PETA A Slaughterhouse!

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is an organization long known for its uncompromising animal-rights positions. However according to the Center for Consumer Freedom and documents they obtained from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services it appears that the animal rights advocate have killed more than 95% of the pets in their care. PETA, for lack of a better word, is a slaughterhouse!

Sadly, PETA hasn't denied this saying that "it only kills animals due to injury, illness, age, aggression, or because no good homes exist for them. Most of the animals we take in are society’s rejects; aggressive, on death’s door, or somehow unadoptable."

If that is true than how does PETA explain its lack of sufficient animal enclosures to house the number of animals it takes in, and the fact that it kills 84% of the animals they take in - within 24 hours?

Look, I know that there are far too many animals who wind up in shelters on their last legs, but when I hear about staggering percentages - something just doesn't sound right. Perhaps PETA needs to reconsider their advertising budget and ultra liberal agenda and use the monies taken in to actually - care for the animals?

After losing my pet cat last year, I can tell you the loss of my beloved "Schmoozie" is something I haven't been able to shake to this day. Animals become a part of us and the fact that so many have been turned out by owners who either can no longer care for them or other reasons is disturbing enough. But when I hear of an organization who constantly is hawking for donations and giving contributors a false sense of comfort that these unfortunate animals will be given the love and care they deserve - it just sickens me to no end!

Well folks, if you have a heart here is what I suggest you do - support only those organizations and shelters that actually do what they say their stated mission is. I encourage everyone to not support PETA - either directly or indirectly.

Unfortunate pets deserve more than what PETA is offering!


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  • I've been a vegetarian for 20 years and I'm really disappointed in PETA, not only for this but their off-putting scare tactics and tolerance of human violence to their means.

  • I think a lot of people are disappointed, but you are right too regarding the scare tactics - no different than Greenpeace and their hyper agenda.

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    I've been a proud PETA member for years, and am really tired of lazy journalism and knee-jerk reactions without any thought behind them where this group is concerned. It should be said that:

    1. PETA doesn't run a conventional shelter; instead, they try to reach the kinds of animals who rarely make it to shelters, and who are often severely physically or psychologically damaged, making rehab and adoption unlikely, even if shelters weren't already euthanizing millions of healthy, adoptable animals every year for lack of enough homes.

    2. Telling people the truth about how animals are mistreated for food, clothing, entertainment, and research doesn't constitute a "scare tactic."

    3. PETA doesn't condone or perpetrate violence against humans or any other living beings, and never has. If they did, I wouldn't be a member.

    4. As others have mentioned, the "Center for Consumer Freedom" is just a front group used by wealthy companies to smear anyone who threatens their profit margins by questioning the way they do business.

    Seriously, though, a five-minute search of PETA's website could have cleared this all up. Make an effort, folks...

  • In reply to Jefferson Thomas:

    Sometime one needs to consult more than the organizations in question website? Personally I take everything I read, from either organization with a grain of salt. Agendas can be agendas.

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    In reply to Jefferson Thomas:

    Jefferson Thomas, would like to remind you of Thomas Jefferson. ""The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history,
    whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small
    elite." Thomas Jefferson

    To also quote Aristotle, "To say of something which is that it is not, or to say of something which is not that it is, is false. However, to say of something which is that it is or to say of something which is not that it is not is true." Aristotle

    This whole issue of what Peta and HSUS engage in can be explained as a "Moral Panic" for their own profit.
    The scope and intensity of the AR movement is due to moral panic. If the
    term is unfamiliar, read this:

    "The key fact is that when a moral panic occurs great numbers of people who
    are neither evil nor leading players are swept up in belief and provide
    support: Most of the politicians who vote for anti-animal use laws are NOT
    ARs; most are not even uncaring about their fellow man. They vote for
    repressive laws because they BELIEVE. Ditto most of the people who donate
    to HSUS (and others), participate in their lobby days, and work for the
    various AR corporations." Walt Hutchins

  • In reply to Susan Traynor:


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    In reply to Jefferson Thomas:

    Yes, because finding truthful information about PETA is obviously found on the PETA website, take a walk sheep.

