Get The Burdizzo Ready - The GOP Lining-Up For Party Castration!

Get The Burdizzo Ready - The GOP Lining-Up For Party Castration!

Okay Eric Cantor, maybe the time has come for the GOP to give back all those gains made at the mid-terms anyhow. The Republican Party, and in particular the Tea Party Caucus, may feel that they have to stay the course with their debt ceiling game of chicken as a means to keep their credibility among their extremist supporters. However, the reality of that decision really couldn't be much clearer at this point. In the end, the GOP loses, as Mitch McConnell suggested yesterday. So, even though the clock is still ticking, about the only thing left to decide is who will lead the line to the Burdizzo? Will the Tea Party Caucus draw names from a hat, or will they do it democratically and let Eric Cantor lead the way since he has decided he wants to be the next Speaker of the House? Hey, whatever the decision - we will soon see them lining-up one by one for a very public castration. Of course, castration is not be as honorable as say Harakiri, but, it is effective just the same.

You know, this misguided attempt by the Tea Party Caucus to solve the debt and spending issues while we are in a deep recession is asinine. As I said in my previous post, this sort of stand made sense during the Clinton years when the economy was humming along at near capacity, but not now? What in the world could they be thinking? You just can't exactly slash deficit spending when you need it to keep the economy limping along until things perk up. I mean, most economists would tell you that what the Administration is doing right now is exactly what you are supposed to be doing. And that ain't no rocket science.

It is just too bad that the over zealousness of the Tea Party would rather have them going back to an over zealous constituency and say, "ooh baby, baby we did it, we shut down the government - we stopped the spending, just as we promised we would." But, I still have to wonder what their most ardent supporters will say when the next sentence out of their mouth's is, "oh baby baby - by the way most of you are now out of a job because your employer will be forced to lay you off?"

You know, it is kind of what I say all the time - be careful what you wish for?

It is just too damn easy to say we need to cut spending to the bone, but, if you haven't got the revenues to sustain your obligations than what good is it? Besides, Paul Ryan's Path to Prosperity missed the mark entirely when he conveniently excluded the biggest drag on the deficit. You know, that many tentacled military budget that somehow produces more waste than all the landfills combined? Look, I have a friend who has been very supportive of the Tea Party mantra, but when I asked him how happy he would be if his job was sacrificed to achieve that, well naturally there was this long "duh moment." He wasn't all too happy about that prospect since he forgot to look at the bigger picture. However, I give him credit. He has at least admitted that he really doesn't fully understand how macro-economics work.

Like I said - one must be careful - eh?

Now I don't know if I got through to him 100% or not. But, I did try my best to explain how demand for his small business would probably dry up significantly and how he would have to cut back on some of his luxuries. Of course he hadn't really thought about how some of those economic factors would impact him or how it trickles down, but at least I gave him something to think about. I will say this, he did get kind of quiet though. But hey, at least I haven't received any his daily "we gotta cut this or we gotta cut that texts" since then either. So, maybe he understood. Then again maybe he chose to not accept the explanation. I don't know.

One thing I do know for sure, though. I have quite a few other friends who are small-business owners and they are all barely just hanging on right now. Business, especially when it comes to moving raw materials and inventory goods have been slashed so bad the last two years, that one of my friends has decided that buying junkers and fixing them up for resale was a hell of a lot better than hauling empty truck loads on one leg of every run. So he certainly is living the effects of this deflated supply and demand nightmare. He has told me far too many horror stories of other Independent Truckers who have been forced to accept what amounts to operating at a loss just to keep their trucks running. Exactly how long that can be sustained, well I am not all to sure of that - but my guess is it can't be too long.

And that is the fundamental problem with the economy, isn't it? People are just hanging on and hoping for better days. But, if the Tea Party has its extreme way, they would rather see people like my friends sell their rigs at auction, or lose them outright. After all, at some point the wealthy guys will buy them up and store them until whenever. I mean, it ain't like they are gonna pay any taxes on that inventory of repossessions. It is just another loophole in the tax code for them. So is it really any wonder why guys like Cantor refuse to talk about taxing the wealthy? Of course not - because the wealthy they protect will win whether regular people win or lose.

Let's face it - the wealthy have the best of both worlds.

