Could these be new haunted Chicago area locations?

Could these be new haunted Chicago area locations?
by Edward Shanahan

There are many Chicago area paranormal locations known to those interested in Chicago ghost hauntings. Paranormal books, tours and Paranormal Investigators have basically one way or another covered them, with the Paranormal Investigators as a whole group, adding evidence on top of evidence of paranormal activity at some of the well known haunted locations.

But are there locations open to the public, waiting or yet to be discovered?

They are public locations that could be a great starting point for those who are just starting out in Paranormal Investigations. They could also be a great learning tool as they can be visited day or night, even the weekend thrill seeking could possibly discover something supernatural at one of these locations that basically are not far from anyone, you may actually see these locations on a daily basis.

What has happened at these locations add up to what can be a possible excellent place to come across some paranormal activity waiting to be discovered. They are the 'Road Side Memorials', dedicated to those who have died due to some type of accident at the location.

These are those locations on the side of the road that you pass, that usually have a cross set up, maybe photos of the individual(s) that died at the location or some other type of tribute to the loved one who passed.

One has to remember many of these locations are not that old and spirits know no time, so the energy of the departed soul in many cases their death are sudden, could still linger, as it fits the description of what many paranormal investigators feel contributes to being a reason why a location may be haunted. Plus one has to also remember that the emotional energy of those that set up the memorials dedicated to the love one they lost may keep the spirit there, as do cemeteries, for those who wonder why a spirit may linger in such a place.

There is a location I know of on Rt. 12 in Indiana going to Michigan City, there stands what is called the 'Tree of Death'. Individuals that have died at this location, are driving down a straight road at night and yet steer their car to the right, off the road and in to this one tree that has stood up to at least two deaths a year for the last few years. I been to the location as it is right next to the long driveway leading up to my Internet radio show co-host, Annette's home.

That is how I know about the yearly multi deaths at the tree. When I went to the location to see what I could feel and pick up about why this is happening. I personally picked up with my feelings that there is something that dashes out and appears in the left lane of the road that startles the drivers on the right side of the road, so badly that they steer to their right try to avoid it, but it leads them like being pulled by a magnet right to what has been named the 'Tree of Death'. I feel it is something that appears from the very, very old farm house and land that sits across the road from the 'Tree of Death'.

A South Suburban area that includes Archer Avenue Road, also has it share of Road Side Memorials, it is an area I call the Stretch of Death. At another time I will write about how I and a group of individuals almost became additional road side memorials one night along this 'Stretch Of Death.

So if your looking for yet undiscovered haunted locations, you may actually be driving right by them, next time stop and pull out your camera, you may be surprised.

(c) 2010 Edward Shanahan
A Paranormal Spiritual Feeler - Edward

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