Free Chicago Ghost Tour and more to do

Free Chicago Ghost Tour and more to do
Seance at The Irish Legend with Edward Shanahan

by Edward Shanahan.

It is that time of year again to get out and explore plus have fun at haunted Chicago locations that are in the S.W. Suburbs. Also including other things to do with one being a new idea. Besides being already booked with doing Psychic House Parties and Private Readings up until August, it is always a pleasure to provide information for free paranormal locations to visit, as they are all free to visit on your own.

Headstones at Saint James Cemetery

Headstones at Saint James

The Free Chicago Ghost Tour is provided by way of a free App. The Free Chicago Ghost Tour allows you to explore and experience the locations of Haunted Archer Avenue. The free App, provides you with a GPS, audio of each location and photos. This allows you, friends and family to explore the locations at your own pace and not just a drive by type of window shopping experience. It is also a family friendly way of doing it

This can be downloaded for free and is like having a photo audio book of haunted Archer Avenue.
You can download it at: Free haunted Archer Avenue Tour.

Also you can find a Pinterest Page dedicated to Haunted Archer Avenue Tour and includes videos of the location. It is located at: Haunted Archer Avenue on Pinterest.

List of the Haunted Archer Avenue tour stops: Resurrection Cemetery - Haunted Mausoleum at Resurrection Cemetery - Haunted Chet's Melody Lounge - Bethania Cemetery - Archer Woods Cemetery Haunted Location - Lithuanian National Cemetery - Native American Healing Waters - Grimes Sisters haunted location - Saint James Cemetery aka: Monks Castle Willow Springs - Fairmont Hills Cemetery - Clock Tower in Fairmont Hills - The Irish Legend haunted - Haunted Willowbrook Ballroom - I & M Canal autos and bodies found - Old Willow Shopping Center - Haunted Ashbary Coffee House.

There are one or two other locations not mentioned above. The tour includes six cemeteries that you can explore and experience at your own pace.

All my 50 plus years I have lived in this haunted Chicago land area and was experiencing Bachelor's Grove Cemetery 42 years ago when I was able to drive back there at the age of 16. Every location on the tour I have explored and many I have had experiences at, not just a tour guide telling the stories of others or just folk lore.

I created the name 'The Stretch of Death' for the portion of Archer Avenue that runs from Fairmont Hills Cemetery to Saint James Cemetery. Sadly even this year, the name I have given it, has lived up to the name as there have been those who have died this year driving on it. You will see the Road Side Memorials on the north side of the road and they are adding up.

It is an area that even a Chicago ghost tour run by a paranormal author seen the rented bus go up in flames and burned to the ground. If it happened five minutes earlier it would of captured all that were in that tour bus. I know as I was the one that suggested to get the people off due to what I was feeling was going to happen. As soon as we were all off, the bus went up in flames as it was rammed in to by a car.

The Irish Legend in Willow Springs:

You may not find this anywhere else in the writings about the Chicago Paranormal locations. As this was my research done about the location I have experienced and assisted others in experiencing. If you should stop in there, let them know that I mentioned the location.Haunted Irish Legend

This was one of the place on Archer Avenue that I would hold paranormal nights on almost a weekly basis and once in awhile I would get paranormal authors booked at the location to talk and sell their books.

The Irish Legend sits on land that those like me who are Spiritualists or have the ability to tap into the Spiritual side would call the land sacred or Spiritual land, do to the fact this land and much of Willow Springs, IL was populated by Native American Indians and known as Indian Village 23 – Willow Springs.

Archer Avenue is the road in front of the building and was an Indian trail. A map that was painted on deerskin showing the Des Plaines River area during the Potawatomi occupancy outlines the woods behind this building as Chief Cagmega’s Ridge / Potawatomi Ridge Trail.

Directly North of this building is the Des Plaines River and shown on the deer skin map as Spring Lake where the fur trading would go on between the Native Americans and the French traders who traveled the Des Plaines River, and less then a mile north east of that, you will find the Native American Healing Waters. It has been felt by those of Native American Heritage, that there is an Indian Burial Ground that one passes by when taking one of the trails that are in the woods behind this building.

That is just a brief idea of the information provided and locations with the Free Chicago Ghost Tour App. It can also be used as just a photo audio tour book, with no need to get in your car and travel to the locations.

For those who would like to do some reading about the Spiritual and Paranormal, there are two books that can be downloaded directly to your Kindle. One is called: My Letter to God and the other book is: Taking the Paranormal and Spiritual World Seriously -  Theories - Thoughts - Experiences.

The My Letter to God book is free for those who subscribe to Kindleunlimited. Both books can be found on Amazon at: Author Edward Shanahan.

A huge Free Paranormal, Spiritual and UFO online Magazine can be found at: Paranormal & Spiritual World News.

An idea I have heard mentioned at a Psychic House Party, as the general public as a whole know there are spirits and no need for proof is really needed anymore as it was in the past. The reading about paranormal investigations, meeting paranormal celebs has become a kind of a dead issue with the general public.

But leave it up to the public to add something interesting and possibly fun. There were some individuals who thought it would be fun to dress up as Zombies on the weekends and roam around the path leading to Bachelor's Grove Cemetery. They said it would be no more bizarre than the recent stories being told about Bachelor's Grove Cemetery. Maybe something for the teenagers to have fun with in the summer.


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