America The Ugly

America The Ugly

American ideals have long been cherished by people around the world, yet surprisingly they are not held in the same high esteem by Americans themselves. Another Election Day is in the books and nearly three-fourths of the registered voters declined to exercise their rights, or do their civic duty. The political pundits employed by the media will often use the term apathy to describe woeful turnouts, but, I cannot accept that as the truth any longer. Clearly, Americans have rejected their obligations in favor of the same self indulgences that have doomed many of the earlier great civilizations. And, for the lack of a better description, we have now become America the ugly.

Leaders will extol the virtues of our Democratic virtues while sending our young sons and daughters to far-off places around the globe. This, in some effort to show the world how much better off it can be by simply employing our values. But, is it really worth the bother when our own people do not even believe in those very same freedoms? It seems to me that this lack of participation is an open invitation for our own politicians to impose their will upon us, and in many ways they already have. After all, when three-fourths of the population cannot find the time to darken-in a handful of ovals, they obviously wouldn't mind living in some form of dictatorship.

Sound far-fetched? Well, not really. Isn't that what we already have right here in Illinois these days? Illinois hasn't had much of a two-party political system for quite some time.One party has been in control for the better part of three decades and legislation designed to protect the people have been far and in-between. Yet the people are left subsidizing their corruption with nary a whimper.

Why would the politicians of Illinois take their constituency seriously, when they know that all they have to do is bring out their controlled vote to insure another term? It is a no-brainer folks. They do not have to offer change because people refuse to challenge them. Now, if that doesn't resemble some sort of single-party dictatorship, then I don't know what does. Our voices certainly aren't being heard, but again, why should they be heard?

You know, in many ways, Illinois is not much different than the nation of Syria. Assad, much like our own elected leaders, has promised change, yet, somehow thirty years go by and the people still have no appreciable change to feel good about. They just don't have to bring about change when people refuse to bother showing up. States, other than Illinois, have just as dismal of a record when it comes to staying home on Election Day. I have always wondered how people could legitimately
argue that their government has failed them, when in reality it has been
the people who have failed their government.

To think that there are graves of brave Americans who fell defending our way of life and governance scattered all over this globe, while the laziness of a modern society has become callous enough to want to throw it all away. To say that America has become the poorest example of a free democracy would be an understatement.

Then again, the people have no one to blame why America became ugly.

Except for themselves!


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  • As far as yesterday's election,I wonder if the voter turnout numbers mean anything, given that (a) only 14 of 50 wards in Chicago had a runoff, and it wasn't clear that the registration totals were only for those wards, and (b) many of the suburban elections were not contested. Obviously, the situation was different in Joliet. In that case, with 9 candidates for Mayor, did they all run on different slates?

    As far as people not giving a care, that does seem to be the case, but one has to figure that Madigan and Cullerton are our Assads (wait for the remaps), and, if Internet comment boards are any indication, many of the people are deluded. Heck, even Stroger got 13% support, and you have to be that bad for an incumbent to lose.

    The only thing that surprised me was that in the 50th, there was a runoff, and apparently all the "anybody but Stone" voters in the first round coalesced around Silverstein. However, as I mentioned earlier, that was the senile machine against the new machine, but machine nonetheless. Also, it appeared that most of the bond issues were voted down.

  • In reply to jack:

    Joliet was non-partisan. All nine candidates had different ideas as to how the city was to be run; plus we had all but the at-large council seats in play. Add to that we had a full compliment of candidates running for our school board. No excuse here given the issues we have had.

    Absolutely disgusting.

  • In reply to maciric:

    The reason I asked is that in the Chicago nonpartisan election, if a candidate didn't get a majority, there was a runoff. As indicated on Chicago Tonight, not just Silverstein, but several other challengers won by getting the "anyone but the other candidate" vote, in the sense that the leading, but not majority candidate got the same less than 50% vote the second time around.

    However, in the Joliet field, it appeared that someone won it with about 26% of the vote, according to the Will County Clerk's site.

    I guess it being "nonpartisan" is indicated by that the Clerk's results for other municipalities have indicators like (Ind) or (FPB) or (FVO) [apparently ad hoc municipal political parties, once mentioned by the Tribune in a generic sense]. But I guess no one runs as a D or R in municipal elections, at least not in Will County (and probably in but a few places in Cook).

  • In reply to jack:

    Generally most elections are declared, except with as you noted the municipal (ad hoc). It is absolutely horseshit that anyone can win an election with less than a clear majority. Then again, I am unsure why we even have a mayor in Joliet since we have a Village President government. Never-the-less, elections out here are anemic at best.

    The dumb-asses still haven't figured out that the local elections are the ones that impact them the most. All elections are local are especially true in municipalities like Joliet.

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