Diane Sawyer "Exclusive" Hillary Clinton Interview Offers Zero

Diane Sawyer "Exclusive" Hillary Clinton Interview Offers Zero

The exclusive interview between Diane Sawyer and Hillary Clinton offered the viewers zero except show us network news continues its love fest with the administration and that the anchor smiles a lot. At least the interview continued to show Americans exactly how dysfunctional and inexperienced this administration is. One question that should have been pursued was why President Obama ducked-out to Latin America while putting America to war on a third front. That trip was more than a little curious given the fact that no contingency plans on the "matter of days mission hand-off" and the absence of a definitive endgame in this conflict have been offered to American Taxpayers.

From the onset, the coalition mission objective has been something of a head-scratcher for the invaders. Was the attack on a sovereign nation humanitarian in nature or a sanctioned assassination attempt? If the intent was to establish a no-fly zone, then the mission objective has been accomplished. Moammar Gadhafi has nothing left in terms of air striking or heavy artillery ability against the insurgents, does he?

Before the bombardment began, the coalition knew the insurgents had no coordinated military plan nor the expertise. The reality is that without a "boots on the ground" presence to assist the rebels, there is not much chance that a coup d'├ętat is imminent. The question, then, who will supply the boots? Is there any truth to the rumor that al-Qaeda has deployed Islamic fighters to Libya or could it be that there is already a covert effort by the coalition forces underway? Do we have advisers on the ground coordinating any efforts?

Then again, maybe the coalition figures that bombing the hell out of Libya and destroying its infrastructure will do the trick? Is that the endgame? Total destruction and then offer foreign aid to rebuild or do they simply walk away ? Whatever the rationale, it will take billions to restore Libya and who will pay for that? And who will assist any provisional government to prevent extremist elements from gaining a foothold there?

Questions, questions, questions - yet no answers.

But we do get Diane Sawyer smiling at an evasive Hillary Clinton.

Hmm - Some exclusive!


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  • The only exclusives on ABC about Hillary Clinton are on 190 North, that Hillary apparently ate near, but not in Park Ridge, including at Booby's in Niles and Capannari Ice Cream in Mount Prospect, within the past 15 years.

    On the merits, it appears that the administration figured that this would turn out like Egypt, but you noted what was distinguishable there.

    Also, I wonder how "exclusive" an interview is, if the subject gives one to each media outlet (as Calabrese Jr. did).

  • In reply to jack:

    Good point I wonder myself. I like the Booby's thing though I go there all the time when I am in the area. I see why Hillary remembers it from childhood. That steak sandwich is awesome. Now that's exclusive.

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