Hoffa Statements And A Tea Party Calling The Kettle Black

Hoffa Statements And A Tea Party Calling The Kettle Black

Amy Kremer of the Tea Party Express called on President Barack Obama to "condemn this inappropriate and uncivil rhetoric" after Teamsters Union President James Hoffa said the Tea Party had launched a "war on workers" and "let's take these son-of-a-bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong." Well, I certainly understand the anger - but isn't kind of like calling the kettle black?

Let's face it, the Tea Party hasn't been always kind to anyone who doesn't go along with their outrageous rhetoric either. The Tea Party Caucus' most vocal critic of President Obama, Joe Walsh, has even chastised the president with a personal You Tube Video and now says he will show total disrespect by skipping a Congressional Address. By the way, that is an address that taxpayers are paying its' elected leaders to attend.

And let us not forget that Adam Kinzinger has a staff that likes to call the cops on peaceful protestors. Quite frankly - the Tea Party Candidates have been done more than just spew rhetoric - they are also advocating tampering with our rights and liberties. That makes them dangerous!

I am not saying that both sides haven't stooped to all time lows when it comes to distorting the truths of our politics - but the Tea Party and its' elected members of Congress have by far been the most uncooperative when it comes to dealing with the nation's problems. It has been a very clear agenda from the beginning - we ain't doing shit until we get rid of the president.

Seems to me that when it comes to inappropriate rhetoric and/or uncivil actions - the Tea Party has been right up there at the top.

As for James Hoffa's assertion that a war has been waged on the American Worker - well, tell me where he is wrong? The Republicans, and Tea Party faithful in general, are all for Corporate America turning our country into a service industry devoid of good high paying jobs. The GOP has allowed Big Business to dictate American Policy while bankrupting the nation in the process.

Maybe the time has come to take those son-of-a-bitches out and give America back to the people? Both sides of the aisle have royally screwed the average American. Sounds like another American Revolution seems to be the only answer to purge our nation of the multitudes of  "in the pocket politicians."

As for uncivil rhetoric? Well, I suggest that Amy Kremer and her contemporaries start listening to their own candidates.

As far as I am concerned - you can't get what you don't give!


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  • I pretty much commented on publius that I don't see incitement here, and I think publius got to the point you did that both sides use the same rhetoric, but won't admit it.

  • In reply to jack:

    Both sides are shameful, but the Tea Party has gone above and beyond the definition.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    So a violent phrase like "take these son-of-a-bitches out" from a high official of an organization KNOWN to engage in violence is not as bad as a YouTube video or calling the cops on protestors engaged in unlawful acts? Are you serious?

    The President called for civility after the Giffords shooting. He said NOTHING to criticize Hoffa. I guess civility is only for his opponents.

  • In reply to Nate Whilk:

    Just as violent as "putting congressional districts in cross-hairs" I guess. Palin argued that it was taken out of context perhaps the same consideration then? Hey I am just playing the Devil's Advocate here. Both sides DO The Same Thing! So get off the horse.

    As for calling cops on an "unlawful?" protest goes - you obviously don't live in my district - it wasn't an unlawful gathering. It was Americans exercising their right to assemble since the man (I voted for) can't come to grips with the district's issues. So - Are You Serious? Better rethink that one Nate.

    As for civility - yes Nate I agree with you and President Obama. I have written plenty on the lack of civility if you bothered to read more of my posts. You would have seen that I believe that both sides of the political aisle have jerked-off the average American. And that is a shared problem among our elected idiots (Democrat or Republican).

    So - do you have any more misplaced observations or did you you just pick out what suited you?

  • For that matter, I would rather discuss local politics, including

    (a) Quinn apparently having argued himself into a corner in having previously given state unions no layoff contracts, but now saying there isn't money. Of course, he blames the legislature, instead of recognizing that even the House Republicans spent the whole tax increase.

    (b) If you want an example of local agencies using taxpayer money against them, look at the Pace Awarded Bids page, where $1.26 million in lobbying contracts were given out, including one to a former state representative from your neck of the woods (Romeoville).

  • In reply to jack:

    I'll check that out. As for Quinn - well the people were warned from the get go and must now live with that reality. I said along he was a chameleon.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    As far as the taxpayers, they knew they were getting a screwing. Maybe the dependents on the state will figure that out too.

    However, the state employee unions, I don't know. Basically there would have to be a Wisconsin legislative solution to the problem, and if Quinn called for that, the unions would rake him over. Of course, the U.S. Constitution contracts clause could still preclude legally going back on the collective bargaining agreements that said no layoffs. Brady pointed out the legal trap last year, but "know it all Quinn" is just realizing it now. That is, if he realizes anything.

  • In reply to jack:

    I agree that the unions here are protected by their collective bargaining agreement. Naturally we must understand what is REALLY going on here - Huckster Quinn just wants to have the Legislature give him the $2.2 Billion he feels they shorted him. Is that about right?

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    That sort of seemed to be the take on the radio.

    Of course, his acts for the past two years have shown a total lack of understanding that the money isn't there, even after the tax hike. It isn't just that the legislature refused to appropriate what it had.

    The question he sort of raises is whether the contracts said they were subject to appropriations, as he now claims. While the CPS one apparently had a clause that the Chicago Board of Ed. could vote that it didn't have the money, no 4% raise,* the arbitrator's ruling against Quinn declaring the 2% raise for state workers void makes me think that the dumbo didn't include that phrase when he made the no layoff pledge. Otherwise, why would the unions make that concession without a guarantee?

    Of course, your answer may be that he conned them too, but I doubt that's the case. Unlike most Chicago Now commenters, I think that the unions have people who can read contracts.

    *Lewis is all over the TV, but apparently not contesting the board's right to do so, and it was reported that with all the talk about teachers saying they will strike if they didn't get the 4%, they decided not to open the contract. (I mention this only by way of comparison, as neither of us is getting that property tax bill.)

  • In reply to jack:

    Again - my point has always been that Quinn is just a Huckster. And I have meant that not as a joke or ala cute like Kass. Quinn has earned my moniker after years of careful study. He is a TYPICAL MACHINE POLITICIAN who has no regard for the taxpayer. Every solution centers on tagging the public - but nowhere (and I mean nowhere) is there room for reform in his smaller than a monkeys brain. He just doesn't get it - same as the other members of that old boy's club.

    This is just his angling for sympathy and eventually laying a larger burden on the taxpayer. Besides, he cannot afford to have the unions go against him and just watch - there will be another "miracle solution" - but it will cost us all more - AGAIN.

  • It seems funny to me -- We elect a president and give him only half the power in congress. Then through no fault of his own he is thrown into this massive U.S. downfall. Now not having the savey experince that a vetern lawmaker would - he gives out money to keep the country stable at least for a while - then the housing market takes a dive and all of a sudden people start talking as if somehow he is at fault - then the people that elected this man starts taking his power away by electing the other party into congress - Now the president has a jobs bill he can't get pasted - Who is this hurting - why the low income and middle classes - whether this bill is good or bad it is something and for all those people that voted for you Mr. President - my question - what happened ? - Mr. Hoffa I'm with you and maybe with people marching on wall street and with maybe a few sit-ins ( like the 60's ) The back bone of this country can take it back. I firmly believe that the middle class should be fighting for thier lives and future (NOW) and God knows low income people need help not cuts in their programs - This is America - are not we still trying to form a more prefect union- I hope so.

  • In reply to JBwondering:

    So true JB

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