Stacie - a Chicago Spirit Feeler abilities are growing stronger dealing with the paranormal

Stacie - a Chicago Spirit Feeler abilities are growing stronger dealing with the paranormal

by Edward Shanahan

When it comes to individuals with potential abilities I usually let my own senses pick up on who may have abilities and usually I just take note of it in my mind for future reference in case our paths may cross again at other locations.

This was the case with Stacie, I noticed her mother who also participates in my Chicago Paranormal Nights had faith in her and her abilities.  One day as I sometimes do when I come across those I see have abilities as either a Feeler or Paranormal Investigation team. I started to invite Stacie and her mother to assist me at the paranormal locations.

The one thing I viewed with Stacie and is at the top of my list as I am very selective on who I will have out assisting me as a Feeler, she was willing to learn to crawl before learning to walk and learn to walk before learning to run.

I am not one who preaches that it has to be the way I am doing it or it is wrong. We are all different with our internal knowledge, so no two individuals are alike in their abilities but two individuals can compliment each other with their abilities combined.

Stacie has grown with her abilities, one of the best things to happen was the day she left the paranormal tools at home and came to the Sedamsville Rectory in Ohio with just her abilities. I sat there and watched her state what type of Spirit was at the location and then later it was confirmed as being most likely the type of Spirit present.

This was just one experience along with other experiences during the night with her abilities. She sat at the table for the Circle of Energy across the table from me at the other end. As the Sedamsville Rectory is such a place of dark energy, Stacie was the one that I knew that could be trusted to handle what may of came about with the spirits at this dark location and inform me of it.

This is what it is supposed to be about, having one assist you that you can trust with their abilities and becoming one of a select few I would consider assisting me as it is within her. Yet allowing them to grow with their abilities so that you compliment each other to the point you can discuss what would be best for a situation and trust in the others point of view on a situation.

Stacie will keep growing as a Spirit Feeler and it will be a joy to see as it happens. It does not come easy as all experiences are not pleasant ones, but that is part of the growth factor and learning to handle them to the point that they are handled without worry or fear of encountering them and maybe one day offering her to lead a Circle of Energy and I will sit across the table from her as I have faith that it may be possible one day with what I have seen.

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