Haunted Archer Avenue video tour here and free tour App

Haunted Archer Avenue video tour here and free tour App
Rare photo White Mausoleum.

Willowbrook Ballroom

Willowbrook Ballroom

by Edward Shanahan.

It is nearly that time of year again, to experience and explore the Chicago land areas most haunted area, Haunted Archer Avenue. The video starts at the grave site of the sisters of the saddest haunting site of the Haunted Archer Avenue tour.

At the end of the article, you will be able to watch the video, and I have provided a link to the Free Archer Avenue Tour App. The App will give you 16 locations to explore at your pace, along with audio for each stop, GPS  to take you from one stop to another and photos. The free App is like a photo-audio book of haunted Archer Avenue.

The Haunted Archer Avenue video tour, filmed in 2007, was done one morning as I decided to let people see the locations of Haunted Archer Avenue, as the places are free to explore and not everyone can pay for a bus ghost tour or will never be in the Chicago land area.

I have lived all my 59 years in what I call the Chicago Paranormal Triangle. This Chicago Paranormal Triangle runs from beyond Bachelor's Grove Cemetery to Lemont and an area of Haunted Archer Avenue that I call the Stretch of Death. The Stretch of Death has seen many die on this stretch of the road; even a ghost tour bus burned to the ground after the people had been escorted off of the bus.

The Willowbrook Ballroom burned down in October of 2016 on October 28th. A couple of weeks after a paranormal conference was held there and right before Halloween.

Exploring the haunted locations in this video is something that I have been doing for years, actually since 1974. My research is by way of experiencing the sites and discovering others, not researching the stories by others and presenting them as mine. That has happened with the Senator John Humphrey House.

Remember to use common sense, do not trespass at any of the places seen on the tour video or the free tour app. Also, respect the cemeteries that are showcased on the App.

Enjoy your adventure and do not allow anyone to say you are not doing it right!

Edward Shanahan

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Free Haunted Archer Avenue Tour App can be yours at: Free Haunted Archer Avenue Tour App.


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