Latest Tribune Investigation Confirms Lawmakers Defraud Taxpayers

Latest Tribune Investigation Confirms Lawmakers Defraud Taxpayers

What have I told you over and over again? Illinois Lawmakers make laws to enrich themselves! And the sad thing about it is that Illinois Voters continue to turn a blind eye by voting these same thieves back into office - time and time again. Talk about perversions centering on pain! But hey, I have said it many times before - If you buy the lies, then you get exactly what you deserve!

If the latest Chicago Tribune Investigation into pension manipulation doesn't infuriate you then I can only assume you are deader than dead. How in the hell does a union fat-cat like Dennis Gannon even get a pension that is 5 times higher than that of a typical retired city worker for one days work - if the State Law that permits that sort of thing isn't anything less than a blatant attempt to defraud its' taxpayers?

According to the Tribune - even at the time of Dennis Gannon's ONE DAY hiring - the people who hired him knew well enough to file Special IRS Paperwork because they knew his pension exceeded federal limits.

Gee - do you think maybe that these pension thieves don't understand all the loopholes when it comes to raping unsuspecting taxpayers? Well, you bet they do! People better wake up and start flooding the phone banks of their legislators and demand an "end to these unethical special legislation's if they have any desire to protect their own financial well-being. Let's face it, we have already reached the tipping point in Illinois when it comes to taxation. But guess what? They keep coming back for more and that is due in large part to continue funding their political pension shenanigans.

Look, I don't know how many times Pension Abuse and Fraud needs to be written about - but it shouldn't be near as much as it has. People must stop this insanity of constantly ignoring the blatant corruption and hoping it will go away. Goddammit we are not the three monkeys nor are we mammals that bury their heads in the sand every time a difficult situation confronts us. It is just plain wrong for Illinoisans to continue ignoring the Machine / Combine Politics that have bankrupted this state!

As I said about the 54 double-dipping cops -

that was just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG!

Once you add up all the obscure boards and the political appointments that oblivious (or are they) Governors make, and then factor in the 900 plus government entities that operate in Illinois - you can see how the system gets gamed by these slick politicians.


And please remember this - the pension system isn't broke due to the scores of honest state workers who toil daily to ensure that our vital services keep going. It is all about the BIG BOYS who manipulate the system that they themselves have helped create. It has been State Lawmakers like Michael Madigan and John Cullerton who have allowed this fraud to be perpetrated upon us. And let us not forget about some of the other political mopes like former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley who conveniently turned a blind eye as scores of cronies and family further raped the taxpayer with lucrative contracts - and if you questioned them about these irregularities - they point to the fact it is all legal under state law.

Right. State Laws created by thieves to enrich other thieves!

And guess who gets to pay for it?

Where are you Lisa Madigan? What are you doing about this Lisa Madigan? Matter of fact - is it Lisa Madigan's job to protect the interests of the People of Illinois? Or is it to protect Daddy Maddie and His Cohorts?

Betcha I know the answer to that....

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  • Since I basically commented on this in ny "tip off" at the bottom of the last post, of course, all what you say above is self evident.

    For that matter, the head of the Chicago Federation of Labor was not a steelworker, auto worker, or in the home construction trades, but a mope supposedly working for Streets and San. Then he coincidentally cashes in and apparently got letters from the pension board saying that everything is o.k. Then the state legislators get fedzheimers.

    In mentioning the pensions point, you leave out that even the Republicans say that the entire 66% income tax increase went into pensions. If that isn't sucking the taxpayers dry, I don't know what is. Then people like the Muckrakers only recently discover that the social service providers are not being paid, even though that was well known (at least to me) for two years. I guess that their constituents haven't felt the pain yet.

    Of course, Atty. Gen Madigan (D-Daddy's Girl) is a hopeless cause when it comes to government corruption. All that can be said is that, unlike her role model, Spitzer, it hasn't been demonstrated that she has consorted with prostitutes, at least of that kind. However, before you go posse on her, remember that she was able to charge some prisoner for making a threat against her in a pro se brief. I guess she had a self interest in prosecuting that.

    And with regard to the corrupt legislators, I noted before that they have insulated themselves from any chance of the voters holding them accountable. And I hope that someone finds some way to keep Quinn in China and turn off his communications back to the U.S. I also hope that the Easter Bunny will save the financial system, too.

  • In reply to jack:

    Hoppity Hop Hop

  • In reply to jack:

    Sorry couldn't resist that my friend. Besides, what's wrong with believing in the Easter Bunny anyhow - sure is better than believing in the mopes who run this state, county and city governments.

    The 66% going to the pension fund doesn't surprise me - but it won't reconcile their shortages (or even come close) because they keep on thieving from its' funds.

    My only hope (aside from the magic bunny) is that the Mutant Ninja Turtles will go on a midnight raid and rid our state of every S.O.B. who calls him/herself a lawmaker. Illinois politicians are like cockroaches and once an infestation has taken hold - there is nothing short of total eradication that would suffice.

