The Real Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - a documentary coming out soon

The Real Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - a documentary coming out soon

by Edward Shanahan

Hidden away in the Cook County Forest Preserve, across the street from Rubio Woods, is a piece of land owned by Cook County Real Estate. Bachelor's Grove Cemetery is the most historic haunted cemetery in the Chicago land area, and most likely one of the most known in the world. Bachelor's Grove has even been host to The Travel Channel's very own Ghost Adventures. Their paranormal night in the cemetery was showcased on their television show.The look of Bachelors Grove Cemetery in 2003 Richard Crowe was the first individual talking about Bachelor's Grove Cemetery on the radio back in the very early 1970's and he is the individual to make the location known to the general public as a haunted cemetery.

In 2007, a newspaper article was written in the The Orland Park Prairie about the haunted Senator John Humphrey House and the paranormal night I held there with Chicago's paranormal author and ghost tour host, Ms. Ursula Bielski. The article discusses what went on that night at the Humphrey House with Bielski and myeslf, but also ties Mrs. Humphrey to possibly being the Madonna of Bachelor's Grove Cemetery.

The Orland Park Prairie newspaper  article can be read here.

The Real Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - a documentary by Jimmy O'Connor will be coming out soon.
The promo for the documentary can be viewed here:

Narrated by world renown paranormal investigator and author, Mr. Dale Kaczmarek with Edward Shanahan, Dr. Chuck Kennedy, Jason Sullivan. Film footage by: Karl Kochmann, Len Dorman and IPFeldspar. Music by Thomas Prislac Jr.

This film is about the Real Bachelor's Grove, the history, the stories, the legends that manifested from this location are forever burnt into the minds of the Chicago area. From the desecrations that took place along with the many ghosts and the souls of those departed.

Find out how it all came to be and what could be in it's future.

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