Daley Calls Ferguson Audit On TIF's Personal - Maybe It Should Be!

Daley Calls Ferguson Audit On TIF's Personal - Maybe It Should Be!

How dare former mayor Richard M. Daley try and deflect his administration's appearances of impropriety involving his wife's favorite charity and TIF money? Daley characterized Inspector General Joseph Ferguson's audit of TIF's and their connection to After School Matters as being "disgraceful and a personal insult" to Maggie Daley. Well, personally I think it is Richard M. Daley who has insulted and disgraced the taxpayers for decades and if he were any kind of a real man he would explain how a dozen companies subsidized by city taxpayers were required to give more than $900,000 to his wife's pet charity without any oversight and transparency.

King Richie II has been a thorn in the side, not just for Chicagoans, but for the residents of the state in general. His constant Koo-kooing or indignation have been enough for me to question him and his sincerity for a long, long time. If he wasn't bitching about one thing it was another, but hardly ever would people hear him take responsibility. He blamed gun manufacturers for the killing of kids in the ghettos while never explaining to victims parents how those handy dandy cameras taxpayers installed were never able to do the job it was intended to do in curtailing the violence. Of course that is assuming if they they were even working at the time. He also never explained how the Chicago Police Department would routinely allow gang-bangers take over large swaths of the city while under his watch. Of course taking responsibility is something that comes hard. I mean, we still haven't gotten a straight account of what happened regarding the apparent preferential treatment his nephew, RJ Vanecko received by police officials and the Cook County States Attorney in the David Koschman homicide.

Talk about disgrace!

And how is this for an insult - Richard M. Daley took over the Chicago Public School system and turned it into a dysfunctional and ineffective organization that was better known for the cash and equipment that was skimmed over the decades than educating. It seems his appointees always had something going, but if they got caught the former mayor would either get indignant with the media or straight-up defend their actions.

Talk about insulting!

But hey, Chicago is what it is, and was under the Daley's. The quality of life varied wildly under their stewardship, didn't it? The well-to-do areas had no problems with sending their kids to halfway decent schools or having the police patrol the streets. Yet, when you got to the other side of town (you know the parts of the city tourists don't go to) well, that was another story entirely wasn't it? So, let's never forget the disparity's as we bestow the heaps and gobs of praise upon him. But the way I see it, no one should be wearing rose-colored glasses when evaluating his tenure. Let's face it - there were a lot of things he didn't do that he could have done. And when it comes to milking the taxpayer dry there seems to be plenty to debate about as well. I don't know about you but it would be interesting to know exactly how many of the Daley Clan have enriched themselves off city contracts and insider information over the decades? And I bet that list is long!

Richard M. Daley may be loved by many, but anyone who takes a closer look might just come away with another opinion you know? Hopefully someday we will see that tell-all book written by those who covered him for so long and how they uncovered the way City Hall really worked. It is sure to be a best seller, maybe even eclipsing the late Mike Royko's "The Boss."

In the meantime - Daley should just lay low and shut up.

Every time he says something - he gets more and more insulting.


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  • Charity: The unknown here, and rarely articulated properly by the press is whether giving to Maggie's charity was the condition for getting the TIF money. Not that anything about TIF money was ever transparent. Supposedly, former CTA chairperson Carole Brown is going to clean it up, but she couldn't clean up the CTA, although governance there is now far worse than it was in her day.

    Schools: I think you forgot that the reason that Vallas was put in was that what you described was the preexisting condition of the schools, and Vallas supposedly installed inventory controls and got the patently ineffective teachers out after they sat at the Board of Ed for a couple of years.* However, I think it can properly be said that for the next 15 years, nothing else got done, except for future Ed Secretary Duncan's plan of consolidating high schools resulting in gang warfare.

    Tell all book: There is no Royko now. All you would get is Zorn kissing the liberal king's posterior, or maybe Kass with the associated pink guys. but that wouldn't be news.

    *Surprisingly, that was the plot of the 2011 finale of the Simpsons. However, in the first one this year, I couldn't figure out how Krabapple was back on the job.

  • In reply to jack:

    The first accounts I heard about mentioned that donations to the charity was a precondition - I believe the unknown then becomes was it tacit or an in your face demand..which of course raises the question if a legal boundary was crossed or not.

    The whole TIF thing has been in the shadows since day one - so I can connect the dots in my mind pretty good - let's just say very suspicious. As for Carole Brown - fahgeddaboutit!

    Vallas was handcuffed almost from the get go by Daley and his inner circle of egos so failure never surprised me. As for Duncan the career parasite - well let's just say fahgeddaboutit II. The fact that Obama appointed him Ed Sec. is really scary!!

    Zorn and Kass - Fahgeddboutit III. I was thinking more about that attorney Russ Stewart who writes for the Nadig papers. He knows Chicago politics better than most. I enjoy his take on things and damn if he isn't spot on most of the time on precinct happenings.

  • Isn't Krabapple sleeping with Seymour Skinner, the principal?
    That's how she got her job back.
    Face it, she's excellent at her job compared to Otto the bus driver or Groundskeeper Willie, who are both incompetent beyond belief!

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Love the Name ScooterLibbby - classic! I am sorry guys - I rarely watch the Simpsons seems Family Guy is what the kid throws on all the time - so I'm out of the loop on the wherefores and whys. But hey - makes sense.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Scooter, no.

    After Bart freed her from Board of Ed confinement by going out the window, the fire escape collapsed and she fell into Flanders's arms. In the first new episode, she was sleeping with Flanders. Flanders seems quite randy for a religious zealot.

    Krabapple broke up with Skinner a couple of years ago when he showed a lack of commitment, and she went out with Jeff Albertson (the Comic Book Guy), but said that she couldn't marry either.

    Anyway, my point was that I knew someone who got the same treatment (sitting at the Board of Ed) in Chicago during the early Vallas years. One of her friends was also portrayed in the Crazy Cat Woman-Marge hoarder episode (worse hoarder than either).

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