Susan Sarandon Just Another Hollywood Hole Victim Bully

Susan Sarandon Just Another Hollywood Hole Victim Bully
Susan Sarandon An Insensitive Bully?

What is it about Hollywood's Actors and Actresses? I mean, is there some deep hole that was dug on the lots of studios where the ultra-liberals of the industry fall into and clunk their heads so hard that they are left permanently brain damaged or something? Man o' man - at least it sure seems that way given the inordinate amount of actors and actresses who come up with their stupid-ass diatribes on most any subject they know nothing about. Maybe they should get a grip on their sensibilities and finally admit that they live their lives consumed by the very same fantasy roles they play. I suppose between the gazillion scripts they read and the various incarnations they become on the silver screen that I seriously doubt that they even know who in the hell they really are after a while.

Speaking of one such person, it seems to me that Susan Sarandon is just another one of those Hollywood hole victims. What could she possibly have been thinking of when she blurted out her insensitive comments about Pope Benedict XVI being a NAZI over the weekend? The truth of the matter is that the Pope, who was born Joseph Ratzinger, was born at a time where every youngster in the Third Reich was forced into membership of the Hitler Youth. Did she think there was a choice back then? Too bad Sarandon cannot comprehend what sort of world that was back then. Then again maybe she didn't didn't do very well in school before moving on to her many alter-egos.

And for all those who haven't heard the words of the Pope before, he long ago acknowledged his required membership in the Hitler Youth. But Pope Benedict XVI also said that his family renounced Hitler's beliefs and that he even deserted the country's armed forces (to which he was conscripted) during World War II. What more does the world want from him on that subject?

But you know something? Susan Sarandon's remarks should be an affront to any German who has ever had to endure being called a NAZI just because they came from Germany. And I was one of those kids who was callously called a NAZI by some of our Jewish neighbors children (and their misinformed parents) while growing up in 1960's Albany Park. However, unlike the pacifist nature of the Pope, I didn't sit idly by to that sort of bullying or let it persist. Instead, I  proceeded to kick the ever-loving shit out of that kid and any other stupid one that followed. And as some sort of a constant reminder, I even have a lifelong scar just beneath my eye from the first misinformed bully who came at me with a kitchen knife in his hands.

So, I tell you what, I find what Susan Sarandon said to be particularly insensitive and hateful as well as a form of bullying! And to think that in this day and age that that sort of thing still exists. Sadly it is even on the rise!  I guess it just goes to show you what people like her really think of humankind. Just chalk it up to being another hypocritical celebrity. I guess there should be any surprises then why we can't have a civil discourse in our nation's politics. Then again, Susan Sarandon has been known for her Ultra Liberal political views over the years and hasn't always been on target anyhow.

Normally dissenting opinion doesn't bother me in the least and actually believe it to be necessary. However, the Ultra Liberals and the Ultra-Conservatives of this country have left something to be desired when it comes to civility. They are all out of whack if you ask me - but I suppose it is what it is. However, when it comes to BULLYING, then all bets are off!

As for what I think of Susan Sarandon? Well it really is too bad. Not only have I liked her body of work but I even respected her liberal political views when they were rationally thought out. However, her insensitivity has diminished any credibility she may have had with me. As for her body of work, well I know one thing any DVD in my collection that features Susan Sarandon will be out with this week's trash and never again will I buy a film with her in it. She can just go Fu$k Off!

And so far as any other loudmouthed Hollywood hole victim who may get their kicks distorting the truth - just do yourselves a favor and get some serious professional help before you run into something that will derail your careers and or that much needed ego stroking. Perhaps it might even be best for the studios to fill in that studio lot hole or instruct the Hollywood uninformed to just shut their gobs altogether and leave the history out of their repertoires.

Unless of course they actually lived it?


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  • This will only increase her standing amongst her thespian crew.

  • In reply to gwill:

    Your are probably right gwill.

  • You said it yourself, "the Pope, who was born Joseph Ratzinger, was born at a time where every youngster in the Third Reich was forced into membership of the Hitler Youth. " Ergo, he was a Nazi. Literally, that's correct.

