40 Whacks (Lizzie Borden play) in Chicago

The Annoyance Theatre presents a dark, comedic play about the infamous murder
and trial of Lizzie Borden, accused of the murders of her father and stepmother
in 1982. The play uses the true crime story of the infamous murder, Lizzie's
famous trial and her ensuing fame to explore the public's ongoing fascination
with death and violence.

This murderous musical features an all-star cast of Jennifer Estlin,
Ellen Stoneking, Noah Gregoropolous, Mike Maltz, Sherman Edwards,
Cristin McAlister and Chelsea Farmer, 40 Whacks is directed by
Irene Marquette, written by Aggie Hewitt, with musical direction by Lisa

Runs through August 6,

The Annoyance Theatre
4830 N. Broadway

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