Illegal Immigration And It's Excuses Just Don't Cut It Anymore

Illegal Immigration And It's Excuses Just Don't Cut It Anymore

I have always said that the term "Illegal Immigration" is an oxymoron. As a Naturalized Citizen, it has always frosted my butt whenever I hear excuses about why we need to accept the burden of supporting people who willfully violate our laws. Especially since the countries that they come from would never tolerate the same if it were happening in the reverse. If we were to apply the very basic concept of right versus wrong - this issue couldn't be any clearer - the excuses just don't cut it.

Unfortunately, just getting down to the basics alone just doesn't cut it either. Illegal Immigration (for the lack of a better word in our lexicon) is a complicated issue and I am not totally unsympathetic to their plight. I have often said that we needed a solution, but politicians being the weasels that they are - just hope they can ignore the issue. Then again, the most ardent supporters of Illegals ignore any call for a rational solution too. Look, I have said that the first step needed in controlling this situation is by embracing the creation of a National ID Card.

Yet, people get wrapped-up about "intrusions on their rights." That is such a bunch of bull and it reeks to the high heavens. People already must produce an ID on any given day - so where then is the intrusion? There isn't any, especially if you are already here legally. So? Is there a reverse thing going on here? Well, if you except the constant excuses as to why illegals shouldn't be required to substantiate their existence here - then yes!

If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times - illegals and their supporters are missing the bigger picture in all this and they are hurting themselves more than helping. Unscrupulous employers prey on illegals and take advantage of people living under the radar. Constant threats of deportation are used against people who are merely trying to get by and support their families. Even our politicians aren't immune from taking advantage of hiring illegals; i.e. Nancy Pelosi and her husband profited by employing them in their canning operation.

It has always been about exploitation and that is what bothers me the most. As I have said, I am not unsympathetic here. I see the people who bust their butts working in landscaping and other jobs. They have often come to my door for quick first aid because they got to know that I wouldn't report them. The way I figure it - at least they were working unlike so many of our "homegrown's sitting around and tapping welfare" while attending a Jerry Springer or Maury Povich taping.

This is the moral dilemma as I see it. But don't get me wrong either - illegally entering this country will always be wrong in my eyes but you can't really expect to deport millions of people either. Besides, since no one wants to take the responsibility at actually looking for a compromise solution, then who the hell am I to judge? It is our lawmakers who must take the bold step to ensure that those entering our country for employment are given a government issued ID. Whether you like it or not, that is probably the best first step to separate those who come here seeking employment or merely coming here to scam the system and/or engage in criminal enterprise.

The Chicago Sun-Times pointed out that illegals plan on protesting at a 6PM meeting at the IBEW Hall in Chicago on Wednesday Night. One part of the article caught me with particular anger. A "common-law wife" is worried about her man being deported after being stopped for the umpteenth time driving without a license. By the way her man refused to go to court on any of the previous charges. You know maybe that is part of the reason that every Auto Insurance Policy Holder pays a surcharge on their premiums - to protect themselves from people just like that!

Geez Marie - not only do these people disregard our laws but they don't even have a commitment to each other. It just wouldn't surprise me if this couple is getting some sort of government assistance for their brood of common law kids on the taxpayers dime. And don't tell me that they don't because if their kids go to a public school or see a doctor- then they get some sort of assistance! We already know that Illinois' All-Kids enrollment is 75% illegals and that the national tab for illegals is $113 Billion Annually!

So you see - it comes down to responsibility all the way around. No one wants to take the steps needed to protect everyone concerned. Taxpayers do have a right to demand its government not spend resources on illegals (in spite of what President Obama says), especially if they don't want to take any steps towards assimilating into the very society they want to live in. If you haven't noticed Illinois is broke and their decision to be a declared Sanctuary State hasn't helped matters - has it?

What a tragedy it is that only 26 of 102 Illinois counties participate in the "Secure Communities Program" which shares arrestees fingerprints and details with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. And there is no need for excuses that this program unfairly targets those committing petty crimes and misdemeanors because the statistics do not bear that out. Very few are deported for running a red light. Matter of fact, of the 31 people currently in Cook County's Immigration lockup, 29 are there for M-U-R-D-E-R.

