Psychic Readings and Spirit Communication Night in Hickory Hills, IL 3/24/16

Psychic Readings and Spirit Communication Night in Hickory Hills, IL 3/24/16
Psychic Readings 3/24/16

by Edward Shanahan.

Aunt D’s in Hickory Hills is hosting an entertaining night of public Psychic Readings and Spirit Communication in Hickory Hills on Thursday March 24th from 6 pm until at least 11pm.

This will be one of my rare Public Psychic Readings along with a Spirit Communication demonstration for those attending on this night and provides something special for those who reserve to have a reading.

First, I would suggest reserving for a psychic reading in advance by calling Aunt D’s at: 708 – 529 – 3014.

It is first come, first served. Those that do not reserve, will be read if time allows, after those who did reserve a spot in advance.

The readings will be the individual’s choice of either 15 or 30 minutes. The 15 minute reading will be a shorter version of the 30 minute one. The 30 minute will also include a little Tarot and Angel Cards selection.

Both the 15 and 30 minute readings will include my palm reading and my one on one psychometry reading. The psychometry reading is the best for questions as I am doing a reading with your energy. Couples or friends can participate together in the 30 minute reading session. Plus do not forget to have questions.

The Spirit Communication Session will be for all to hear, but those individuals that have reserved a reading for anytime during the night, will be the ones who will have an opportunity to attempt to communicate with a love one.

Also if an individual who is having a reading, also has a family member come with them on the 24th, the family member can also sit in with the attempted spirit communication.

Aunt D’s is a very nice ‘Wine Bar’ that you can buy and enjoy from their selection of wine or have a martini while you wait for your reading. You can even spend some time in their private game room of Slot and Poker machines.

They also provide you with the option of enjoying their 'Food Special' for the night: Pompei Pizza Square – Tossed Salad – Brownie Bite – Soft Drink - $9.00

The costs for a reading are: 15 minutes is $20 and 30 minutes is $40. At these discounted prices (compared to my private readings and psychic house parties), it will be cash only. You can reserve by calling Aunt D’s at: 708-529-3014.

If you are wondering who I am psychic wise (Edward Shanahan), other then just the writer of these articles on Chicago Now.

I have been awarded the Best Psychic in Chicago. A Paranormal Host that has lived all my life within five minutes of the S.W. Suburbs most haunted locations.

I have authored two non-fiction books about the paranormal and the spiritual. Also have been written about in four paranormal author’s books because of my experiences.

I have discovered unknown haunted locations in the Chicago land area and made them known to the general public and paranormal field. I have done what I do with readings and as a paranormal host in Las Vegas and also for a group of individuals on a cruise that also allowed exploring the paranormal at locations within the Bermuda Triangle.

Sit back, relax and be entertained on March 24th at Aunt D's in Hickory Hills.

Edward Shanahan
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