Minister Supporting Jackson Jr. Alleges "Demonic Forces"

Minister Supporting Jackson Jr. Alleges "Demonic Forces"

Hmm - it appears Jesse Jackson Jr. not only has some 50 ministers supporting his reelection but one of them also believes that the opposition's campaign is driven by "demonic forces." I just wonder if that minister also believes that an exorcism is needed? And if so, at which campaign? Seems to me that Jesse Jackson Jr. has a few demons of his own that need sorting out before voters, at least the intelligent ones, ever trust him again.

Let's face it, the fact that Jesse Jackson Jr. remains under investigation by the House Ethics Committee - that trust will be a tough get.

I am sure to the people who paid attention at the testimony given during the Rod Blagojevich Trial - there still has to be a reasonable belief that Jesse Jackson Jr. not only knew about his Hindu connection approaching Robert Blagojevich regarding the vacant Obama Senate Seat, but actually encouraged it. Especially given the fact that we have also recently learned that one of those same loyal Hindu supporters also bought airplane tickets for JJ's mistress to fly to Chicago at the congressman's request.

So far as I am concerned, Jesse Jackson Jr has been knee-deep in the mire from the get go despite his many denials to the contrary. And I suspect that the Ethics Committee is having those same concerns otherwise they would have cleared him by now. The fact is, there have just been way too many inconsistencies in the story we have been given by JJ about his allegedly not being present during that talk of raising big bucks for Hot Rod in exchange for the Senate Seat and what the sworn testimony is.

Yep there sure are some demons out there alright.

As for these so-called 50 ministers supporting Jackson Jr., one really has to wonder what their true motivation is. It certainly can't be about the righteousness of the candidate, after all he has broken his marital vows in much the same manner that his minister father has. I guess saving souls is secondary to life's failings when deciding who to back politically.

Could it be that the real issue here is the fact that many of these same ministers believe that JJ will keep supporting their outreach programs and the federal monies required to run them with very little oversight? Could the demonic forces actually be a fear that Debbie Halvorson might realize that many of our inner city ministries haven't exactly delivered what's been promised over the years?

Hey, I am not against worthwhile programs if they truly benefit the needy but whenever I see ministers dressing better and looking as if they have eaten better than most of those they serve, well I am sorry, but I have to question why there are soooooooo many ministries in the inner cities and in the South. I don't know about you, but sometimes I get the feeling that there are those out there who only pretend to profess faith and a desire to save souls. I also get the feeling that there are those who would rather scam the system than give back to the unfortunate. Now, that of course, is just my take. However if my hunch is right then that would be downright demonic.

Then again, maybe if ministers just tended to their flocks....

we wouldn't need to hear their political views!

And then maybe we would believe in their mission?


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  • if i would have known then what i know now...i'd have been a preacher...

  • In reply to misterchi:

    Yeah me too

  • I've commented on "Bug Eyed" Debbie Halverson before, so the preacher may be right.

    Nonetheless, as you point out, JJJr. is certainly not beyond reproach.

    And we discussed earlier if there was a reason why the U.S. Atty. didn't go after JJJr., and if he was "Jr. G-Man," as Kass alleges.

    But this might come down to how many White Dem. voters are south of Steger in that district.

  • In reply to jack:

    Probably so given that blacks will support JJ for better or for worse. I don't understand it though - so many charlatans amongst the masses and still they let themselves be duped time and time again. Sadly, they also lose when it comes right down to it. Hopefully, though, some will wake up if there is a real desire to make things better in those communities.

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