Grandma speaks to Animal Spirits - a short story.

by Edward Shanahan

The old woman enjoying the moonless night sitting in her rocker on the porch of her daughter's house paused in her thoughts due to the question her granddaughter just asked: "Grandma how did you learn to communicate with Animal Spirits?"

The old woman knew this was going to come up again, as the young child asked before when she seen so many people come to the house to speak with her grandmother about their dead pets.

The old woman pulled her young granddaughter to her and onto her lap and softly said, "When I was your young age, I lived in an area that there were not many people. So what I would do is walk in the woods and collect the dead animals I would find and bring them back home and hide them in the barn. When I was supposed to be cleaning after our animals in the barn, I would pull out my collection of dead animals and speak to them."

"Did they speak back to you grandma?"

"Oh, sweetheart after a while I would hear them in my mind talking back. They became my friends as I did not have any in the area."

"Was grandpa able to speak to dead animals also?" the young granddaughter asked with a look of wonder on her face.

"Your grandpa was a taxidermist, and that is a person that stuffs pets for their owners."

"Why did he do that grandma?"

"Well, it was his way of making them in one way live forever for those who loved their pets. And I would invite the owners to bring their stuffed pets back to our house, and I would communicate with the spirit of the pet."

"Can I do that grandma?"

"Nah, I think you do better speaking to dead people, and you can start with me when I leave you when I die. See we don't stuff dead people like we do pets. We can burn people until they become ashes, and I asked your mom to keep me in the living room. So this will allow you to practice talking to the dead and who knows, I may visit you also so you can see me in your dreams."

"With that, time for you to go to bed and try to sleep...... Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha" as then the grandmother pushed the young child off of her, and she hit the floor of the porch.

Good Night All, and may you dream well.

Edward Shanahan

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(c)2019 Edward Shanahan

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