Chicago's paranormal Shanahan live on Facebook from Capone's hotel Sunday May 5th

Chicago's paranormal Shanahan live on Facebook from Capone's hotel Sunday May 5th
Al Capone's Cullerton Hotel

by Edward Shanahan.

On my Facebook page - Sunday May 5th 2013 we will step back in time as I and others with an interest in Chicago's paranormal and historic locations enter the location that today is known as the Blue Star Auto Stores. Historically this building is the last building standing from the historic time and area in Chicago known as the Levee District an area that was once the most crime-ridden area in all of Chicago. Next time we explore the location will be July 14th 2013

The building was an Al Capone establishment during the prohibition era and it was known then as the Cullerton Hotel. It had a saloon, dancing girls, bordello and gambling hall.

This location is exclusive to me for dates to explore the paranormal side of it with individuals do to my history of working with such locations in the past. As we did back April 20th, those participating in this date to explore and experience this location will be posting videos and photographs on my Facebook page along with their own page all day until around 5 pm and I am sure photos and more videos will follow after we finish. This posting on Facebook as it happens at paranormal locations and paranormal nights that I run is a concept I thought others would enjoy if they could not be at the locations and hopefully will be providing it at also other locations in the future.

Being the first Chicago Psychic Medium to communicate with the Spirits back on March 16th of this year with the device known as the Echovox thanks to John Miller as it happened when we were at another huge location that is an exclusive to me, The Valentine Chicago Boys & Girls Club. It has responded to me as if it was meant to be used by me and hopefully we will be able to add videos on my Facebook page from the sessions  at the Al Capone's Cullerton Hotel.

Below is my use of the devise I own known as the Echovox. This was filmed on April 14th at Bachelor's Grove Cemetery.

Remember my Facebook page - Sunday May 5th starting at 11am we will step back in time at the Al Capone Cullerton Hotel.


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