Careening Gordon Through Illinois State Government

Careening Gordon Through Illinois State Government

After being appointed to the Illinois Prisoner Review Board, Former State Representative Careen Gordon ran into a tough Senate Confirmation vote, because of allegations of a quid pro quo, and decided that that job wasn't worth the $86,000 per year hassle and resigned. Yet,  according to the Chicago Tribune we still have Gordon careening into another state job.

Thanks to a "very grateful governor," Careen Gordon has been hired as Associate General Counsel for the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation at $84,000 Illinois Tax Dollars Per Year plus benefits!

Careen Gordon, as you might recall, was a lame duck legislator when she voted to support Governor Quinn's 13th Hour Tax Increase even though she publicly opposed it while campaigning for re-election. Gordon and Quinn have both denied that there was any quid pro quo involved, but considering that the Huckster needed every single vote to ram that tax increase up the anuses of Illinois residents, I ain't buying that denial. Then or now. It has always been my personal belief that many of those who voted in favor of the largest tax increase in state history simply prostituted themselves for personal gain.

When it comes to Political Paybacks, Illinois Governor Pat "Huckster" Quinn has absolutely no shame. Matter of a fact, Quinn has shown a propensity for rewarding and protecting cronies ever since the tax increase passed. This, in spite of perpetrating a shameful sham on Illinoisans that an Income Tax Hike was absolutely crucial to pay our bills and that he would make the necessary cuts to stop the bleeding in state government. Well, that increase has done nothing to date to alleviate the fiscal mess, nor has the governor made the necessary cuts when it comes to patronage and obscure shadow government boards.

What that huge tax increase did do though, was spur our Democratic controlled legislature, with the approval of our ever scheming governor, to deny vital services and funding for the most vulnerable as well as deny education new funding (or even pay the backlog in bills to school districts). Yet, these same snake oil salesmen continue to hire cronies to not only high-paying positions, but ones that will continue to add to the pension obligations.

The thought of re-hiring defeated politicians should infuriate the people of this state. Then again, I guess the governor just does not understand that politicians who are defeated are done so for a good reason. Careen Gordon could be a poster child for what is wrong with Illinois politics and its cronyism.

Sadly, this is the way our Democratic Machine and Illinois Combine operates. I have said it over and over again that political ideology means absolutely nothing in Illinois Politics. Illinois Democrats, as well as the Combine Republicans, will claim to be on the side of the people yet wreak havoc on the very people they claim to be protecting.

And it has been particularly bad under the dictatorship of Michael Madigan and his in-the-pocket governor. Sure, they will pass the occasional conciliatory legislation when they have to (or is that forced to?), but even then it is often watered-down and amounts to nothing substantial. In the meantime, they continue to pad their pockets as well as those who play their game.

Ask yourselves, how many reconstituted politicians have been re-hired lately? Careen Gordon may be the latest, but she surely won't be the last!

Still, people continue to vote - for the keepers of this House of Ill Repute.


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  • My comment yesterday about Claypool just gets reinforced. Apparently nobody is qualified for any government job in Illinois unless he or she is a crony. The Sun-Times says that goes for Preckwinkle's hires, too.

    Then the Tribune Editorial Board gets all exorcised that Cullerton, after promising workers' compensation reform, himself and his caucus all voted present, but thinks they will get around to voting on a good bill. Is the board that deluded? That IS how things get done in this state--i.e., they don't get done, except for the connected. Byrne isn't much different, and you can see my comment there.

    But the voters get what they deserve. I saw that FoxChicago had a "tweet Larry Yellen" about the start of the Blago trial, and most of the tweets were the party line of "this is a waste of money." If that is representative of what Illinois citizens really believe, Lord help us all.

    Maybe if I kissed some politician's behind for 30 years, I could run the Chicago Fire Dept.

  • In reply to jack:

    Absolutely right Jack, but I am awful glad you didn't resort to kissing some dirty ass politician.

  • In reply to jack:

    Dude, I'd hire her. She's hot!

  • In reply to drewkent23:

    Can't disagree about her being hot. Then again, so is hell.

  • In reply to drewkent23:

    Maybe she can then get a job in the private sector, like on Mannheim Road in Melrose Park, then.

    One type of ho or another.

  • In reply to jack:

    Ouch! But I did used to see them plying their trade when I worked in Franklin Park. Supposedly, they have put a great effort into cleaning the area up. Hopefully that is true. As much as I dislike Careen Gordon, though, even I wouldn't wish that on her, or anyone else for that matter. However, it is unfortunate that politics resembles prostitution in the first place.

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