Bachelor's Grove Cemetery remembered video tour of the historic Chicago haunted location

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery remembered video tour of the historic Chicago haunted location

by Edward Shanahan.

The look of Bachelors Grove Cemetery in 2003

The look of Bachelors Grove Cemetery in 2003

When one speaks of Halloween in Chicago, spooky stuff, stories or haunted locations in Chicago, haunted Bachelor's Grove Cemetery usually will be brought up by someone who has either gone there or is asking about it being haunted. Even when I am a guest speaker and talking about the paranormal, hosting a Chicago Paranormal Night or working at a Psychic House Party, it usually never fails that I am questioned about my experiences or thoughts about Bachelor's Grove Cemetery.

The unedited Bachelor's Grove Cemetery video tour showcased below was filmed in 2003 for my cable TV show called 'The Unexplained World' and was broadcast on Comcast. The show was about haunted locations, the supernatural, interviews of individuals with paranormal experiences and the experiences I had at the locations as I filmed it as I experienced it.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery is the location that Richard Crowe made famous even though he has passed away, many will remember it was Mr. Crowe that talked about Bachelor's Grove, Resurrection Mary, Willowbrook Ballroom, Chet's Melody Lounge, Archer Woods Cemetery and many more that he made famous as haunts before anyone else ran tours. I had that confirmed recently as I know an individual who is 46 years of age and the individual told me that at the age of 15 years old she was already going on Richard Crowe tours with her mother.

Headstones in Bachelors Grove Cemetery 2003

Headstones in Bachelors Grove Cemetery 2003

For those that wander Bachelor's Grove Cemetery now, you will see it looks much different today then it did in the video below that was filmed in 2003. Today it is bare, I and many others feel it has been ruined in it's looks, just a slab of land with some headstones staggered around. One also has to consider that a Historical Society and I believe it was Tinley Park, at one time stated that most of the bodies have been removed and buried with other family members at different locations do to the vandals.

In reality maybe mother nature should be allowed to take back what was once hers as the bodies will always rest in peace as Bachelor's Grove has always been there and will remain even if untouched.

Back in 1976 when I first ventured back there, I guess I can get away with saying at the age of 16 I was exploring the paranormal then also! It was wonderful as you could drive back there and also you could visit it at night without any hassles or fear of the living that could be lurking in
the weeds.

Path to Bachelors Grove Cemetery 2003

Path to Bachelors Grove Cemetery 2003

Just approaching the area down the path one would walk, gave you the feeling that something was waiting for you once you made you way there. The cemetery section was a maze of weeds that you would be walking around and never know what was around the corner, be it day or night. The added feature of the night was attempting not to walk or run into the lagoon by accident.

As those who are sensitive would tell you, Bachelors Grove Cemetery is really not that active at all anymore. The right Medium may get results with the right tools and I say tools as even though I am a Medium I do not buy into the "Oh So and So is here and little goofball is giving me a message of he has turned in to dust. Yes I need to see something to confirm what I am feeling, be it a photo, EVP or the Echovox performing with the spirits on hand. But I can confirm as others can who ventured back in to Bachelors Grove Cemetery back in the 70's, 80's and maybe the 90's it was a whole different paranormal location then it is today.

But let it draw you there has it has hundred of thousands in the past and even more in the future, active or not.

Below is a little memory of earlier times and unedited that included hauntings at Bachelors Grove Cemetery in 2003.

Edward Shanahan
Chicago Paranormal Host and 2012 Best Psychic in Chicago award winner.
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  • Do you have a ghost writer for this blog?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:


  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    I'm sure Edward does not have a ghost writer, but one can tell the spirits move him.

  • The only thing scary about BG cemetery is running into the kooks who visit it thinking it is the Devil's portal or something.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Or those who feel they own it.

  • In reply to Edward Shanahan:

    And who destroy it.

    The really creepy area is just to the south and west of the cemetery where the house used to be and where the old Midlothian Turnpike used to run. Seeing the old well reminds me of a number of terror stories about people being held captive. The void of the clearing in the trees can send a shiver up a person's back.

  • fb_avatar

    Why was it named "Bachelor's Grove", do you know?

  • In reply to Marie Larsen:

    Because the area was occupied first by male settlers who came to the area to work and the majority were not married.

  • I grew up a 5 min drive from BG, and heard every Urban Legend story possible about it growing up. Every ghost story you could think of has been attributed to the place. When I did research on it, and talked to the historical societies around my hometown though, nothing of interest turned up. There was no there there.

    I've been inside the cemetery numerous times (it wasn't until I was a teen that I developed the courage to enter it) and nothing interesting happened. I've seen a few spirit guides or ghost experts and stuff in there doing things some of the times I've been in there. But again nothing sensational occurred.

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