    Your column is really uncomfortable to read. It sounds very much like you are defending the Third Reich. However, when you label Ms. Sarandon as an ultra-liberal, then it becomes much clearer why you are a Nazi-"sympathizer."

  • In reply to nonsequiter:

    I think you are off your nut pal - I have no Nazi sympathies!

    Every German wasn't a Nazi - forced acceptance or coercion doesn't quantify the ergo. That is just some asinine bit of logic. BTW - I would still knock people on their ass for using that term on me. It remains bullying and its unacceptable.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    What part of "Hitler Youth" do you not understand? Again, "Hitler Youth." Nazi.

  • In reply to nonsequiter:

    Look I know what you are driving at but my entire mother's side of the family were forced to accept something or be shot - succumbing to tyranny is not quite the same as being a "card carrying member."

    To me your definition is a matter of semantics. Matter of fact half my family was murdered by the Nazi's for non acceptance so I really wouldn't go there with me. People sometimes stand silent until they can break away from the madness.

    As for my disdain for the ultra-liberals of Hollywood it has nothing to do with Nazi sympathies - they are just idiots half the time no different than the ultra right. My ideological leanings are Moderate and accept elements from both sides and don't except extremism.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    The "good germans" who stood by while atrocities were performed - the "not really nazis" who did nothing while millions were slaughtered in the camps, and millions more on the battefields and cities, the "good germans" who even today deny their complicity -- these are the nazis and their collaborators. I honor your family who were shot rather than do the bidding of the nazi monsters. Too bad more "good germans" didn't stand up. If the "good germans" had stood up, the slaughter wouldn't have happened. That's why it's accurate to call them all nazis. If you want to beat me up for it, why that just makes my case even more clearly. Come find me, nazi. I can defend myself.

  • In reply to Benjamin:

    Had it been for everything but the last sentence I would have agreed with everything you said. But it would have been much better had you not resorted to name calling. What a shame.

  • In reply to nonsequiter:

    Okay, you want to parse things? Here. He WAS a member (unwilling) of the Nazi Youth. Therefore calling him a "Nazi Pope" Is literally incorrect. "Ex-Nazi Pope" would be literally correct.

    But even the ADL has criticized Sarandon. Abraham Foxman of the ADL said, "Ms. Sarandon may have her differences with the Catholic Church, but that is no excuse for throwing around Nazi analogies. Such words are hateful, vindictive and only serve to diminish the true history and meaning of the Holocaust."

    When the ADL says you're wrong for calling someone a Nazi, you're wrong.

  • Okay, let's leave Ratzinger's nationality and German history out of the equation.
    Let's focus instead on his failure to to do the right, moral, and decent thing for the victims of sexual abuse at the hands of priests. At best, he has dragged his feet. There is evidence he gave orders that allowed pedophile priests to be shuffled around to protect them from exposure and criminal prosecution. This is obstruction of justice.
    God help us if only liberals can demand justice for the victims of pedophile priests.

  • In reply to jkatze:

    Now there I will agree wholeheartedly. The Catholic Church has been complicit in the obstruction of justice for decades and Ratzinger himself was in a position prior to his ascension to do something about it.

    And I don't think it is a liberal thing to want justice - it is a moral thing and should have nothing to do with any political ideology.

    p.s. I did write - "on this issue"

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Michael Ciric:

    My posting is probably redundant, but I can't keep my mouth shut. Those who wish to parse words and put too fine a point upon this say that, "technically", Ratzinger was a Nazi. Maybe so, but to make the connections that Sarandon and others imply is unfair, misleading and sensationalism at it's worst.
    "The Rat" has plenty to answer for and many questions to which to respond without the silly Hitler/Nazi references (when are Americans going to realize that only Mel Brooks can get anything out of this topic). He is neck deep in every aspect of the world wide child molestation scandal, from blocking investigations, to muzzling said results, to aiding and abetting serious felons by protecting them from justice by hiding them within the bowels of the church and the curia (anybody hear from Bernie "Above the" Law lately? The hyperbolic Nazi crap just deflects the attention that "The Rat"'s actions deserve. Let's keep our eye on the prize and get him for legitimate reasons, not Glenn Beck nutball crap.