By the way, Governor Quinn and our Democratic leadership are in clear violation of federal law here, so the lack of responsibility goes right up to the top. And why? Don't piss off the Hispanic vote (those that can anyway). But look around at the neighborhoods and you tell me how much these political slugs care when it come to the bigger issues of the community. Quite frankly they could care less and everyone knows it!

Here is the bottom line - if you want some equality then you must compromise and agree to submit to some sort of program designed to root out illegals legitimately wanting to work from those who don't. We must start somewhere and I think the first place we can start is by some sort of documentation that would protect both the illegal and the taxpayer.

If you can't accept that - then don't hand me any more excuses.


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  • Looks like any bozo with half a brain can blog on this site.

    Geez Marie is something somebody's 99 year-old grandmother may say, it is not something I expect to read as an argument in a serious discussion. Run out of words so quickly?

    Your childish tirade is filled with so many errors and biases, I do not even know where to begin.

  • In reply to PeteGonzalez:

    So sorry you don't approve of my use of Geez Marie instead of something more profane or apt. But, since you like personal attacks let us consider another Golden Oldie term BOZO. The way I see it, the only Bozo around here could be a commenter" with an email address beginning with "DeportLouDobbs." Talk about an immediate bias - man you are funny! Pity the fool that shuts his eyes and ears to an opinion other than his own. As I have said many times - everyone's opinion is welcome here - even yours.

    Although I fail to see an opinion, or even the slightest attempt at proposing what you would do regarding the subject matter.

    You don't don't know where to begin? Try explaining how 2 political parties couldn't give a damn about the human cost associated with illegal immigration or how they both profit from it. Then again for all I know you may be related to some coyote who often begins the process or are related to someone in the Mexican Consulate who openly encourages people to enter and then offers that country's assistance with bogus paperwork in a clear effort to usurp our federal laws. Better yet, maybe your roots are tied to the millions of Irish or Eastern Europeans who have entered illegally and your life is now stuck serving any number of those clans that profit off the trade. But hey - who the hell really knows what you believe in since your diatribe centers on some nostalgic term and avoids the subject matter entirely.

    When it comes to inaccuracies - what may you be referring to? Are you referring to All Kids? That 75% number comes from the Illinois Auditor General but if you have more accurate numbers - then by all means share them with us. Or maybe you don't agree with the Secure Communities Program facts cited by the Sun-Times and their sources? As for a bias - I don't have as much of one as you think I do. I understand the condition - but that doesn't mean I have to agree with it or violate my moral compass when it comes to the issue of right versus wrong. But since we are on the subject, Illegals have unwittingly screwed themselves by letting control freaks from both sides of the aisle exploit them. Now if you think that is okay - then maybe you do profit in some way from all of this.

    Childish? Is human exploitation childish? Hmm.. So far as supporting, what amounts to squatters - is that really fair? Well if so then open up your front door and let em all in and you can pay their expenses. Put your money where your mouth is.

    There are no easy solutions, but Taxpayers shouldn't be put on the hook for direct or indirect aid. And if you want to check facts on immigration in other nations - why don't you go check out Mexican Law first - specifically the part about foreigners "not being a burden on its society."

    Bozo is right, but it ain't me since you have offered up nothing to this debate. So don't give me the bullshit about not knowing where to begin - I left plenty of open doors - I guess you missed them all.

  • In reply to PeteGonzalez:

    So... What portions do you take issue with ? The blogger is only too kind. Enforce the law.

  • fb_avatar

    What are the two most critical issues in the oncoming presidential elections? Down to the wire it is the economy and jobs. Therefore, we must find jobs, lots of jobs and illegal immigrants in the lower incomes who have acquired jobs must be removed and returned to less fortunate legal workers in our country. Are you aware that illegal immigration has been encouraged very successfully by the unconscionable business organizations such as the US Chamber of Commerce; backed up by certain unconcerned Republicans and the disingenuous Democrats, propelled by the left-wing influence? Records on immigration numbers have been systematically sanitized and kept out of the main spotlight. Liberal leaning news media have massaged numbers, statistics for years, including previous administrations. Any blogger or outside comment author is quickly banned from passing on sources or statistics.