  • Being a vegetarian is one's choice. Forcing the population into veganism is the goal of both PETA and H$U$. You're right - they're terrorists.

  • If true, it would be the equivalent to the Nazis for Ethical Treatment of Jews and Roma.

    Other shelters at least say they are no kill or some pet stores don't sell pets but say adopt them from a shelter.But I guess one can assume that the most politicized of the groups is a hypocrite.

    Of course, there is the question about the original source (The Daily Caller, which is run by Tucker Carlson, who at least was a journalist, and which runs the same skin video gallery as the Tribune), and whether it purports to deal with any more than the Norfolk PETA facility.

  • In reply to jack:

    I take Tucker Carlson with a grain of salt, however this has been verified in Virginia. Let's consider this then - if this is what occurs at their national headquarters what exactly do you think the marching orders are? Seems to me if it happens there it is happening all around the country.

    Yes the most politicized is generally the hypocrite; i.e. my Greenpeace comment to Jenna.

  • While you were sleuthing, you could have done a little digging to find out who the Center for Consumer Freedom is. I'll save you the trouble--it's a front group for industries that PETA fights and which, guess what, kill animals! And, unlike PETA, these industries aren't doing this out of the goodness of their hearts in order to spare animals from further suffering. Find out more at

  • In reply to mooninnorfolk:

    AH - but PETA thinks that as a "pampered pet" - that's suffering. Better they be dead than sleeping on your bed, snuggling in your lap, or watching TV from your couch.

  • In reply to mooninnorfolk:

    As I said in another reply - had it not been for the State of Virginia confriming those numbers I wouldn't have a second thought regarding this. Look, I understand both organizations have a political agenda and that they will always be at odds. My concern is strictly with what I percieve to be an abnormaly high number of animals being put down. That troubles me.

  • In reply to mooninnorfolk:

    I am aware of who they are and don't support their agenda. Then again don't both organizations have an agenda? My concern is strictly on what I view as an extremely high number of put-downs.

  • Michael, I appreciate your compassion for animals, but this post does not present a complete or accurate picture of PETA’s work. Anyone with half a heart could not look at the photos and hear the stories of the animals PETA has taken in and say that a merciful death was not the kindest thing that could be done for these suffering souls. PETA takes in the worst cases—the animals who are on death’s door, who have been so neglected and abused by their heartless owners that they look more like walking skeletons than living beings. Here are just a few examples: Like shelters across the country, PETA must also euthanize animals because of simple math: too many animals, not enough suitable homes.

    Readers should know that the industry front group mentioned in your post fights to keep puppy mills in business and takes money from the tobacco, alcohol, and meat industries—which cruelly kill millions of animals every year out of greed.

    We all want to end euthanasia, but attacking those who are working on the frontlines of the animal homelessness crisis is not the way to do so. The key is to prevent more animals from being born in the first place, by having our animals spayed or neutered and helping everyone we know to do the same for their animals, adopting from shelters, and never buying animals from breeders or pet stores.

  • In reply to LucyP:

    Lucy, it is true - I wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to animals. I do realize that euthanasia is sometimes the only humane thing to do - but I view that strictly as a last resort. I am very troubled with the State of Virginia's numbers - there just seems to be more than meets the eye and If I have to write something controversial to get the dialogue going then so be it.

    BTW - PETA and the Center For Consumer freedom both have their flaws, although I would tend to think PETA is less flawed. Still - one cannot dismiss a report that has been verified by a government agency and commented upon by PETA. My question is simple - are the majority of all funds received going into the core mission or has PETA compromised that? I think it fair to ask and it has nothing to do with if I agree with PETA's arch enemy. I do not support them and would not have given a second thought until I read that those numbers were verified by the State of Virginia. That was the hook, if you will, and raised my ire.

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    In reply to LucyP:

    Lucy P wrote: "Readers should know that the industry front group mentioned in your post fights to keep puppy mills in business and takes money from the tobacco, alcohol, and meat industries—which cruelly kill millions of animals every year out of greed."

