Photo of Spirit or Angel? at haunted Chicago area cemetery

Photo of Spirit or Angel? At haunted Chicago area cemetery.
by Edward

Being a Spirit Feeler, I'm not one to go to a haunted
location and take dozen and dozen of photos as many individuals or
Paranormal Investigators do. I go to a paranormal location in the
Chicago land area and maybe take ten photos. The reason is that I take
the photos in areas that I feel I should or I am drawn to take them.

you will find a photo taken at the haunted Archer Woods Cemetery in a
S.W. Suburb outside of Chicago. The photos are from 2003 and Archer
Woods Cemetery is as far a feeling spirits goes, what haunted Bachelor's
Grove Cemetery back in the 1970's used to feel like. I was one who
explored Bachelor's Grove in the late 1970's, not as a Paranormal
Investigator, but a teenager out to have some spooky fun.

is a large article on the Internet by a historian that states there are
no longer bodies buried at Bachelor's Grove, the last of them removed in
the 1990's and reburied at other locations, so can it still be called a

Edward Shanahan - Spirit Feeler and Reader

Enlarged photo and the original photo.


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