Comments for an entertaining Chicago Psychic Reader, Edward Shanahan looking ahead to 2012

Comments for an entertaining Chicago Psychic Reader, Edward Shanahan looking ahead to 2012

Comments for an entertaining Chicago Psychic Reader. Edward Shanahan looking ahead to 2012.
by Edward Shanahan

To be offered to touch another person's hand, is an honor. To be able to touch their heart, is a gift given. To be able to touch their soul, is a blessing of trust. ~ Edward Shanahan

Below you will find comments from some of the entertaining House Parties I have done, each and everyone of the house parties are special.  I now look ahead to 2012 and raising my own bar with what I do, as I only have two more dates left for 2011.

Already with some dates set up to March 2012.

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The Comments:

From Tracy M. - 2011 "It was nice meeting you last night. Thank you for being
so kind and for giving me some direction. I have a tight group of girlfriends
who are very interested in doing a gathering with you like the one last night
though it will be a smaller group and they will be a bit less rambunctious :) "

From Preacher Pam A. - 2011 "You did that for my family and it meant the
world to us. Thank you Ed and God Bless you!"

From Crystal M. 2011 "This is what i absolutely love about you Edward..its hard to find that these days in people who are gifted as yourself."

From Kathy B. - 2011 "No thank YOU for your positive energy, how "spot on"
you were with everything you said! We will definitely have you out again for
more are absolutely awesome!!"

From Sandra K. - 2011 "I know what you have done for me and will always be
greatful. You are a light at the end of a tunnel . Blessings to you."

From Melanie S. - 2011 "Thank you for doing our readings. All of my guests
were very pleased with their readings and my mother and I hope to see again
after the new year."

From Ashley T. - 2011 "You have opened my eyes to what I am and could be.
Thought it would be a good opportunity to see if I could tap in a little deeper".

From Sherry T. - 2011 "Thank you for coming out tonight!"

From Megan O. - 2011 "Thank you! We had so much fun, so we may have to
make it an annual party. We may also join in one of your outings!"

From Megan C. - 2011, "Thanks again for coming out! My friends really enjoyed the entire evening and were highly intrigued by the seance. My house has been calm since then, so no worries! Thanks again, I look forward to attending another paranormal night soon". Megan

From Diane S. - 2011, "Thank you. A good time was had by all. Not only did
I learn a lot, my mind was also put at ease because many thoughts were
confirmed. Hope to see you at future events".

Corporate Party - December 2010
On behalf of Two Degrees / Slalom, I'd like to thank both you and Annette for
providing such great entertainment at our event. I truly enjoyed both of your readings and I received very positive feedback from everyone that you spoke
to. I know the music was quite loud and you had to speak rather loudly for the
evening. Hopefully, you still had a voice the next morning! Thanks again and Happy Holidays to both of you and your families. Best regards, Ken B.

From Jocelyne 2010 "Edward, I wanted to thank you again, you did such a
wonderful job on Friday night. It must have been such a long night for you.
I look forward to meeting you again in the future. Some of my friends and I are looking into attending one of your other events. This time I promise it will be a
little smaller. Take Care"

From Leah 2010 - "Thank you Edward for a lovely Sunday afternoon. I enjoyed
the tour and tea at Scutt's mansion and definitely enjoyed your.personality and

From Roxanne 2010 - Edward, You received rave reviews!!!!! Thank you for
coming to my home and giving us such an interesting evening. So much to think
about. All The Best Regards

From Chris Brooks 2010 - Your readings were "dead" on. On the way back to
my niece's last night, everyone was very positive and satisfied with the evening.

From C. M. 2010- Hi Edward, Thank you for coming! We all had a great time.
.My Mom really seemed to enjoy listening to everyone's readings. Thank you so
much for making it a "fun" reading. With the group of people we had it would
not have been fun if you had done it any other way! I think everyone enjoyed
having you there. Your readings were spot-on and a lot of fun to listen to! We
will defiantly recommend you to our friends and family for future gatherings!
Thank you again for adding a fun twist to Mom's 70th Birthday! We really
enjoyed having you there. Thanks and take care. C. Mrozek

From Allison 2010 - Thank you Ed. We had a great time, you were a big hit!

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