    Care to elaborate how Tobacco and Alcohol industries kill millions of animals every year out of greed? Last I heard tobacco was a plant and the grains and hops distilled for alcohol are also plant based as are the grapes in the wine I prefer. Got to admit that the earwigs and other bugs suffer terribly and die at the wineries in CA at harvest time.

    There is a woman who should be charged with great cruelty to the animals she hoards. She does not provide climate controlled living conditions at all. Sometimes the heat rises above acceptable limits in the summer and falls way below living conditions in the winter when she allows snow and ice to cover their food supply. She does not house them in a safe enclosure nor protect them from their enemies who will kill and consume them.

    She's a hoarder for Heaven's sake the same that PeTA accuses no-kill shelters of being. She does not "take back for the life of the animal" like responsible breeders have in their contracts from choosing from carefully screened new buyers. She goes by many aliases too; from Mother Nature to Mother Earth.

    Guess you have an issue with her too?

  • I wish Mr. Ciric would have taken a moment to visit PETA’s website to learn why we do the heartbreaking job of euthanizing animals, instead of simply rehashing misleading rumors from a front group for the meat, fur, and circus industries—which kill hundreds of millions of animals every year, not out of compassion, but out of greed.

    We have posted about PETA’s work to help dogs and cats in our community on our blog many times over the years. (See and

    PETA is on the front lines in the battle against animal homelessness. Our field workers are on duty around the clock, and our emergency pager is always on. During hurricanes, snowstorms, heat waves, and cold snaps, we are out helping cats stuck in tree tops and drainage ditches, ducklings stranded in sewer pipes, and dogs left to die at the end of a chain—any animal who needs help, anytime and anywhere.

    Some of the animals we take in are lost companion animals—we eventually reunite them with grateful guardians, while others are taken to local agencies where they will have a chance to be adopted. PETA helps guardians keep their animal companions by offering counseling tips, helping to find animal-friendly housing, and assisting in providing humane care.

    We also take responsibility for the animals nobody wants—the sick, the scarred and broken, the elderly, the aggressive and unsocialized, and the perfectly healthy ones who are thrown away like last year’s fad toy. We do everything in our power to help these animals. We treat their injuries if we can, we feed them, we love them with all our hearts, and we give them a safe place to rest, if that’s what they need. Sometimes they need the comfort of being put out of their misery—a painless release from a world in which they were abused and unwanted.

    PETA is not alone in this work: Millions of homeless animals are euthanized in animal shelters and veterinary offices across America because there are simply not enough good homes for all the animals who need them. As many as 8 million animals flood U.S. animal shelters annually, and half must be euthanized. Even if those 8 million animals could be placed with loving families, there would be 8 million more the next year, and the year after that.

    The answer lies in prevention. We must stop irresponsible guardians, backyard breeders, and puppy-millers who churn out litters without a thought as to where these helpless animals will go. PETA runs three mobile spay-and-neuter clinics, serving low-income residents in Virginia and North Carolina. The clinics offer free and low-cost sterilization surgeries as well as other services, such as flea and tick treatments, vaccinations, and deworming. Since starting our first mobile clinic in 2001, we have sterilized nearly 80,000 animals, including 10,564 in 2011 alone.

    I invite every caring person to join us in working toward the day when every cat and dog has a loving home. Let’s always have our animals spayed or neutered and adopt animals from shelters instead of buying them from breeders and pet stores.

  • In reply to PETA:

    I used to have great respect for PETA and their mission, however when I see a STAGGERING percentage - I have to question why and as such I have an opinion. If PETA spends more than 5% of its donations and membership fees for anything other than its stated mission then I think someone must reevaluate that. As for PETA's ongoing battle with an "Industry Group" - I understand that and no I don't agree with their positions - however the reporter, Tucker Carlson got the data from the State of Virginia and as such I cannot dispute them.

    Bottom line is this - I am an responsible pet owner and have donated to multiple causes for 40+ years. I do not criticize those on the front lines, rather I am questioning how the monies are spent? Is PETA putting every available dollar into its core mission or are they spending more than they should fighting other organizations or spending an inordinate amount of money on advertizing / scare tactics?

