Mitt Romney and Other GOP Candidates Lack The Balls To Be Presidential

Mitt Romney and Other GOP Candidates Lack The Balls To Be Presidential

Americans can breathe a sigh of relief now that this self-induced debt crisis has been resolved. At least until they find out if its too late for interest rates to spike or not. However, those aspiring to become the next Republican Presidential Nominee must now explain their lack of Presidential Balls during this crisis, especially the front-running Mitt Romney. Of course this is just my own observation but Romney showed absolutely nothing presidential during the very partisan debt ceiling brouhaha. Standing on the sidelines and not taking a position until a deal was already struck just ain't gonna help any one of those chicken-shits.

It would seem to me that anyone aspiring to ascend to the highest office in the land would have put themselves right into the thick of things and show us some leadership. Then again, I suppose they then would have had to actually show us that they indeed possessed that ability.  Unfortunately, the only GOP candidate to even remotely display any sensibility towards a debt deal was Jon Huntsman. It is too bad that he may be just too centrist for a party hell bent on going extreme right.

As I have said once before - for as dismal as things have gone during President Obama's term, the GOP have done nothing but shoot themselves in the foot time and time again. Hey, it is no illusion that the Republican Party is in some serious disarray and if their intent was to convince the Independent Voters that Obama should be a one term and out president, well, they haven't sold me. And this is coming from a person who tends to vote Republican in national elections more times than not.

Let's face it, my prediction that the GOP will lose many of its mid-term gains is fulfilling itself pretty much the same way as I predicted that the Democrats were going to get hammered in 2010.

Americans have tired of the constant exclusion and obstruction from either side and there will be hell to pay for it again.

Although President Obama and his leadership have angered their own constituency they still come out smelling like a rose because they were the ones perceived to have given something up. The GOP, meanwhile, has been fractured by a band of irresponsible rebels picking the wrong fight at the wrong time. After all, holding the country hostage over raising the debt ceiling was rather stupid since Republicans have routinely raised it under George W. Bushes Administration. Besides, I think most people understand that the debt ceiling is an entirely different issue than debt reduction!

I guarantee you this - if interest rates go up because this issue dragged-on and adversely affects an already Nickeled and Dimed populace -oh baby guess who gets the blame? It won't be Obama since he consistently made himself look like he was willing to bargain. Again, that may have just been a public perception as to what happened from behind closed doors, however that is the perception just the same.

Considering that neither political party is strong enough to win the Oval Office outright just with their extreme fringes, 2012 will come down to what the Moderates within each party and Independents have to say. Personally I don't think the Party of No can win the keys to the White House after they brought us this/close to the brink. It just will not be forgotten!

And neither will those GOP candidates who stood silent on the sidelines.


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  • I suppose that whether Bachmann has balls (we discussed that before), at least the Nordquist side was heard.

    The others probably figure that whatever happens to the economy in the next 12 months will control if they have a chance.

    Everyone is predicting more "fun" when the cuts commission makes its report or the triggers supposedly start kicking in (the latter apparently being the last sticking point), and the Bush tax cuts again sunset in Dec. 2012 unless there is some congressional action. In that case, inertia doesn't help the Nordquist crowd.

    But I guess I persist in my view that there isn't a Republican challenger yet.

  • In reply to jack:

    Seems to me Bachmann does have bigger balls given her rhetoric. The cuts are only automatic if the Super Congress doesn't act so I think there will be an effort made given the hallowed Pentagon stands to lose $1.2 Trillion - that ain't happening given the Tea Party's apparent devotion to defense spending. Remember they profit! As for being heard? Okay a wee tiny bit but the GOP loses on this one considering very little spending was reduced over that 10 year period. And for that they held a country hostage? What a joke!

  • With regard to the hostage situation, apparently they just have gone home for the Labor Day vacation, so stuff like the FAA bill sits. I guess it was convenient that this crisis was slated to occur before having to take a month off.

  • In reply to jack:

    Indeed my friend - just more proof that this crisis was "manufactured" and allows politicians to hit the pavement with more distortions.

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