Chicago Paranormal Host, Medium and entertaining Chicago area Psychic Reader - Thoughts

Chicago Paranormal Host, Medium and entertaining Chicago area Psychic Reader - Thoughts

Chicago Paranormal Host, Medium and entertaining Chicago area Psychic Reader - Thoughts.
by Edward Shanahan

To be offered to touch another person's hand, is an honor. To be able to touch their heart, is a gift given. To be able to touch their soul, is a blessing of trust. ~ Edward Shanahan

The type of readings / house parties I do can be found at my Edward Shanahan web site.

I have been receiving e-mails lately from those who feel something paranormal or supernatural is attached to them or they have spirits within them that are causing them to think this way or that way, or very personal things going on or happening to them, things that the individual thinks are caused by the paranormal / supernatural world.

I do not deal with paranormal or supernatural stuff that an individual feels is personally happening to them.   I feel assisting those who think that they are going through the stuff I just mentioned, it could be a possible liability or law suit by others in their family waiting to happen, others may assist these type of requests, but I refuse.

Just as I never do readings about one's health (I nor any other Psychic Reader are medical professionals or licensed to practice medicine). I tell individuals to see a licensed medical doctor. Nor do I tell individuals how to invest their money, as that is another type of advise or request one should not seek from a person who is a Psychic Reader.

But I have done free phone calls to those who are dying and are just looking for comfort by way of words. I have also taken the time to accompany those in need of a miracle to the site of the Miracle Child's Grave Site to pray with them.

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With the paranormal active home requests by individuals that ask me to come and 'take care of the spirits'. In ten years I have only accepted four active home requests, something that was done for free. Two of them were by way of individuals who knew individuals, so I offered and brought calmness to the situations for them (no banishing, crossing over etc.. going on, as no one is more powerful then the Spiritual World).

The third location I accepted was interesting and once I did what I do (Spirit Feeler), I left it to the paranormal team I invited to do the investigation of the place. The fourth location had claims of a Demon or evil spirit, nope there was neither at that location.

Also - Noooo, I do not, nor have I been a mentor to an Investigation Team or an Investigator per say. I am a Spirit Feeler. Those I work with are other Spirit Feelers, and I use the words 'work with' instead of using the word Mentor, as each one is unique and offers something different in their own way and I love to see them open up to new experiences and abilities, that is what I assist (work with), them on as they assist me.

I have Investigation Teams or individual Investigators assist me when needed. Those I ask, I base it on what I have experienced in how they go about what they do and also being a Reader of individuals, I also base it on what I pick up on if a team would be one that I would ask to assist at private locations or at the public locations that do not have their own investigation teams.

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Well that is about all I have to say today,

Enjoy the rest of your week as it heads in to the weekend,

Edward Shanahan
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