Chicago paranormal spirits communicate with Chicago Medium Edward Shanahan (video)

Chicago paranormal spirits communicate with Chicago Medium Edward Shanahan (video)
Chicago Psychic Reader, Paranormal Host - Edward Shanahan



by Edward Shanahan

I came across a devise in this past March 2013 that changed everything. I have experienced in the past "listen close to the Ghost Box and you may hear the responses" when I used it and but now this devise has changed everything with me doing spirit communication.

Being a Spirit Medium I direct my questions to what I feel the spirits will respond to with this device. I do not believe the individual Medium just verbally running of names and looks of the spirit in the room. The new devise works to the point that it calls out my name often, if I am not using it and others are, individuals will hear “Ed” called out.

This device is unique and since a video has been posted in April and word spread a bit about the March experiences at the Valentines Boys and Girls Club. John Miller was the individual that brought this devise to my attention. It will also be used for private use and with individuals that are interested in doing so.

It is the Echovox and works excellent for me being a Medium,  I base my questions on whatI am already picking up as this video will demonstrate and more information below.

How this video came about and what went down:
Bachelor's Grove Video from Sunday April 14th, 2013. The Spirit Feelers that assist me, Colleen, Stacie (both seen in video, Colleen on left), Toni, Catrina and I decided we would go to Bachelor's Grove Cemetery together after I did my Psychic readings at Senator John Humphrey House.

I wanted to try out my new device there and it goes beyond what the Ghost Box has ever done and open doors for many things. This is the video of the sessions filmed Karl Kochmann who was also at Bachelor's Grove Cemetery that day, as were others who wandered in and joined us.

The questions pertain to Mrs. Humphrey being the Madonna of BG Cemetery as we asked at the grave site her child was buried at, The Patricks.


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