Chicago paranormal one time Capone location changes name to The Irish Legend

Chicago paranormal one time Capone location changes name to The Irish Legend
The Irish Legend

The Irish Legend

Chicago paranormal one time Capone location changes name to The Irish
by Edward Shanahan

This Chicago area haunted paranormal active location in
Willow Springs, IL, has stood up to the test of time along with the test of
Paranormal Investigators and area Psychic Mediums who have put their skills to
use to test this haunted Chicago paranormal location for paranormal activity in
the past.

It has been written about in paranormal books, some of them being the recent
"Chicago Haunts 3" by Ms. Ursula Bielski, along with "Encyclopedia of Haunted
Places" by Jeff Belanger and "Voices from The Chicago Graves" by Scott Markus.

They write about the paranormal activity and it's history as being one of Al
Capone's operations. It was even showcased at one time on an A&E paranormal
TV show segment, along with a British television show that filmed at the
location in past with Ms.Ursula Bielski and my self there, with her talking about the
paranormal history of the location and I talked about the Psychic feelings that
was picked up at the location in the past along with the present while filming

It is now called "The Irish Legend'.

I personally go back to 2003 with the location, I'm mentioned in each of the
author's paranormal books mentioned above and have seen a few owners come and
go. I feel with some of them going, it was then the best thing for this special
paranormal active location, as some pushed their version of the paranormal far
beyond what the general public would accept, nor were those owner's version of
the paranormal being felt at that time nor now, by other Psychic Feelers,
Mediums or my self.

I firmly believe and other Spirit Feelers and Mediums agree, that if the
spirits do not like you, you will not be in operation long at the
location. Maybe that explains why those owners did not last long at all at that
time? Even some paranormal investigation teams seem to shortly become short
lived in their paranormal quests after visiting the location, could it be the
spiritual world had a hand in it and did not like either what was being said or
those involved in saying it? Respect the Spiritual World and they will be your friend and protect you.

Today 'The Irish Legend' has expanded the
size of the location, the kitchen area, the bar area and the menu of Irish and
American food that is being served that the people love. The place is packed
with customers, a good portion knowing the place has a past history that is
documented in books with the location being tied to Capone and the history of it's

It has become a wonderful location, from your hostess on weekend
nights who's name is Grace, to the waitresses and their Irish accents,
bartender Frank who is a very nice guy, yet one I would feel comfortable
watching my back if needed, to the mangers of the location that know that their
business is their customers happiness with all The Irish Legend has to
My feelings tell me that The Irish Legend will be here a very long successful time.

It has become a very in demand location for my Paranormal Nights that finish
with a séance in my attempt to have the spirits of the location interact with
the individuals who participate in my Paranormal Nights. The Paranormal Nights start out with all
sitting down for a fantastic meal and during that time I spend time doing entertaining palm readings of the individuals involved in the paranormal night.

The meal is followed by a tour by me of all the floors and includes what was the brothel back in the time of Capone owning it and the spirit feelings I and others have felt in the these areas, to even
the attic area and it's activities. Then some time is spent that allows one to
explore and experience the location with the night ending with my 'Circle of
Energy Séance in the large attic.

The paranormal side and experiences on these
nights I host, have to do with what actually is felt that happened at this
unique location in the past and the spirits that today call it home and those
that at times like to visit and let it be known they are there.

At the time of this writing, I'm booked there almost every Saturday night for
private paranormal nights that individuals book for their family and friends or
the public paranormal nights that are limited to the amount of people allowed to

On Friday October 29th, 2010 from 8pm - ? There will be a
night of Ghost Stories
to be shared and heard (open mic) along with me doing
Entertaining Psychic Readings from the stage at times during the night. There is
no cover charge for this night, the Psychic Readings have no fees, just a gift
offering of your choice if you have a reading.

But I suggest if you would like to sit down and have a great meal while
enjoying this Night of Ghost Stories and Psychic Readings (and bring the whole
family), that you call and reserve your seats Also mention you will be there for
the Night of Ghost and Psychic Readings.
The number to reserve for Friday
Oct. 29th is: 708-330-5264
Details at: Haunted
Historic Locations - Chicago Paranormal Nights Oct. 29th

The next
open date for a Public Paranormal Night at The Irish Legend
is Saturday Nov.
27th, 2010.
What makes this a good night is the long Thanksgiving weekend and
family and friends may be in town and it can become a unique entertaining paranormal night and experience for you.
Details and to reserve at: Public
Paranormal Night at The Irish Legend

The Irish Legend is located
8933 South Archer Avenue,
Willow Springs, Illinois,


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