Then again, maybe shutting down government might mean that some of those people who are paid not to farm or produce a specific commodity won't get their stipends either. I guess that could be a very good thing. Heck, it might even deprive Michele Bachmann's husband from getting the funding used to try and scare Gays straight. That too could be a very good thing too, especially for those Gays. But, I have no doubt that the Bachmann's would survive a funding cut given the hefty campaign contributions she has piled-up of late. But, at the same token I am sure as hell the Bachmann's also like having that Obamamoney coming in just the same. Like I said, the best of both worlds.

As it stands right now, we don't know how this thing with the debt ceiling impasse will work out. Except of course, the impending castration of the GOP. Because that is now a given.

Moo Moo Cowboys!

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  • Based on this blog, I guess Bachman is first. Also, Wikipedia is not a source.

    On the other hand, since guys like Walsh ran on this platform, if that's what 50.01% of his constituents voted for, one shouldn't necessarily violate one's principles. After all, they got Obama to blink on the extension of the tax cuts, and they weren't even sworn in yet. The Illinois General Assembly says it took care of the Walsh problem, anyway.

    I didn't hear anything about Pelosi or Schakowsky proposing a solution.

  • In reply to jack:

    Certainly understand that, at the same token you can't make things worse. And that is exactly what would happen. I am sure the constituency should understand that it is all a process; i.e. what makes it so dire that you have to shut government down now, as opposed to working towards crafting legislation that would rein in the debt. After all, it is kinda like that saying went "it's the economy stupid." When the official unemployment rate is hovering near 10% and the unofficial rate is approx 16% - does it benefit that principle to push it to 20-40%? I think not.

    Look, you and I know what this is about - getting rid of Obama. Except these nimrods don't see that their zeal would (not could) sink the markets into a deeper abyss. That is irresponsible application of a principle. As I have said over and over again - yes the debt issue must be settled, but this isn't the time for either side to tamper with something that could push us into a decades long spiral. Diplomacy and compromise must be the bedrock. Hey I vote Republican quite often - but what the GOP is doing now is just not government. Personally I am sick of it - let them put their balls on the line because if they mess with peoples safety net ideology will not sustain them nationwide. Walsh may win by a margin close enough for a recount, but that is only because of the wealthy in Barrington.

    BTW I don't consider a 50/50 split a mandate. Not then, now or in the future. That is a fools game and they have miscalculated because the two Republican votes in this house are ready to abandon the ship. It won't matter if we think we like Cross or Kinzinger better - right now they are screwing with my benefits. Simple economics.

    As for Wikipedia, I like using them for simple reference and things like definitions, but no they are not "source." Although Wiki does provide source links and on some subjects are actually a very good quick reference. I am not sure what you mean about Bachmann first? Husband who some think is a closet gay is that what you mean? As far as I know the ring-leader of Tea Party Caucus is Cantor and his nuts are first.

  • The Bachman reference was basically to the anatomical fact of life, similar to the one noted in the other post. Or, as Geoff Peterson often says, "Ballls." The Wikipedia comment comes from Geoff's boss, but is true.

    But to get to substance, just like the tax extension, I'm sure it is for show until we get to the last minute. Obama isn't much different, unless the Social Security situation is as I described, instead of there being a "trust fund." At some point, someone will make a deal and convince the caucuses, and something will pass, regardless of what the Tea Party or Pelosi and Schakowsky say. Then each side will say they got something, and the Tea Party will have a fig leaf over giving in on the rich.

  • In reply to jack:

    I see. Yes you are right, if Bachamnn were a man, she would be ahead of Cantor for sure.
    And yes, correct on Wiki. But, as I said, it does serve a purpose and good for getting to images in the public domain; i.e. the Burdizzo. I mean no point going to the AMA for that. But Wiki can't be considered a source just based on the way information is exchanged there.

    Yes the show - is the show. But I am so sick of it there and here. My argument goes along the lines of what Joe DiMaggio said about Baseball / To Paraphrase: 'When I go out on the field I have to realize that sitting in the stands may be a kid (or other fan) who is either there for maybe the first or the last time. I owe it to them to do my best.' And that is my position as well. Call me old-fashioned but it is how I was brought up and the way I live. Government will have disagreement, but there doesn't need to be the constant rancor. It is counter-productive and denies The People what they are owed.

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