Paul Ryan: Tea Party Masquerader Distorting Intent With Path To Prosperity

Paul Ryan: Tea Party Masquerader Distorting Intent With Path To Prosperity

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times - will the real Tea Party please stand up and take back what has been stolen from them by the likes of a far right agenda? Thousands of local chapters of the Tea Party sprung up around the nation and was comprised of citizens across all political persuasions who were sick and tired of the status quo. It was time to tell elected officials that they needed to start listening to the populace and clean their collective houses before they came to us looking for more tax revenue. The idea of  being "Taxed Enough Already" wasn't a partisan issue! Democratic leaders discounted the Tea Party and considered them as nothing more than a small group of discontents. Republicans, on the other hand, understood that it wasn't and were smart enough to embrace it. Albeit, they did so under false pretenses. The grass roots movement was quickly swallowed up by Tea Party Masqueraders. Sadly, the true ideals of the Tea Party became a figment of its original intent.

What we have gotten in its place is just more of the same old, same old. Tea Party Candidates, like Paul Ryan and Michele Bachmann, were able to convince voters that they would go to Washington and cut out the government waste that has crippled us all. However, they have quickly shown themselves for what they truly are - frauds.

If original Tea Party members were to accept Paul Ryan's economic proposal, they would only continue giving the rich their massive tax breaks and further reduce their already minimal obligations. Meanwhile the middle class will diminish their own earned benefits and rights even further. That is what I call walking a dangerous path! What would be the point of carrying an even larger burden for your own health care under Medicare, while allowing those same Insurance Special Interests to continue jacking the cost of that care? Under Paul Ryan's Path to Prosperity, the most basic of care becomes a very expensive proposition. That isn't reform, that is Middle Class punishment.

If Paul Ryan is viewed as a supporter of Tea Party values, I do not see it nor do I accept it as such. His plan would punish nine out of every ten Americans under his smoke and mirrors proposal. I particularly do not like the fact that it would force people like me, that are already on Medicare, to actually forgo doctor visits while paying more to boot. Ryan is discriminating against the Middle Class while protecting Big Business that pay little or no taxes. That is nothing short of an extreme right
agenda. This Tea Party is definitely not Populist!

Now, do I believe that there should be a crackdown on the blatant fraud being brought upon Medicare and Medicaid? Hell Yes I Do! But I cannot accept punishing those who have rightfully payed into the system and played by the rules their entire lives! If Paul Ryan gets his way, he would continue to allow those entities sucking the viability out of Social Security and Medicare to continue that practice while further raising health care costs. That is straight up bullshit and people need to speak up against it.

Hey, the US Government has the right to tell its providers of drugs and services that they will not overcharge the taxpayer. Yet, Ryan does not address this disparity. His plan allows the Health Care Interests and Lobbies to control both ends of the process. Well isn't that exactly what has led to the expansion of those costs in the first place? That is the real problem, not the majority of people who must rely on those services or products. Why would the government permit the pharmaceutical industry to price fix the cost of medicine and then charge the program at a premium? This is just one problem that taxpayers saw and wanted its government to act upon.

Instead, all we got is another generation of industry protectionists.

Government must be held accountable on their overspending for everything from pills to missiles. One forgets that government buys in bulk and quantity, and with that should come substantial discounts - not massive markups. Hell, if Wal-Mart can dictate what it is willing to spend, don't you think the US Government can do the same? Well, it hasn't happened that way and it has gone largely unchecked for decades. Meanwhile, Big Businesses Campaign Contributions continue going to all of the willing
co-conspirators on both sides of the aisle. Sadly, these are also the same lawmakers who decry the very system that they have permitted to spiral out of control.

Anyone reading the fine print, and the omissions, of Paul Ryan's Path To Prosperity can see that average citizens will pay far more and get even less back. Ryan has deftly avoided eliminating the root causes to our bloated budget. As I see it, it would have taken some big balls to go to Washington and tell them that business as usual would no longer be tolerated. But that hasn't happened with this Tea Party Caucus. All they want to do is place a greater burden on taxpayers while allowing the status quo to prosper. Well that doesn't take any balls to do! Paul Ryan and his supporters have forgotten that it is the governments house that is broken, not the peoples.

Even if tax increases were held in check under the Ryan proposal, it would not diminish the fact that out of pocket costs will spiral for everyone. Well, except of course, those who will continue to profit from that very arrangement. Besides, Ryan's core principle of offering vouchers and then transferring more of the burden to bankrupt
states is nothing but a fools game plan. It is definitely a losing proposition in the State of Illinois!

Paul Ryan, and his group of populist masqueraders, need to do what the American people have wanted them to do all along, which is to stop the insanity with sensible budget cuts and legislation. Of course that would require some compromise and this phoney Tea Party Caucus does not have that on their agenda. Diplomacy has taken a back seat to score cheap political points while getting cover from Speaker John Boehner. Well, that will backfire on them as Americans begin to sort out the lack of substance coming out of the endless rhetoric.

