Michael Madigan"One Of Many" Who Just Happens To, Duh, Control The Many

Michael Madigan"One Of Many" Who Just Happens To, Duh, Control The Many
Madigan One of Many?

Michael Madigan and his "Madigoons" aren't exactly something imaginary folks - they really do exist here in Madghanistan a.k.a. Illinois. But I have to tell you, I found it really amusing when a reporter yesterday asked Michael Madigan about his own role in the failings of the state and he answered that he was merely "one of many." Well, that answer may have satisfied a meek reporter but anyone interested in giving the people the proper perspective as to why the State of Illinois is in such bad shape should have skewered him right then and there.

Unfortunately, the majority of Chicago's mass media employees would rather play nice with Madigan and his army of goons. Oh sure, they may ask the occasional probative questions of them only to back off as soon as their lips begin to wiggle with the wind while offering excuses or pinning the blame on someone else for their failings.

And so it is - Illinois is blessed to have politicians who have neither a backbone nor understand the meaning of what serving with honor means.

Sadly, sometimes some of these same spineless politicians are offered retirement in order to be offered judgeship's. Of course they are eternally grateful for that. So grateful, even, that some will even prove it repeatedly by ruling in favor of the tainted laws that the Illinois Legislature enacted to protect political interests and/or to avoid an ethics issue.

Of course, over the last 30 years, nothing that goes on politically in the State of Illinois is done without the explicit consent of "One" Michael Madigan. And as much as I hate to say this, the man is an absolute master technician when it comes to maintaining his grip on power while keeping others from challenging his authority. But let's be very clear here - Illinois will never get onto the road to recovery until the Madigoon's are removed from office.

People think that Michael Madigan must be defeated first, but that is simply not true. In order to defeat Madigan, the people of this state must simply defeat his loyalists - one by one and district by district. And believe me, not every single Madigan loyalist runs unopposed or has the luxury of having a ghost candidate on the ballot like Madigan himself had after some neighborhood lackey by the name of Patrick Ryan entered the contest as a Republican even though he worked in the almighty Democratic Patronage Stronghold known as the Department of Water and Sewers (Chicago Department of Water Management).

Funny thing about that, though, even Patrick Ryan's own mother didn't know that her son was running for office or even put up a sign on the lawn in support. Now you have to admit that that was funny as hell. Then again, so was Madigan's staff actually sending out pre election mailers as if there were actually a worthy opponent running against him.

Now I can't say for certain when , or even if, the voters of Illinois will finally wake up and see that the few measly orts that have been thrown their way over the decades, by their less than generous lawmakers, has yet to make up for what they have already paid out, and continue to pay out or will again be tagged to pay out again.

The bottom line is clear - Illinoisans get very little in return for their tax dollars.

And the main reason for that is largely because of the "one of many" Madigan!

Well folks, the time has come for you to take the appropriate action -

and vote out some of the many in order to finally get rid of -

The One who created Madghanistan!


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  • Maybe you provided an answer to my "other 117 districts" question of yesterday, but not a practical one.

    The Tribune has repeatedly endorsed my state rep as being "independent of Madigan" but her voting record isn't. According to legislative records on the ilga.gov site, she was apparently Hamos's underling, and when Hamos left to run unsuccessfully for Congress, took over her spot in the Dem. leadership structure. At least Pace is happy.

    She, of course, sent out a flyer that she voted for the Republican balanced budget, but somehow got more money for seniors,so I guess everything is copacetic.

    The real question are why the others, on both sides of the aisle, are spineless, and the answer is undoubtedly that they are dependent on the 4 Tops for their campaign money, and for that reason exempt the legislature from any campaign finance reform.

  • In reply to jack:

    Well Jack - no doubt Maddies loyalists are dependent. But many have challengers - time to take a chance.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    I've voted for the Republican 3 times. Whoever it was still only got at most 30% of the vote.

  • In reply to jack:

    "I've voted for the Republican 3 times." I'll add not because I don't like her, and she does live in the neighborhood (even though the district was gerrymandered), but based on the anti-Madigan rationale.

  • In reply to jack:

    I think it is necessary to "go against one's grain" from time to time. Even in your previous comment where you say they got like 30% at most - well feel proud you were part of that number. Once people see proof positive that they have been screwed - they too will join the ranks of voting their conscience over their ideological leanings. Sometime I am like you - I vote against someone I detest - and you know what? Whether it is a win or a loss - it feels damn good inside knowing I finally said enough.

    And I think because things haven't gotten appreciably better - there will be more people joining in the "protest votes." This economy has been bad far longer than anyone, including pols riding it out, thought it would. And that isn't good for any sitting politician.

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