    Currently the main headline has been quickly flows through the national press, which illegal aliens are leaving and returning to their own country? What they are not selling you, is that over 20 million illegal aliens have settled here; and this may be uncounted. Millions live in houses of legal immigrants, hidden away from authorities, spending taxpayer’s money; Using friends ID or stolen documents to take American jobs. Millions could be shielded by unions, working in construction, hotels and motels or on a grand scale in Sen. Harry Reid’s entertainment Mecca of Nevada. The Pew Research Center says there are 8 million illegal immigrants are working and who have stolen jobs from American workers, through the collusion of business owners and many radical open border groups.

    These groups are under the unfounded supposition that we need more and more workers, legal or illegal? This is not saying we shouldn't give expeditious visas to engineers and scientists and those who have high professional achievement. Highly skilled individuals, who have shown their skilled abilities, will never drop to the poverty line as they will always have high paying jobs. On the negative side, people who are sliding past the border line, or the other 40 percent who lie at entry ports at airlines and shipping terminals are committed to staying until caught. The majority of economic illegal aliens are well versed in welfare laws and the use of false ID. These economic nationals have a better idea of each States entitlement system, to be able to play to their advantage then law-abiding Americans.

    California is a very Liberal state that is under the impression that American taxpayers should support the illegal immigration occupation of that State. All Border States are under a giant pressure from especially illegal pregnant mothers, who are determined to bring their unborn child here so they can get free hospitalization; then after conceiving the 300.000 children annually born to illegal aliens, in receipt of instant citizenship can collect cash payments and a whole bunch of handouts, that US citizens and residents never see?

    Figures from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services

    Immigration is having a bigger impact than ever on the American economy, but the current presidential candidates seem reluctant to speak up. June figures from the Department of Public Social Services in California report $54 million in welfare benefits were issued to illegal alien parents of their native-born children in Los Angeles County alone. This was announced by County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich. The $54 million consists of $22 million in CalWORKs (welfare) and $32 million in Food Stamps — an increase of $3 million from June 2010. This represents 22% of all CalWORKs and Food Stamp issuances in the County. The projected annual cost has jumped to $625 million.

    “With the $550 million for public safety and nearly $500 million for health care, the total cost for illegal immigrants to County taxpayers exceeds $1.6 billion dollars a year,” said Antonovich. “These costs do not include the hundreds of millions of dollars for education.”


    Should we expect Perry, a Republican who once served in the Texas legislature, to make the same admission about his pro illegal immigration stance? After all, he gave illegal aliens discounted in-state tuition at public colleges and universities in Texas then traveled to Mexico to brag about it. He also slammed Arizona for passing a tough immigration control law, believes the southern border fence is unnecessary and opposes the E-Verify federal verification program that prevents illegal immigrants from landing state jobs. E-Verify the job eliminator for illegal aliens and the new deterrent is equally needed to start clipping the wings of the open border zealots, the religious entities, unions and the unhappy business leaders who determined to keep cheap labor pouring into the U.S.
    Perhaps Americans shouldn’t hold their breath for an apology on the open borders issue since it’s likely that Rick Perry is betting it will earn Latino votes.

    • The threat of a Congressional amnesty may be off the table for now, but millions of illegal immigrants are still taking American jobs.
    • Congress continues to import an additional 75,000 foreign workers every month at a time when American workers are facing massive unemployment and collapsing wages.
    • The immigration crisis is as severe as ever, and elected officials from both parties have refused to do anything to address the role mass immigration plays in our national jobs crisis.
    • Americans need a president who will take our immigration crisis seriously.

    Right now, the political parties and presidential candidates are staking out their positions on immigration. Together, we can influence the candidates to improve their immigration positions and publicly commit to defending the American worker. See the immigration grade scores of contenders in the Presidential race at NumbersUSA. Learn who is involved in corruption and collusion of all lawmakers at Judicial Watch.

