Chicago paranormal or spiritual and supernatural?

Chicago paranormal or spiritual and supernatural?
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by Edward Shanahan

Is it time for a title change from Chicago paranormal to spiritual and supernatural? Has the paranormal jumped the shark and run it's course? No it has not run it's course as there will always be an interest for some and more then likely in the future just those in the field or those who are independent and will venture out on their own with no need to make it public, instead of being on a team.

But if an individual today takes just the information posted on web sites, Facebook and watching the TV shows as evidence, then no more evidence is needed that spirits exist. Even information about Heaven can be found, all one has to do is a search on the Internet for Near Death Experiences (Medical). I say medical as death in a surgical room or hospital room will be documented as such and then you know you are reading a sure thing as far as the person did die.

There will always be the skeptics, that fine as I am a skeptic with some things my self. Demons is one thing I am a skeptic of, Demon pushing or fear pushing is what I call a lot of it. Some use the bible as their 'Proof', but two things they don't push when pushing their Demon talk and is also in the bible: 'To talk about the powers of Satan or Demons to others is actually giving them power" and also this: " Satan cannot force us against our will or possess us: 1 Cor 10:13 ".

Also some things from a Bible study course ' Deuteronomy 32:15-24 describes just how angry God gets when His people believe in demons as God describes demons as the same as idols, abominations, and vanities - things which are vain to believe in, which have no existence. Believing in demons shows a lack of faith in God'. I personally like that last sentence and why I fear no location that is called haunted with dark spirits, nor have I brought any thing back from such a location.

Spiritual and Supernatural is what I will stand with as I always have and push that term more so today then the term paranormal. I like the title Spiritual and Supernatural as it provides a comfort zone and it should be, as when spirit communication is attempted or spirits are investigated, one must remember we came from the spiritual side and will return to it again, so it is home with nothing to fear. Even the Christians are now using the term 'Supernatural'.

I personally believe the abilities I have and use for others to experience the spirit world, can also be done by individuals as it is the Promised Power of the Holy Spirit and yes it has been promised to us, so open your heart and internal spiritual knowledge to such discoveries for your self. Be careful of those who walk the line of Satanic or Atheist, as they do not believe in the Power of the Holy Spirit, just by way of the title they chosen for their self, that is fine for them and may they enjoy what they seek, but is it spirits that they believe in and seek?

Our loved ones that have passed, they show in many ways that they are still with us and those living who have not experienced a loved one that has passed, do not be afraid to ask them to visit you in your dreams. They do become your first level of Spirit Guides.

What I do as has been stated throughout the years, is to show individuals that there is a Spirit World or to do Spirit Communication with families and at public locations with the spirits that may be present. But it is a Spiritual and Supernatural Gift provided for all to know that the Spirit World exists.

Edward Shanahan
Awarded Best Chicago Psychic is
one that believes in the Spiritual
and Supernatural as one. His
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