Las Vegas Aug 23rd - 25th, Best Chicago Psychic to participate

Las Vegas Aug 23rd - 25th, Best Chicago Psychic to participate
Las Vegas Paracon August 23rd - 25th 2013 - Chicago's Shanahan performing.

by Edward Shanahan

Those that read my articles know that in 2012 I was given the 'Best Chicago Psychic 2012 Award, so the 'Best' is not self proclaimed. This coming weekend August 23rd to the 25th I will be participating in the Las Vegas Paracon to be held at the Binion's Casino and Hotel.

I will be doing readings all day, with the readings being Palm and Psychometry Readings. If possible I may tap in to the spirits of love ones that have passed. The readings make for an entertaining and interesting session that can be from 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the individual's desires.

Then at Friday and Saturday nights there will be paranormal investigations of the Binion's Hotel and I will end the investigations with my Circle of Energy Seance and will have the Echovox with me to demonstrate how it woks with me and communication with the Spirit World.

Do not miss out  on the Las Vegas Paracon 2013 experience. Arrive early for one on one readings and don't miss out on participating in the unique paranormal nights they will be providing.

You can find all the details, who will be there and much more at Las Vegas Paracon 2013

Edward Shanahan

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