State Senator Suzi Schmidt: Is She Fit To Govern Amid Latest Abuse Revelations?

State Senator Suzi Schmidt: Is She Fit To Govern Amid Latest Abuse Revelations?
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I don't know about you, but there seems to be something awfully weird going on between Illinois State Senator Suzi Schmidt and her husband Robert. This is also not the first time there have been revelations and the allegations of spousal abuse. But who is exactly abusing whom here? And does this abuse in any way affect the State Senator's ability to govern on behalf of her constituents? And let's be frank here - it is a fair question given she is a public official who appears to have attempted to abuse her power in this matter. And as far as I am concerned, anytime a public official raises the appearance of impropriety then that negates any expectation of privacy.

The Chicago Tribune reported that "in one call to a sheriff's dispatcher, the lawmaker identifies herself as a former Lake County board chairwoman and tells police to ignore her husband Robert's complaints." She also added that her husband was afraid of her "because he knows I have connections." Huh - What? Is that any way for a public servant to talk? She has connections? What in the hell does that even mean? Who exactly is she connected to and by what circumstances?

According to the news, the couple had another altercation on Monday Evening  - their third such incident. During Robert Schmidt's 911 call he claimed that his wife had struck him with a cellphone,  bit his arm and scratched him. According to the news article, she first was heard in the background denying the allegations - but later said "You bet I did."

Hey I know, it is a personal thing, right? But displays of volatility by people who have a higher level of responsibility and public trust have to make you wonder. I mean, problems at home affect a lot of people, but it can lead to distractions at their places of employment - you know? And if Senator Schmidt is prone to moments of irrationality, then I don't think I would trust her judgement.

Sure things happen in life and I am sure we have all seen colleagues who brought their troubles to work. But more times than not - they are distracted and that isn't good for anyone. Given that the State of Illinois is knee deep in debt, we need representatives who are clear of mind while debating the issues. Of course I am making a rather big assumption here too - are any of our lawmakers clear of mind to begin with? After all, the only solutions we ever get from any of them is to raise the taxes instead of any long-term visions of good governance.

Then again, I have always wondered if our lawmakers weren't all troubled souls to begin with. I mean look at what we have been given on a consistent basis -nothing but twisted thinking and legislation.

It does makes you kinda think - don't it?

Getting serious though - spousal abuse is no laughing matter -

and neither are these latest revelations.


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  • I guess for the most part this is personal, especially, if he married, as Craig Ferguson puts it "that angry lesbian, Kim Jong IL" (had to use capital letters, since it wasn't "the second."

    I commented earlier on politicians having sex scandal problems, and maybe only Zannotti had an answer.

    However, if she is using clout to influence the police, which is implied in several stories, that would be a different matter, but, again, not different than any other politician.

  • In reply to jack:

    First off - yes you are right - Emily Zannotti would be the perfect person in these types of stories. She is good isn't she? I had the pleasure of being on the radio with her and she is is just a Class A Person (her husband too - although they were engaged at the time - fine young man and they make a really good couple).

    However - - she did try to use her influence and that pisses me off. Yes all politicians are the same - but that doesn't make it right - EVER! Matter of fact that was the sort of thing that compelled me to do this still very unprofitable exercise in futility. LOL.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    Of course, Emily hasn't been here since early June.

  • In reply to jack:

    True True - Busy Newlyweds I guess. She does Tweet though.

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