Free New App with GPS Tour: Chicago Paranormal - Drive Haunted Archer Ave Tour

Free New App with GPS Tour: Chicago Paranormal - Drive Haunted Archer Ave Tour
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Free New App with GPS Tour: Chicago Paranormal - Drive Haunted Archer Ave Tour.
by Edward Shanahan

It is like downloading a free GPS with audio guide and photo book.

* If your within 100 miles of Chicago - you can go to the Apple App Store or iTune Store App section on your iPhone or iPad and search for  Geotrio Tours  and download the App and the 'Drive Haunted Archer Ave Tour ' will be downloaded for free.

This is a new free App with GPS drive and walk tour of Chicago areas most
haunted road 'Haunted Archer Avenue' and surrounding areas. This free
App comes with an audio tour guide for each paranormal location and
describes the historic and paranormal history of each stop, nearly 20
stops in all.

The App also includes photos so those taking the GPS
guided tour have reference photos of each location.

It was released in
the Apple & iTune Stores on Oct. 31st, 2010.

The new App GPS tour will allow you to explore and experience all the haunted and paranormal locations
that are tied to the much written about Chicago's haunted road 'Archer
Avenue' and surrounding areas and it starts just S.W. of Chicago at the
gates of Resurrection Cemetery, the resting place of Resurrection Mary.
The GPS will actually guide you from your location to the gates of
Resurrection Cemetery and then guide you to each stop that follows

How this App / GPS tour came about.
In the early part of 2010, the company Geotrio Tours came to me and
asked me to join them in this creation, a first to be done for the
Chicago land area. I put my time and effort in to creating this App, as
Geotrio Tours had their standards that had to be met before it was even
accepted. It had to be mapped out for the GPS and the photos are my
personal ones from each location.

Then the audio recordings had to be created with the
historic and paranormal history of each of the locations, the reason why I say it is like downloading a color paranormal photo book that happens to be also a GPS tour with audio.

Having lived all my fifty plus years within ten minutes or less of these
locations, my paranormal knowledge and experience of these locations
has allowed me to be written about in four different paranormal books
that include information on Chicago's haunted S.W. Chicago suburban
haunted locations with the newest book being Ursula Beilski's 'Chicago Haunts

Do to my knowledge and personal experiences at the locations, I have assisted Beilski in the past on her ghost tours that included her, when her tours would venture down to the S.W. Suburbs from it's home base in North Chicago.

People love to experience the paranormal, Spirits, the unexplained and hope for some paranormal activity while exploring haunted
locations, even the skeptics will venture in to doing so. I provide
individuals the opportunity to do so with my Chicago Paranormal Nights with every night ending with a seance that I perform for all involved.

My Chicago Paranormal Nights are held at haunted historic
locations. These are for the public or private paranormal nights can be
arranged for a group of friends.

I already
have some paranormal night dates booked for 2011 as they run all year long, some are booked as
private nights and the others are public nights.

For more details on Chicago Paranormal Nights
visit: Chicago Paranormal Nights

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Channeling and more, visit his person web page at:

You can also find Edward Shanahan on Facebook.

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