  • In reply to Mihal Miller:

    Mihal - as I read your comment to Brent, and then me, you bring up so many good points. The media gives an undue amount of publicity to celebrity. Okay I understand the influence. However, I would have felt way better had Susan Sarandon used the opportunity to slam Ratzinger for his part in the Catholic Church's complicity in the Child Molestations and subsequent cover-ups. Yes Let's keep an eye on the prize! That would have been a far more appropriate platform to use than dredging up his Nazi Era conscription. People can choose for themselves whether to believe if he was a true sympathizer or forced to participate. As for me, I can not accept that everyone followed Hitler blindly, especially based on my own family's history. Now if others can't understand that fear in itself was a factor in the Reich well I can't change their minds. But Hitler wasn't the first nor was he last to use fear over his people with a ruthlessness. Matter of fact, there is still some pretty good debate going on as to whether Stalin killed more people under the guise of fighting Hitler. My grandmother was in what is now Kalingrad (Konigsburg, East Prussia) and starved to death (along with many many more) as a Soviet POW. The males were just shot.

    Just a point of clarification to my post:

    Had he (the Rat) in fact committed some heinous atrocity, as so many in fact did, then I believe he would have been rightfully hunted down by Mr. Wiesanthal or other authorities and brought in front of the World Court. And I find that to be perfectly acceptable. Now I know that there is a sensitivity to any blog post containing the words Nazi or Hitler, but I did not say I didn't believe that Holocaust didn't exist or that it should never be forgotten. But what is often forgotten too is that NOT EVERY German were complicit and to condemn an entire ethnicity is just plain wrong. What is also forgotten is that many other ethnicity's, and yes even the Germans (and in my own family's case the East Prussians) were butchered under Hitler (and let's not forget Stalin).

    Yes far too many did in fact followed willingly - but many more retreated for fear and they had no means to fight back. Those that did - suffered much the same fate as those that died in the Death Camps.

    I will admit that my initial reaction to Sarandon's comments was probably over the top especially with my choice of words - but I too have a sensitivity to the term Nazi" from my own experiences as a youth. Being condemned for no other reason than where I was born is plain wrong by every measure of humanity. Where most people who read my post thought I was somehow celebrating fighting back against a bully- well, that is simply not true. It is just a hard truth. And sadly what everyone missed was that my life was put into imminent danger - this wasn't some normal bullying involving name calling or getting slapped around - the kid ran at me with a knife. It will remain my opinion that the only way to fight back against bullying is to confront it straight up.

    I see most don't agree with that and can accept their point of view.

    But in one commentator's case isn't it kind of hypocritical too? "Good German" or "Bad German" ... And Had They Fought Back Then......

    Seems to me that that commentator is implying that retaliating should somehow be a selective thing. Instead - I choose to believe that isn't selective at all. You either fight back or you remain a pacifist, live in fear and then suffer the consequences.

    I am sorry but I don't see an in-between on the issue of bullying.

  • btw
    Take note that those who challenge Ciric can do so with vulgarities and obscenities. I wonder why we have such a better command of the language.

  • In reply to jkatze:

    One can challenge me with any language they choose, however don't make the mistake that calling me something I am not won't illicit a response. That is exactly what has angered more people than myself in regard to what Sarandon said. It was callous and uncalled for. Labeling people with associations is a very slippery slope.

  • The answer to " why we can't have a civil discourse in our nation's politics" is in you own words :
    "stupid-ass who in the hell ever-loving shit go Fu$k Off!"
    'The Ultra 'Liberals and the Ultra-Conservatives of this country' are not the only ones who have left something to be desired when it comes to civility.

  • In reply to jkatze:

    Can't disagree there - that is what anger does.

  • I find this article more disturbing then what Sarandon said. I'm sickened by your week attempt to rewrite history.I spent four years in Germany with the US Army and have yet to meet a German that was not forced to join the Nazi party or join the Hitler youth. He was very popular and the German people did not abandon him till they started to loose the war. Pretty soon youwill be telling us that the,Jews,Poles,and Gypsies willingly went to the death camps. As to your beating up on your Jewish neighbors I can't believe you are proud of this, maybe they were not that wrong were you trying to finish the job. I

  • In reply to Hunter:

    No one is rewriting anything, my family were East Prussian and they didn't particularly care for Hitler or what he did and my family paid for it, so get off the soapbox and trying to imply something that isn't there.