    And yes there are no really new revelations here - I am just hoping that enough people will finally get sick of the shit and turn on these creeps to send a strong message. And if the next group doesn't get it right - then keep the revolving door spinning.

    People need to get their apathetic heads out of their asses.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    Besides their apathetic heads, I wonder how many vote on the basis that they are sucking at the nipple of state government and can't be weaned from it.

    Also, I don't think that overcoming apathy would still get Madigan and Cullerton and their minions out of there, the way they have insulated themselves. Ninja Turtles might.

    Heck, even Joe Walsh went along with their remap, but I previously said you wouldn't mind two Tea Partiers slugging it out and eliminating at least one of them.

    Edgar was on the radio yesterday, and while he mumbled something about he was wrong that a casino would ruin the social fabric of Chicago, he did say that state government is as bad as it ever was, and removing Blagojevich didn't solve the problems.

    Finally, even if the Tribune exposed this. they'll endorse reformers that aren't, like Claypool and Preckwinkle, because they have to be better than Stroger. Well, anything would be, but not by much. The Ravenswood cabal isn't cleaning up anything, but I guess they aren't Beavers.

  • In reply to jack:

    And that really is the million dollar question ("sucking at the nipple") when it comes to those who always vote Democratic, primarily in Cook County. Between the welfaristas and those who are employed by the Machine - hell who's left to vote in opposition?

  • fb_avatar

    Michael, you've answered your own "million dollar question"! ie; "sucking at the nipple"... CROOK County is a lost cause and needs to be FLUSHED like the toilet that it is. (It's only had 150 or so years of corruption and scandals to get that way) I've had a ringside seat, born in Chicago almost 68 years ago, I've watched the payoffs, cheats, bribes and cronyism to the point of nausea. The incestuous relationships that abound in the City and County border on being impossible to number. Almost every voter in the county has some form of parasitic relationship to preserve with their votes, and the balance are simply "Yellow Dog Democrats"......just like my parents were! People who'd vote for a yellow dog if it ran as a Democrat.....usually without a clue as to WHY! The most inciteful study of the "machine" that I've ever read was written by a former Chicago Newscaster named Len O'Connor in his book called "The Boss". It details in chapter and verse just how it all was put together and then turned into an art form by "old man Daly (Richard J.)" Everyone with a vote in this state should put the book on their "required reading list"! Keep up the fight.....even though it's uphill, if not FUTILE!

  • In reply to Dick Clark:

    Well Dick, you an I have been here quite a long time and YES we have seen Crook County and its inherent Yellow Democrats at work haven't we? But it is funny, as tiring as it gets I can't help but voice my displeasure even if it is, as you say, futile. Who knows, maybe it will change a dozen votes somewhere along the line? Len O'Connor was brilliant indeed but I believe Mike Royko wrote the Boss. But either way, YES it should be mandatory reading and I have worn out my copy. Amazon has a new version with an updated intro by Royko so I guess it is time to buy it again. Thanks for commenting Dick.

  • fb_avatar

    Michael, you're right! Thank you for rattling my "brain housing group" a bit. "Boss" was written by Royko. The O'Connor book I was thinking of is "Clout: Mayor Daly and his City"...I just checked at "" and was surprised to learn both are still available. The price of "Clout" is $48.95! $22.95 in paperback! I'll have to start keeping my copy in the safe deposit box :))

  • In reply to Dick Clark:

    LOL No Problem Dick. Len O'Connor's Clout should also be mandatory reading. He definitely pegged it. Wow at the $$$, I better get it out of the box.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    Of course, I am old enough to remember when Len O'Connor pulled a "Ted Baxter" on Channel 5 (I don't remember the details but it was the predictably unsuccessful rant against NBC) before landing at 9. ;-)

  • In reply to jack:

    I think we are close in age Jack, but I have a hard time remembering the specific Ted Baxter incident. I suppose, though, that it bound to happen at some point in a media-person's career. But O'Connor was good at what he did overall - even though you got the impression that he too had certain people he did not go after. Whether it was loyalty or some code that the older press adhered to.

    When I think back on who could be trusted, in spite of personal biases, to tell it like it is - well Ed Murrow, Walter Cronkite and Tim Russert will always be the top three for me. In Chicago - I have a profound respect for Milt Rosenberg. And that was before he made my year after complimenting my final Chicago Now radio appearance. LOL.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    No, I said that he went too far. Like I said though, it was some sort of "crap your employer" statement, but I don't remember the substance.

    It sort of was like it would be if Magers and Marin aired their Springer controversy on the news at 10 on 5, instead of quitting first.

    Which, of course,gets us back to the days when news people and the general manager editorialized. The 32 general manager shows his face for some wimpy commentary, but basically those days are over, not that the people on TV would be authoritative these days.

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