    • Will the Republicans reject another open-borders candidate?
    • Will President Obama move to a more reasonable position as he strives for re-election?
    • Can candidates and prospective candidates like Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and Herman Cain recognize the urgency voters have about this issue? Michele Bachmann has openly discussed this ominous issue that is erupting from every newspaper and media every day. Only—and only the TEA PARTY are willing to talk about Illegal Immigration. So this is the time to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak and learn who is ready to fight for every American and not try to pacify illegal aliens, with the possibility of Immigration Reform- we all know as mass amnesty. No TEA PARTY leader will enact any law that rescinds the Reagan 1986 Immigration Control and reform Act. All cities branded as a Sanctuary for Illegal aliens, will either conform to the law, or lose federal funding.

    Politicians, who won’t recognize the urgency of the immigration issue, will be removed.


    No Copyright. Distribute Freely.

  • In reply to Dave Francis:

    No argument that Sanctuary creates a huge cost to the taxpayer. Still, I have to ask a logical question - how do we deport 20+ million people? I don't have an answer for that since I don't think it is feasible.

    So while I don't disagree with much of what you say - I don't see either side of the aisle wanting to solve it since both profit from illegals. If you want to control the amount of money used to subsidize illegals you will need a vehicle of some sort to identify them, right?

  • This has become the usual mess. You have Pete with 1/8th of a brain, as reflected in the nothing he had to say but insults calling others out, and such folk as the Chicana blogger saying that she knows more about immigration law than Obama, but not backing it up, and complaining that some Moroccan had to have a visa to go somewhere else. Maybe Morocco should reinstate the Andalusian empire.

    Supposedly, the advocates for the illegals claim that the Obama administration has deported more in two years than any other administration in history. If so, maybe DoJ and DHS are doing their jobs.

    The Constitution speaks of the privileges and immunities of citizens, not illegals.

    I agree with the general point that illegal in one shows general contempt of the law, and thus illegal in much more. Of course, there are plenty of domestic people who exhibit the same, including on Illinois streets and in the Illinois government.


    On another note, I am near the point I promised on Internet law, and the part of the Copyright Act on having to take down material subject to a copyright is 17 U.S.C. sec. 512(c)(1)(A)(iii). As you can expect, the law is phrased negatively, i.e. that a service provider is not liable for infringement, if on obtaining knowledge of the storage of material by others on its system, acts expeditiously to remove or disable access to it. So, that's why you were told to do so, once someone asserted rights.

    On the other hand, by previously mentioning this, apparently I gained an anonymous cyberstalker on the CTA Tattler. Again we are full circle.

  • In reply to jack:

    There are definitely two camps on this issue and both sides like to throw out inaccuracies. But your point about Pete with 1/8 of a brain was a bit too generous.

    Your comment that "The Constitution speaks of the privileges and immunities of citizens, not illegals" should be the benchmark in this debate. Yet, people blatantly ignore the law. That is not to say every law is just and fair, but that has never been the issue on illegal immigration in general and as such will not alter my belief that illegal means illegal. And yes we have plenty of our domestics that fall into that category.

    I have sympathy and I am logical enough to realize that we cannot deport multiple millions of people - so clearly we need something in place. I have advocated a National ID for a variety of reasons, but I believe it would be effective if it included a controversial "marker." DNA strand, fingerprint, etc.. Naturally that treads on the issues of rights - but hey - we have already been compromised in so many ways I don't view it as an impediment. At least for me.

    Sorry to hear of a cyber stalker but thanks on your Copyright Act info. Just an FYI - the person who asserted his right just wanted his name on the image since he runs a website that sells high school sports images. I know him and we have a good understanding and have worked it out to ensure he is always credited.

    Thanks Jack

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    I guess my observation that the law put it "negatively" resolves the issue.

    If the guy was going to sue, the Tribune would lose its defense if it didn't take it down.

    However, if the guy agreed that it was o.k. if you gave him credit, he wasn't going to sue.

    Nonethless, I am sure that webmasters are in CYA mode.

  • In reply to jack:


  • Still more afield, but related to my last point is again today's Shoe.

    Of course, I thought that a Senator from Illinois was already the President.

  • In reply to jack:

    Shoe has the habit of being spot on. Thanks.

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