    As for the German people in general not abandoning him - I wouldn't dispute those facts nor do I think it was right, but that is not to say there weren't those who didn't resist either. Not every German was complicit or responsible for Hitler just as not every Russian is responsible for Stalin and so on and so forth.

    But hey, I am glad you served and are able to share your recollections. But I served for Uncle Sam for 20 years too and I can assure you not everything is what it seems either. We didn't have the luxury of meeting those people who opposed those we were fighting.

    And no I don't refute what American GIs found in the Death Camps during WWII or the ultimate decision to march citizens out to see the atrocities.

    As for me defending my self as a kid- it was the right thing to do as far as I am concerned. You forget he came at me with a knife so I have no problem with my response during my introduction to prejudice and bullying. It taught me to stand up and defend myself. But there was no pride in it. Still there is only one way to handle a bully whether you accept it or not.

    Now if you believe it is okay to blanket condemn or send child out to maim someone - then so be it. But it ain't my cup of tea so I am glad I taught my kids to be tolerant and accepting of everyone. However, they have also been taught to never back down from a bully and that they do have a right to protect themselves.

    If you think otherwise oh well.

  • How DARE you people question the left's "new tone."

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    That's real funny - I've been called a lot of things but being leftist wasn't one of them. I guess all my previous votes for the GOP candidates went for naught. I suppose that will teach me for believing that the lesser of two evils is generally conservative. Man being an Independent is tough. I wonder if the RNC gives refunds?

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    I was not saying you were a leftist. I was saying you were questioning Sarendon's Democrat "new tone" of name calling. It was a joke, my friend.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    I really couldn't be sure Publius, lol. But since I have been outspoken over some of the Tea Party methods - I figured a reminder that I have voted more times than not for the GOP would be in order. Now i do realize I am outside the majority as a moderate, but oh well. Sorry.

  • The Pope was a self-confessed member of the Hitler youth and fought as a soldier during the waning days of WWII. He is described by his brother as a reluctant HJ - yeah, right - but that doesn't erase the fact. As for you, your inarticulate diatribe against free speech - who really cares what a washed up actress says? - activated by your sensitivity, and most of all the that you celebrate "kicking the shit' out of others - in this case Jews - actually puts you more in line with Nazis that Ratzinger.

  • In reply to George Watson:

    This notion that a 5 year old kid reveled in having to defend himself is even more absurd. And you think sensitivities resulting from that wouldn't stay with me? Hey I see the scar every single day in the mirror as well as that kids parents laughing like hyenas until I retaliated. Hell of a welcome to a neighborhood - but if that's what they had to offer - so be it. I could care less what you or anyone else thinks about someone giving a bully their just do. maybe the world wouldn't have so many had they stood up rather than cower in political correctness.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    Nope, you're still reveling. That's what's disturbing. Of course, it wasn't right for anyone to call you names. It was wrong. But superior behavior doesn't answer such things with violence. That only proves inferiority - stooping to the level of the insultors. It is only as a last resort and very reluctantly that we should ever resort to violence. Never as a first resort. That's not "political correctness," but civilized, superior behavior. You seem to doubt yourself and think that violence and confrontation somehow make up for some deficiency.

  • In reply to George Watson:

    I am sorry you feel that way, however you have have your opinion and is respected just the same.

  • "Every German wasn't a Nazi - forced acceptance or coercion doesn't quantify the ergo. That is just some asinine bit of logic. BTW - I would still knock people on their ass for using that term on me. It remains bullying and its unacceptable."

    Yet the German nation as a whole accepted, endorsed, and acted upon the orders of Hitler as leader. Few, very few, pathetically few did anything to oppose him actively. As for the "by the way, I would still use..." comment: brother, you should become more self-aware.

  • Thanks for providing the link to the original article. After reading it, I would have to say I felt Sarandon's remark was more callous than bullying.

