Another Twist With Koschman Homicide Case Files

Another Twist With Koschman Homicide Case Files

The Chicago Police Department is probably wishing that the Chicago Sun-Times would let go of their dogged determination to get at the truth when it comes to the homicide of David Koschman. However, the Sun-Times has chosen to do their due diligence in what appears to be a massive cover-up, at least to those of us on the outside looking-in. I realize that nothing is ever as it seems, but something just hasn't smelled right about this case from the get go. Revelations of inconsistent statements by Richard "RJ" Vanecko's "loyal circle of politically connected friends" or finding out that "original case files seemingly go missing only to reappear" at Chicago Police Department headquarters is enough to make even the most open-minded person do a double-take.

According to today's Chicago Sun-Times:

"In the latest twist in the high-profile homicide case involving a nephew of former Mayor Richard M. Daley, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned that the Chicago Police Department’s original files from the case were missing for months — possibly years.

It’s the second time that law-enforcement records turned up missing regarding the violent death of 21-year-old David Koschman of Mount Prospect, who succumbed to brain injuries days after getting punched in the face by Daley nephew Richard J. “R.J.” Vanecko during a drunken confrontation in the Rush Street area in April 2004.

As I have previously remarked, anyone who wasn't as politically connected to former Mayor Richard M. Daley would have been arrested and charged. But then again, "RJ' Vanecko is no ordinary relative of any ordinary politician. No sir, this event involved a close connection to the all powerful Daley Clan! And let's not kid ourselves here - former Mayor Richard M. Daley was every bit Da Boss as his daddy was.

And sure as I'm sitting here, any cop investigating this case knew that this case could be a career-buster. Look, it is no secret to those working on the street or a city agency who is connected to who. And if they don't - they will within five minutes of an event. Just as it is if you or I were to work for some family-run business - you immediately know who is related to who. It is just a fact of life that you will know who to mess with and who to keep your hands off of. Especially when it comes to the politically connected in Chicago!

Now, everything I have written thus far regarding the David Koschman homicide is purely my own opinion and no matter what I may personally feel about "RJ" Vanecko or any of the other cast of characters as this case has evolved - there is still a presumption of innocence. And there should be no exception to that premise. However, given everything that has been reported by the media, one would think that this case is a long way from being "closed." In my mind, there are still far too many inconsistencies and too many questions. What is needed is an Independent Investigator who is not associated in any way with Chicago and/or State Government. And believe me, that is not a slap on City of Chicago Inspector General Joseph Ferguson -  whom I believe he is beyond reproach.

There are just too many products of the Chicago Machine scattered about the various agencies to allow for any sort of impartial or unbiased review of the facts. As a result, I do not believe that it is too much of a stretch for the Federal Authorities to get involved in this matter. The Feds should realize by now that there are some unique circumstances involving the personnel, as well as possible conflicts of interest, within the Cook County State's Attorney's office. In addition to that, we must also accept that there is a possibility of official malfeasance on the part of the Chicago Police Department.

I would certainly think must be some legal precedence allowing the Feds to intervene in a matter such as this. After all, if a cover-up reaches the top levels of City Government, then what other way is there? Perhaps the only way to get the ball rolling is for someone on behalf of the Koschman family to file a Federal Suit against the City and State. I am not a legal beagle, but there must be some relief available.

The way I see it, it is kind of like the Wild, Wild West when a town's sheriff would be relieved by a U.S. Marshall under similar circumstances. Then again, maybe that is exactly what the City of Chicago needs since it resembles the lawless  Wild, Wild West anyhow.

Hey I just had a thought - Marshall Dillon - Marshall Dillon!

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    Richard M. (for moron) Daley should be arrested for allowing these missing files to happen. And you know he played a major part in losing these files. And to top it off the sox wanna have a mayor daley day. that is the last day I go to a sox game. go cubs. Where is justice for Koschman. I say we boycott over at daleys house. anyone in. .

  • In reply to chiman3:

    I am with you Chiman. But I wonder too as to why did Jody Weis closed the case the day before he resigned? There were a lot of people involved and I guess that makes it a conspiracy?

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