Is Madigan Fu$king Taxpayers Again? Son-In-Law Matyas Named RTA Top Lobbyist

Is Madigan Fu$king Taxpayers Again? Son-In-Law Matyas Named RTA Top Lobbyist

Yes, you saw that profanity altered with a $ sign. What other character would you use when it involves Tax Payer Money being paid to Michael Madigan's son-in-law yet again? While others have tagged Michael Madigan with cute nicknames, I choose to call an ace an ace, he is a slimy slippery politician that manipulates the system for his personal, and our family gain. There are many appropriate profanities that can be used to describe him, but I think he already knows what he is and laughs all the way to the bank impervious to popular opinion. Michael Madigan has wreaked havoc on the State of Illinois for 26 years as Speaker of the House. In all, he has been a thorn in the side of Illinois Tax payers since 1971, and if there were ever a poster child for term limits, this sucker would be it. Still And I have to ask  Is Madigan Fu$king Taxpayers Again?

People have called Michael Madigan the il Capo di Tutti Capi of Illinois Politics. Most everyone is aware that not a single piece of  legislation goes anywhere without the express consent of Madigan and his Gang of Legislative Minions. Speaking of which, Jordan Matyas, Madigan's son-in-law, has often been described a prime Maddie Minion. Matyas has profited nicely as a lobbyist in Illinois and one of his better known works of art was when he was hired by Veritac Solutions to exploit a loophole in the state's Payday Lenders Law. Of course it couldn't have gone to a better guy since he helped draft the original payday-loan-tracking legislation while employed by Michael Madigan. To read more about this click here.

As I see it, Michael Madigan has tried to insure that his son-in-law Jordan Matyas sufficiently provides for his daughter Tiffany and as a result, has compelled him to assist in his career. The Chicago Sun-Times has reported that Jordan Matyas has now been hired by the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) as their top lobbyist. So effective March 1st, Matyas will oversee the agency's government affairs section at a comfortable $130,000 per year. I am reasonably sure that position will include the customary contributions to his government pension(s) and other perks that the taxpayers, are in effect, paying.

Of course the RTA and Madigan spokesman Steve Brown defended the hiring and said he went through the normal hiring process. Hmm, well I really doubt that line of bullshit. First of all, nothing that Madigan has done for Matyas, at least in my opinion, has come on the pure up and up. The fact that Madigan's step daughter, and Matyas' sister-in-law, is Lisa Madigan the State's Attorney General it would be safe to say that any calls for an investigation would be ignored. Just as was done in the Veritac Solutions / Payday Loan conflict of interest deal.

Steve Brown also chalked up any cries of impropriety as: "Ramey's insults are typical of the Republicans. Just like the insults from billboards and other things, typical Republicans. It's why they're the minority party more than anything else."

What an arrogant shit don't you think? But then again, who butters this numb-nuts bread anyhow. Typical Maddy mouthpiece.

The RTA is one of the most fu$ked-up agency's in the state. A patronage repository generally asleep at the wheel until thieves like Philip Pagano step out in front of one of their own Metra Trains after the shit hits the fan. I suppose we should be happy that Pagano carried Metra's policy handbook on him on how to handle suicides by train.

I don't know about you, but I sure am tired of Michael Madigan and all his Minions.

Too bad we also have Lisa "Do Nuthin' To My Papa" Madigan protecting the enterprise.

Then again, that is just my opinion. What's Yours?


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  • Nice picture of the Green Line, circa 2009.

    In that Illinois continues to be a friends and family plan goes without saying.

    I've noted many times on the CTA Tattler that the RTA system itself is 4 f-ed up patronage ridden agencies, not one (you conflate RTA and Metra), and for that reason will never be reformed by the legislature, as it was set up to protect too many vested interests. It is much easier to have 47 patronage appointments for directors, than say, 17 for the NY MTA. Also, I don't see why the four need legislative lobbyists in Springfield, given that they supposedly already have Madigan's ear, and used such b.s. as "Moving Beyond Congestion" to try to sway riders into petitioning for a tax increase. Maybe to Congress to try to get a transportation bill through, but it seems like this area (especially since we have a President and Sec. of Transp. from Illinois) is spectacularly unsuccessful at that, too. What did Kruesi ever bring as Daley's lobbyist after Madigan reportedly told Daley to dump him from CTA?

    This doesn't hit me as much different as when Peoples Gas (I thought that was flatulence) hired the wife of the chairman of the ICC, about 35 years way back, for the legal department, but I recently saw an obit for him, and her name wasn't listed, so that episode is over.

    You still think laying* in the streets is going to have any effect on Madigan?

    *Not sure of the grammar on that one.

  • In reply to jack:

    Eloquently said. No I don't suspect laying down in the streets would do much. Personally, I read somewhere he used to box as a kid in CYO - I'd rather as a half-cripple go toe to toe with him in the ring and show him that a North side Kid could punk him. Then again, he would be too chicken for fear he would get his ass kicked.

  • You also didn't mention the point made in the S-T article that this was apparently buying protection, given a bill to dump the RTA chairman who was an unknown after God Reilly left until now.

  • In reply to jack:

    How silly I thought that would be assumed.

  • In reply to maciric:

    Not necessarily. The politician getting all his relatives jobs isn't news. Combining that with a protection racket is.

  • In reply to jack:

    The Madigan Built-In Protection Racket has always been a source of contention, and irritation with me. All politicians do the job thing - it is as I alluded to with Lisa Madigan being his built-in protection - you will never see an investigation from her against the father or his cronies. She literally protects the enterprise. Madigan's Minions also pass legislation to shield their unethical conflicts. That has been a recurring theme of mine.

    I'd still like to square off in a ring with the leprechaun and show him what Uncle Sam taught me.

  • In reply to jack:

    This fu#king rat has had his way for almost 30 years and the fact that neither paper or media outlet has jumped on his ass is astounding. This mf is just shit plain and simple. Plus him standing now and complaining about quinns budget?? Another place is the water rec dept. for a political dumping ground for double dippers.Pension problems??? Gee, where did that start out.

  • In reply to waterbill:

    Absolutely right - the patronage repositories are many. In addition to the water department you have the highway department. Matter of fact, Cook County Government as a whole is patronage laden.

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