D-Day? House Ethics Committee Due To Address Jesse Jackson Jr. Probe Today

D-Day? House Ethics Committee Due To Address Jesse Jackson Jr. Probe Today

Could it be that we will finally get the nitty-gritty on U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr.? Naturally it is always difficult to gauge which way the House Ethics Committee will go when it comes to investigating "one of its own." Let's face it, the Congress doesn't exactly have a very good reputation these days. And rightfully so! After all, this is the same government body that enriches itself with insider information while regular folks have that sort of thing frowned upon by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

So here is the deal. If the House Ethics Committee has done their due diligence surrounding Jesse Jackson Jr. and his "Indian Connection," then there should be a political price to be paid today. Then again, Jesse Jackson Jr. has been suspiciously quiet for quite some time now unlike, say Charlie Rangel. If you recall, Good Ol' Charlie just couldn't keep from making a mockery of the Ethics Committee and/or its proceedings, but I am sure that had a lot to do with the sanctions leveled against him.

Jesse Jackson Jr., though, is well-bred when it comes to playing the game of political flim-flam. And I suppose that has an awful lot to do with his political DNA. I mean this is a family who has been able deflect controversy better than most and still succeed in their political endeavors. And I have to tell you something too, if Sinclair Lewis' Elmer Gantry weren't a fictional character - he'd be "dang proud" as to what the Jackson's have been able to pull off over the years.

Still, these allegations surrounding the buying of President Barack Obama's old Senate Seat are so egregious that the people have a right to know what exactly transpired and who, if anyone, is telling the truth. Of course former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich's brother, Robert, said he was more than willing to testify in front of the House Ethics Committee. And let's not forget that the testimony given by Jackson's own Indian supporters would seem to paint a convincing picture that the allegations are not only true, but that they were willing to bankroll him. Now, if that is the truth, then Jackson should not be given any free passes by the Ethics Committee. Besides -  the people of Illinois have every right to know what went down with the Obama Senate Seat, especially after being made a national laughing stock on Late Night TV.

Thankfully, former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich will be getting his just rewards shortly. However, I still believe that there is a hell of a long line of co-conspirators who should be spending some considerable time in the slammer along side Blago. Unfortunately Federal Prosecutors failed miserably when it comes to "sending a clear and loud message" to the corrupt career politicians and numerous insiders by offering way too much immunity than was necessary in that case.

As for the House Ethics Committee, well, we already know that they don't like going after their own. However, members are just not permitted to cast a negative light on the "institution" and when they do, then they sometimes do the right thing. But don't kid yourselves either, they have also been known to sweep things under the rug too. As such, we should never get complacent or naive enough to believe that there haven't been more than a few members who have done an illicit thing or two and gotten away with it. I suppose it just comes down to "how indiscreet" their indiscretion was.

As for Jesse Jackson Jr. allegedly trying to buy President Obama's old U.S. Senate Seat. Well, if that is true then a simple slap on the wrist just won't do. In fact, if the allegations are true and the Ethics Committee avoids punishing the Illinois Representative - then they would be giving a collective slap across the face of every single American. And yes, that includes the children too.

So what will it be then? Will the House Ethics Committee do the right thing today and order a full-blown investigation or will they allow yet another member to skate away on the thin ice of a new day? Well, we are watching.

Hopefully they do the right thing!

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  • Your sentence #2 and the same thought scattered through other parts indicate the path on which this is going.

    However, unless the story behind the link changed, the only thing that says is "The House Ethics Committee announced today it will continue to investigate.." not that it is going to make a pronouncement today or any time in the near future.

    Since Robert Blago isn't going to be prosecuted again, it would be interesting to hear in an open session what he has to say on oath. However, the article indicates that most of the committee's work won't be open. By the same token, if that's correct, we won't get the facts, but just the poor little Congresscreature being admonished in the well of the House.

  • In reply to jack:

    The way I see it everything hinges on IF the Ethics Committee has the courage to call for a full blown investigation or not. That in turn will determine if we get to the truth that appears so obvious. In either event - without a pronouncement there is nothing because we already know nothing is coming from DA's Office. Which of course is curious enough.

    Matter of fact - there have been many strange things throughout the Blago trial to turn most off. I particularly don't like the idea that so many walk and Blago becomes the central figure in Illinois corruption. We all know that is not true - you know?

    Back to Jr. though, there is enough evidence from his own supporters to go after him and cripple any chance at reelection under the remap.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    As far as Fitzgerald, we don't know if he had enough to get into a separation of powers issue by going after a sitting congressman. Of course, there are the people on comment boards* that say he should have indicted a sitting President in the Rezko case.

    Your last paragraph gets into an area of more political interest. We can't tell if the remap extending the 2 CD down to Kankakee stretched it to an extent that Halverson could have beaten Jackson in the primary, or, as indicated by reports yesterday that Duckworth and Krishnamoorthi** suddenly realize that they may have to face Walsh*** that the court will overthrow the remap. While staying the filing of petitions is not a final determination, the fact that the "stay equities" were found indicates that the plaintiffs have made a showing of probable success on the merits sufficient to justify the stay.

    * I thought that the Tribune had shut them down for a couple of days, realizing that about 86% of the commenters are non compos mentis, but they are back.

    ** One of several names that I am convinced could never win a write-in campaign. Had to copy it from Google.

    ***Who, as demonstrated in various posts in Publius, is a Tea Party whackjob of the type you don't like, even though Huston himself probably doesn't get it.

  • In reply to jack:

    Yes I see what you mean about going after a sitting congressman.

    You are right on the money about the "write-in" on that name - sheesh. Well, it looks like the Ethics Committee has extended their probe and that will add a few more names besides Halvorson - and that is whether a remap is had or not - JJR is vulnerable now.

    Your comment on the stay interests me and your reasoning (and knowledge of the law) makes sense to me on the remap issue. Hopefully everyone will see that the whole idea behind it was an egregious attempt to gerry-mander. I mean - this last attempt was over the top even by Illinois' standards.

    Oh yeah - Amen Brother - Walsh is one whack job we can do without in Washington!

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