Chicago Ghost Tours free App Archer Ave

Chicago Ghost Tours free App Archer Ave
Willowbrook Ballroom

You walk on the outdoor asphalt path and you notice the Stations of The Cross are on both sides of the path. This is your entryway to the cemetery area known also as Monk's Castle. The Cemetery is located on the edge of the road that I have named - The Stretch of Death.

Known as Monk's Castle
by Edward Shanahan.

Chicago Ghost Tours free App of haunted Archer Avenue. This Free Chicago Ghost Tour App allows you to explore and experience the locations of Haunted Archer Avenue. The last remaining group of locations in the Chicago land area that area still standing and safe to visit.

The free App, provides you with a GPS to take you from your starting location to the first stop and each stop afterwards and includes photos. Each location has audio that explains what is going on with the location and why it is included on the tour.  This is like having your own free audio photo book of Haunted Archer Avenue.

This allows you, friends and family to explore the locations at your own pace. Go about exploring a location as you would like to explore it and not be set to a time frame that is determined by others. Do not forget to bring your cameras and turn on your phone recorder to do some EVPs.

The free Archer Avenue Ghost Tour App, is a family safe way of doing it. It is also 'free', this alone saves you money and allows you to decide if you want to stop to eat at a location on the tour. You also decide how long and if you even want to, spend time and money sitting at a location(s) for drinks.

The tour includes six cemeteries that you can explore and experience at your own pace.

This Chicago Ghost Tours free App of haunted Archer Avenue can be downloaded for free. It is like having a photo audio book of haunted Archer Avenue.
You can download it at: Free haunted Archer Avenue Tour App.

Also you can find a Pinterest Page dedicated to Haunted Archer Avenue Tour and includes videos of the location. It is located at: Haunted Archer Avenue on Pinterest.

Old Willow Complex

List of the Haunted Archer Avenue tour stops: Resurrection Cemetery - Haunted Mausoleum at Resurrection Cemetery - Haunted Chet's Melody Lounge - Bethania Cemetery - Archer Woods Cemetery Haunted Location - Lithuanian National Cemetery - Native American Healing Waters - Grimes Sisters haunted location - Saint James Cemetery aka: Monks Castle Willow Springs - Fairmont Hills Cemetery - Clock Tower in Fairmont Hills - The Irish Legend haunted - Haunted Willowbrook Ballroom - I & M Canal autos and bodies found - Old Willow Shopping Center - Haunted Ashbary Coffee House.

There are one or two other locations included that are not mentioned above.

All my 58 plus years I have lived in this haunted  area that is a portion of what I have called Chicago Paranormal Triangle. 10 minutes from Willow Springs and that was the city at the age of 16, that I received my first driving ticket in.

I personally know the locations on the Chicago Ghost Tours free App as I have explored and experienced them often during the past 42 years that I have been driving.

I only have to travel five minutes and I am in Resurrection Cemetery. A few of the locations I have often held my Paranormal Nights events at. The locations on the tour are basically in my backyard.

The Haunted Willowbrook Ballroom has burned down, the brick walls are still standing at the time this is being written. The thing about it is, it burned down on October 28th, 2016. This being two days before October 31st and less than three weeks after a paranormal gathering was held there also in October.

Details of the Willowbrook Ballroom fire and information about Resurrection Mary can be found on the Chicago Tribune Site here.

I created the name 'The Stretch of Death' for the portion of Archer Avenue that runs from Fairmont Hills Cemetery to Saint James Cemetery. Sadly even last year, the name I have given it, has lived up to that name. There have been those who have died this year driving on it. You will see the Road Side Memorials on the north side of the road and they are adding up.

It is an area that even a Chicago ghost tour bus went up in flames and burned to the ground. If the fire would of happened five minutes earlier it would of captured all that were in that tour bus. I personally know that this is true and happened.

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  • Me and few of my friends had visited this place some time ago. Because we didn't got any personal guide with us we used the Ghost Tour app recommended by you but after we made it till Chet's Melody Lounge the app suddenly stopped working (it freezed then comes white screen and automatically closes itself) luckily we made it out are now are all safe.

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