    It seems that far too many, on either side of the spectrum as you point out, resort to using labels to define those they disagree with. Whether it's hatred, hyperbole, or convenience generally depends on who is using it and in what context.

    "Nazi" seems to be an emotionally charged word used to identify someone as evil, extremely socialistic, sociopathic, regimented, conscripted, sinister, or any number of negative characterizations. Certainly identifying someone with these characteristics in an effort to dehumanize them might be construed as bullying.

    For purposes of convenience, Ratzinger is the Nazi Pope - he's the only Pope that was a Nazi. Referring to him in that manner may be disrespectful, but if you're not Catholic, you're not obligated to respect him. Is it classy? No. Does it help you draw people to your side? No. Does it encourage the Pope to consider your argument about capital punishment? Probably not - no one likes to be insulted or marginalized.

    Hollywood celebrities have something that you and I do not have - the press following them to report on their opinions. Are their opinions any more important than yours or mine? No - they only have one vote. Do they have more influence? Unfortunately, yes.

    You have every right to attack her behavior and her ideas. I applaud you for calling her out on her careless choice of words and the implications those words have.

    The toughest part of political commentary is resisting the name calling, dehumanizing, and identity attacks. We need to stay above the fray and attack the message, not the messenger.

  • In reply to Brent Cohrs:

    You are probably right on the "toughest part of the political commentary." Unfortunately I have never subscribed to being Politically Correct and Sarandon's comments angered me. I just don't know how many times one can beat a dead horse on the issue of the Pope and I am not even Catholic. The way I see it he answered to the charges before. now if there were some evidence that he engaged in the murder of innocents then there should have been a human rights trial. That hasn't occurred so far as I know and we know they are still rounding up anyone who did - right?

    Oh well, you live , you learn and hopefully I temper that anger or articulate it in a better way the next time. But I cannot deny that I viewed her comments as bullying and immediately reminded me of my own indoctrination of the constant barrage tossed my way. I am sure though had someone not attacked me that I probably have walked away as I had done many times before that incident.

    But yeah you are more right than not especially about staying above the fray.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Brent Cohrs:

    Just two minor thoughts regarding your comment:

    1) Even as a Catholic, I am not obligated to respect a person who behaves in such a manner as to forfeit that respect. Blind allegiance to a bad person is not part of my religious beliefs, and we will see where Ratzinger falls.

    2) I agree with you about Hollywood nimrods. Their ubiquitous media presence gives their utterances undue notoriety, but they shouldn't have to give up the right to say stupid things. I am certain that the conversation in a boardroom of a Houston oil conglomerate, and I know for a fact at my local pub, is just as stupid, non-thought out, and repulsive. It's just that my fireman or carpenter or salesman friend don't have the influence with the Moron Voting Base as, say, a KardaSHITian.

    Altogether, a very intelligent and insightful comment. Careful! That kind of good sense is dangerous!

  • In reply to Mihal Miller:

    Thanks, Mihal.

    I'll give you point one automatically - respect is something that is earned. I wasn't sure if Sarandon was Catholic or not. Not being Catholic myself, I have about as much respect for the Pope's title as I do the CEO of any corporation or that chick on the Housewives of New York who calls herself the countess...

    I'll also give you point two. Everyone has a right to say stupid things and I do defend everyone's right to free speech. Whenever you put your opinions out there in the media - and in print like this blog - you need to look at the bigger picture. I firmly believe in influencing people with well-reasoned arguments, not name calling. When I'm alone with my Progressive friends, however...

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. Hopefully I'll have something interesting for you to comment on in an upcoming Easy As Riding A Bike blog. Today's exciting topic is aluminum road bikes. I'm bracing myself for all the controversial comments from the elitist carbon fiber owners and the counter-cultural "steel is real" fanatics (like how I ironically called them names to underscore my above point?)...