    Again I have an opinion and I believe an 84% euthanasia rate in the first 24 hours, if correct - is way too drastic. It is a fair question.

  • This author did not do his research, and is woefully mistaken. Had he bothered to look into this topic before formulating his opinion, he would realize that PETA turns the adoptable animals they take in over to open-admission shelters with foot traffic so the animals have a much better chance to be adopted than they would at the PETA office. The animals PETA keeps are those that have been so severely abused and neglected that they are too sick, dangerous, or terrified to have any hope of a normal life, and euthanasia really is the kindest option to end their suffering. Shame on people who criticize those who spend every day doing the awful, heart-wrenching work that most of us never have to see. I proudly support PETA.

  • In reply to fashionfan:

    AHhhh - so THAT's why they arrested two of their employees a while back - when there was a dumpster full of dead pets found next to their building. And - tell that to the children that they PROMISE they'll find a new home for their beloved pet - and they killed that pet in the van in front of the kids' house.

    Yea - proudly support them. The sick and dangerous refers to PETA themselves.

  • In reply to fashionfan:

    I respect your opinion - but I did consult more sources. I have concerns and I will say this too - both organizations aren't immune when it comes to their agendas, which both have.

  • Please, I implore all of you who care about animals, to stop repeating this erroneous and misleading information about PETA. What would you have them do? Leave sick, injured and hurting animals to suffer? The people who give an animal perhaps the only comfort they've ever know should be commended. You must have a heart of gold to be able to take on this hideous task, but they do so, because they care.

  • In reply to SuzanneCarlson:

    Doesn't Norfolk Va have animal control? Did PETA pick up the rooster on the CTA tracks or did animal control do it?

    Maybe my NETJR comment was on point, after all.

  • In reply to SuzanneCarlson:

    Suzanne that is exactly the problem - I DO CARE. Perhaps too much but my goodness the percentages (that have not been disputed by PETA) go against statistical probability - I mean 84% in the first 24 hours and 95% overall? The question needs to be asked - is PETA using monies they collect for something other than their core mission? And let's be fair here - PETA has been known for its political agenda in addition to its otherwise good works. I think regardless of who leaks that info - if it is true then something must and should be done to correct it.

  • No matter how you feel about PETA, you need to place the blame for homeless animals where it belongs: on anyone who allows animals to breed. Millions of animals are euthanized in shelters every year because there aren't homes for them all.

    Sticking them in cages and cabinets and warehousing them wherevever there's space is not a humane solution. They need loving families and room to run and play.

    Euthanasia isn't popular, but until more people spay and neuter and adopt animals from shelters rather than getting them from breeders and pet stores, or from irresponsible people who place free to good home ads, then euthanasia is the only merciful--and realistic--solution.

  • In reply to ElaineSloan:

    Elaine - rightly said and I alluded to that by saying I can't understand how people treat their animals. It is disgusting. But I understand the problem too about not enough homes, etc. Yes euthanasia is necessary at times - I get that but my concern remains what appears to be too high a number. I said this to someone else - PETA might need to reconsider where it puts all its money. Fighting another special interest or using every available dollar to promote their good works. They need to dump the political agenda.

  • I'm not surprised. PETA is no different than the people they go after. PETA is the most hypocritical/racist special interest groups I have ever seen.

  • In reply to Evan Moore:

    Evan I will agree in so much about being a special interest, I am not however sure about being racist. They do hire plenty people of color from what I understand so I can't speak to that. Hopefully that part of it is not true. What we should stay focused on are the animals and if enough of the donations are being used to that aim. We also must educate people about this problem of animal abuse and homelessness; puppy mills, etc..

  • PETA is a "hypocritical/racist special interest group..." Describes almost all special interest groups that hold sway in the popular media.

    Hey, a "rat is a pig is a dog is a boy", according to Ingrid Newkirk, PETA founder. Bet she admires Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood founder, too.

    Margaret Sanger:
    On blacks, immigrants and indigents:
    "...human weeds,' 'reckless breeders,' 'spawning... human beings who never should have been born." Margaret Sanger, Pivot of Civilization, referring to immigrants and poor people

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Wow - I Like That. Thanks RD.

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