Grimes Sisters murders solved? Could very well be answered with who

Grimes Sisters murders solved? Could very well be answered with who
Grimes Sisters Grave Site

Has the Grimes Sisters murders been solved? Being involved in the paranormal field, I knew of the Grimes Sisters murders and then when I heard about when and how the Schuessler-Peterson boys were killed.  My instincts and abilities I knew of no other thought about who may of killed the Grimes Sisters.

But let's leave the source of true police and historians give the facts as a portion of what is here is from Fox 32 TV web site and confirms what I have said to others over the past few years. I have included a video I shot that gives a tour of the haunted S.W. Suburbs that includes the area the Grime Sisters were found at and also their grave site where they rest in peace.

Art Bilek of the Chicago Crime Commission was involved in both cases as a cop and head of the Cook County Sheriff's Police. Bilek believes there are multiple connections that point to Hansen being responsible for both infamous murders.

The guy that did the Schuessler-Peterson case was probably the guy that did the Grimes case one year later," Bilek says. "We have two groups of teenagers, very young teens, all alone at night, on public streets, with a plan to do something. And in both cases they disappear. Nobody ever sees them struggle, nobody sees them abducted or pushed into cars. They just (snap) disappear."

Bilek says there are other similarities. Both sets of victims appeared to have been dumped, naked, near bodies of water in unincorporated areas and in rural settings in the woods. And, both were found just a couple miles from stables connected to Kenneth Hansen.

"None of that proves that Ken Hansen was the man who committed the murders. But if I had to stake my reputation on it, he'd be my best guess," Bilek believes.

Chicago historian Richard Lindberg has written extensively about the Grimes sisters and the 1955 murders of the three young Schuessler-Peterson boys.
"Kenneth Hansen was operating in the south suburbs," Lindberg adds. "He had opened his first stable in 1955 called the Broken H, and that was in Willow Springs, not far away from where the girls were found."

"As long as we have viable tools, viable leads, we need to run those out and we'll do that," Sheriff Tom Dart tells FOX 32. "And when you see the family members, you have it drilled into your head that's why we do this stuff."

Read the whole story and watch the video from Fox 32.

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  • When I was very young my parents used to caution me that I could end up like the Grimes sisters or the Schuessler boys, but it seems quaint now with the number of murders, solved and unsolved, of children that happen every day now. Quaint but sad. Frightening, really.

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