  • I think that's very reasoned. Both Sarandon and I are Catholics - well, at least, Sarandon was a Catholic. As you say, Sarandon's remarks were callous, but not bullying. I am guessing they were occasioned by the Church's very hard turn to the right with Ratzinger and his predecessor, a "do as we say, not as we do" philosophy especially affecting any questioning about child molestations, and a real disconnect in many other ways between the Vatican and its "faithful." I was in Ireland in July and heard a mere parish priest there say from the pulpit that "it's time for the faithful to take the Church back" because "there are evil men in Rome." He did not mention names,. but the intent was clear - and the implication was that the Church is being run tyrannically. It is certainly not a wholesome institution. But then again it never was.

    What I find very disturbing in this article is the celebration of violence of the author who seems very proud that he answered verbal abuse with physical. (Mr. Ciric mentions someone "coming at him with a knife" in a response to a poster, but he doesn't mention that in the original article.) He uses words like "...kick the ever-loving shit out of that kid and any other stupid one that followed...". In this country, we do not prevent people from speaking even what we don't want to hear. This is a free country and people may speak freely. It is only in places like Nazi Germany that people were prevented from speaking as they wished. It was there that they "kicked the shit out of" people who didn't say what they wanted to hear. That and, of course, much worse than that.

  • In reply to George Watson:

    George your comments on the Catholic Church are well reasoned. Anyone, Catholic or non-Catholic alike should be outraged over the continuing policy of protecting child molesters. The Irish parish priest is correct in his observations.

    I am sorry you believe I am somehow celebrating - that is furthest from the truth. Between you and I, it was traumatic and up until that day had ignored repeated bullying and name-calling. And I did, by the way, mention the knife in the original post as "And as some sort of a constant reminder, I even have a lifelong scar just beneath my eye from the first misinformed bully who came at me with a kitchen knife in his hands."

    Unfortunately I had a choice to make with that kid and chose to stand up. You should know too I was like 6 years old, but had it not been for the kitchen knife in hand I would have again walked away. But I have to tell you in all honesty, what I am proud of is the fact that I did stand up from that day forward. I have never hesitated to intervene when appropriate to help someone weaker either. Personally I think we would have far less bullies (as it seems it is on the rise again) if more people challenged those who do get a celebratory kick by picking on others for whatever reason. So again, I am sorry if you find it disturbing but so was my first taste of real hatred!

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    I am sorry that you were injured and scarred. It was wrong of that child to attack you. Sarandon's comment is no better and no worse than any other. What makes it repeatable is her celebrity and the press does that because they know it will cause reaction. But there is nothing to celebrity. And really nothing to Susan Sarandon. Her comment was far from bullying though: it was simply an opinion. However, strength is exhibited in many ways - sometimes it is the stronger person who just walks away. After all, it's not worth their time.

  • In reply to George Watson:

    Well George, I can certainly tell you are a good man and that you have a much clearer view on the human condition. Thank you for your wisdom and it is taken to heart and the manner given.

  • Right on Michael....As a retired Chicago Cop with a Germanic last name, I endured the same crap as both a kid and an adult. As a natural born American to a Mother from Norway and Father born here, I resented the living hell out of those insults. I'd often said that if I could turn back the clock of time, I'd make sure one of the things I accomplished was to put a couple of rounds in Hitlers head in the 30's. Back to SizieQ the nut. The fat idiot M. Moore needs to be in that same breath. I have written into various blogs about how some hollywood creeps can no longer distinguish between the roles they played and real life. Most recent case was Danny Glover calling all Tea Party members RACISTS - because they tend to disagree with big government. (not to forget M. Sheen thinking he was the President because of the Left Wing). I agree with maybe 75% of what the Tea Party says and all of it has to do with government way too far into our personal lives - and, way too much dependency on 'our' government by way too many people. I tend to think that the 'ultra left libs' like it that way. I will make certain to follow your blog in the future. Thanks for something well written.

  • In reply to PaulH:

    Thanks Paul. It seems that people find that little tick within an article and forget what the point was. Glad you didn't. As for the Tea Party I agree with your view mostly - it just seems to me that the far left has twisted its intent from the beginning. I too am tired of government and dependency to it. However, I think the first thing that needs to be done is government clean its own house before stepping into ours. After that - well then they can come to the people.

    Ultra Left and Ultra Right become indistinguishable after a while too. Kind of like Johnny Cashes song "The One On The Right Is really On The Left"

    Thanks again and thanks for your police service.

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