Chicago Paranormal Conference in Palos Park, IL. October 19 / 20th. Authors, Best Psychic in Chicago award winner, Spiritualist, Paranormal Host and more

Chicago Paranormal Conference in Palos Park, IL. October 19 / 20th. Authors, Best Psychic in Chicago award winner, Spiritualist, Paranormal Host and more
Palos Paranormal Conference 2013

by Edward Shanahan.

Palos Paranormal Conference 2013

Palos Paranormal Conference 2013

This Palos Park, IL Chicago Paranormal Conference on Saturday and Sunday October 19th and 20th, starting at 10am and held at the Palos Country Club at 131st and South West Highway, Palos Park, IL. $10 per person or $15 for both days. There will be food and drinks all day. This was a very well organized event last year with a great turnout and with it being held in the Country Club this year and the comfort it offers will be just a bonus for those who attend this 2013 Chicago land area paranormal conference.

This paranormal conference is directed toward the general public as individuals can be interactive with the speakers and the many vendors from the Chicago land area that will fill the location and covering many different areas of the paranormal, supernatural, UFO’s and spiritual.

Edward Shanahan Speaking to audience in 2013 paranormal day with Edward Shanahan.

Edward Shanahan Speaking to audience in 2013 Paranormal Day with Edward Shanahan.

The wonderful thing for me is not only will I be doing Psychic Readings both days, but I will also be speaking Saturday at 3pm and hope to demonstrate my use with the Echovox along with doing a Message Circle. I have lived all my life within 10 minutes of this area and the most haunted locations in Chicago that has allowed me as a paranormal host I have discovered haunted locations like the haunted Senator John Humphrey House in Orland Pk, Al Capone's Chicago Cullerton Hotel, The Valentine's Chicago Boys and Girls Club and a location in Orland yet to be announced.

I was exploring the paranormal activities at Bachelor's Grove Cemetery at the age of 16 and that was 39 years ago. I have explored it many times since and have even had Spirits and who many feel is the Madonna of Bachelors Grove Cemetery communicate with me this year using the Echovox.

I have written two books on the paranormal and spiritual. I have been included in four paranormal authors books that have talked about the Chicago land area's most haunted locations, as I have experienced what I talk about, not just tell a story about the locations. In 2012 I was honored to be given the Best Psychic in Chicago Award and this year I did what I do in Las Vegas. In 2014 I will be doing what I do with the Paranormal at Sea Cruise for seven days.

The S.W. Suburbs outside of Chicago is where the paranormal activity has always been and a lot has been documented. Even those in living Chicago come out to the S.W. Suburbs to attempt to experience the paranormal activity instead of searching for it in their own huge city that is filled with history. Right in the center of the S. W. Suburbs paranormal activity is the town of Palos Park, IL. Come out and enjoy this supernatural weekend.

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