American Taxpayers are watching its government overpay for everything from nuts and bolts, toilet seats and paper, bullets and missiles, etc., etc., etc.. Plus we are fighting a war on three fronts! I would think that House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan needs to start looking at all those things, while simultaneously ending entitlements to those who do not lawfully qualify for them. No matter how cruel it may sound, illegal immigrants do not have the right to get benefits from a system in which they have not paid a cent into. As I have said a number of times, EVEN YOU CANNOT GO TO MEXICO AND GET ANY BENEFITS whether you are there legally, or illegally. Their constitution is more than clear when it comes to an outsider becoming a burden on their society. Given that, do we owe Mexican Nationals anything more than a similar policy?

Look, things will not get better for taxpayers until lawmakers have the balls to properly legislate restrictions as to who can, or cannot, benefit from our social system.


Where is the Paul Ryan and his masqueraders on those issues? MIA! Why has he not added that into his so-called prosperity plan?

Legal residents and citizens should not be forced to subsidize illegals.

Fair is fair.

As for rewarding our own native born deadbeats living off the system, well, that needs to stop too. How in the hell can we have laws on the books that allow for children to have children, then allows for another family member to step up later and become a foster parent all the while being rewarded with public welfare payments worth
some $1,400 per child / per month? Not only is there something fundamentally wrong with that, that kind of legislation will only make America a welfare society. It is bad enough that much of our society refuses to take responsibility for their actions as it is.

So, as far as Paul Ryan and his economic explorations go, there seems to be a hell of a lot places where he could, and should, be looking into to make cuts before trying to pass an even greater burden to a nearly extinct middle class. When the Original Tea Party grass roots movement began, American citizens wanted their politicians to not only listen to their concerns, but to make the right cuts and pass the right legislation that has choked our budget. Quite frankly, Paul Ryan and the gang has missed the boat on that one. Then again, Ryan and his phoney Tea Party Caucus just don't have the balls to make the right choices.

What we need is another grass roots movement -

but this time how about if we keep the frauds out?


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  • F. Scott Fitzgerald said that the rich make the rules. He was an expert on the subject, having spent a (short) lifetime hating the rich but wishing he could be like them. In his novels and short stories, he left probably the best commentary on "richness" ever written in this country.

    The rich can make the rules in the public arena because they have willing enablers in government. Current targets are Medicare (turn it over to the insurance industry) and Social Security (send all that money to Wall Street in "privatization". And, of course, strip all regulation from industry and Wall Street.

    Paul Ryan surely is a would-be enabler. Maybe he is earnest--not just a love bug for lobbyists. There were also some earnest enablers who worked for the tobacco industry, apparently truly buying the argument that efforts to reduce smoking were attacks on personl freedom.

    Scott Fitzgerald said that the rich make the rules and the rest of us just have to live with them because the rest of us don't have a say.

  • In reply to jimbreeling:

    As much as I loved reading Fitzgerald, I must part company on who has a say or not. While his observation may have been true for its time, I don't think that is the case any longer. Ryan may be earnest and a legend in his own mind, but I am not buying it after reading his manifesto. There are too many obvious things missing so I have to conclude that his opinion is closer to Fitzgerald than I would like him to be. Surely the rich and powerful want to rule the world, and have, but when they are trying to wipe out the middle class then a line must be drawn.

  • I basically commented on the Medicare proposal in Byrne's blog, and probably don't have to repeat it, as your point essentially seems in agreement.

    The real problem seems to be that on both the state and federal level, the current path is not sustainable. However, the difference is that the feds can print money, and I am not convinced that the federal deficit is a problem so long as interest rates are zero.

    As far as Breeling's point, I would start by cutting the stimulus to the asphalt industry. Someone commenting on the Tollway story today was apparently teed off about the reference that asphalt lasts maybe two years. Must have been a member of that industry.

    As far as my children and grandchildren supposedly being stuck with the federal debt that doesn't become a problem until inflation returns, and, besides, I don't have any. I don't have any problem with some private investment of SS funds, and did convert my 401K into a SEP IRA, but I expect the next generation to support me on Social Security, just as I supported the prior one.

  • In reply to jack:

    The path is unsustainable without a doubt. Inflation will soon be upon us too because zero interest rates can't last for any economic recovery to take hold. Cuts need to be made, of course as I also pointed out - there are many places to begin that would make an impact that are far removed from Ryan's ideas. And I certainly cannot accept his core value of transferring vouchers to states for health care - that as we know is a no go given the economy's of state.

    Man I love Breelings comments, sometimes he is as subtle as a hand grenade as he weaves his opinion. It is good stuff. That asphalt industry commenter must have been a William Cellini booster. I don't know why we continue paying him over and over again for inferior asphalt except that is the way it is in the Illinois Combine. But given the way it is - do we really want Ryan's idea of vouchers to states to take hold? Health care will resemble the asphalt here.

  • In reply to jack:

    Ryan's Roadmap cannot lead to true healthcare reform because he caters to the health insurance industry, which will maintain its primary position in directing American health care. In effect, this "socializes" the American healthcare system.
    R. Garth Kirkwood, MD

  • In reply to GarthKirkwood:

    I would not disagree with you Doctor Kirkwood.; an $11,000 voucher does not mean that "competition or market forces" will stabilize healthcare costs. Big Business, a.k.a. Insurance Industry will dictate the costs (and the level of care) much as they do today. As such, I tend to agree with the experts who call Ryan's Path to Prosperity - "Ryan's Hope"

    Ryan also ignores the greatest drain on our economy; i.e. the Military Complex and its $1 Trillion plus annually.

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