Raising the Spirits of loved ones on live podcast

Raising the Spirits of loved ones on live podcast

by Edward Shanahan.

Raising the Spirits of loved ones on live podcast with Annette and Edward Shanahan a Chicago Psychic Medium.

Sunday, August 11th at 8 pm central time we will again attempt it on The Unexplained World podcast with callers. Nine years ago, I had succeeded in doing a version of my Circle of Energy Seance on the podcast. Listen to the podcast at the end of the article.

For some, it can be considered Spiritual and for others Paranormal. I believe both are the same.

We did receive responses from people who had experienced the supernatural during the podcast. I received an internal message to do it again and this time raise the bar.

The way it will be done now and in the future. I will allow two different individuals per show that we attempt to raise the spirits, to call in and participate as I strive to provide them an experience with a loved one who passed away.

You can have as many as you would like to be with you during this. I would need you to be able to communicate on your phone during this - either with speakerphone, blue tooth or anyway it will work for you.

If you have others with you during this, they can listen in on the website or by way of your speakerphone as the show does have a delay.

Also, I suggest some way for you to record or better yet, record to catch possible EVP's on your end. You can listen to the show at any time after the podcast.

I would want your room to be dark and just a candle burning, and if you have paranormal equipment, you can use it.

If you are interested in participating in this on a Sunday evening in the future, then 'message me from my website at Edward Shanahan.com' and let me know that there is an interest on your part. 

We already have two individuals participating this Sunday Night August 11th.

Listen to the podcast, enjoy it and maybe even experience it.

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