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Does anyone really care about the BP Cup?

So, the Chicago White Sox are now the two-time winners of Chicago’s BP Cup. As a matter of fact, they’re the only winners of the BP Cup. Which makes me wonder, does anyone truly care about the BP Cup? Sure, Cubs fans and White Sox fans have always been at odds with one another.  Since... Read more »

Charlie Sheen and Sammy Sosa Have Something In Common: Steriods

Charlie Sheen and Sammy Sosa Have Something In Common:  Steriods
  Charlie Sheen just doesn’t seem to go away.  Love him or hate him, Sheen has captured the attention of America in quite the same manner of a derailed train.  Since going bat-you-know-what crazy, Sheen has been 2011’s answer to tabloid cravings and an idol to the millions of Americans destined to be douchebags. Meanwhile,... Read more »

Chicago Cubs Not Worthy of Such A Devoted Fan Base

... the BIG MONEY players, like Marlon Byrd, chose to ignore the fans hoping for a moment of their time.
I had the opportunity to watch the Cubs’ series in Kansas City this past weekend.  As we all know, the Cubs lost two of three to the equally-as-bad Royals, stranded a slew of runners, got out-bullpened, and Starlin Castro was once again made an example of by manager Mike Quade. It was business as usual... Read more »

F**K THE GOAT -O- METER - Cubs better because of t-shirt?

Don’t look now, but since unveiling the wackiest bit of apparel in Cubs history, the defiant “F**k The Goat!!!” t-shirt, the Cubs are 3-1. More importantly, the Cubs managed to go 3-1 in a four game series against the first place Milwaukee Brewers.   It may be a little premature to celebrate, but there’s no... Read more »

Cubs Affiliate Peoria Chiefs to Hold "LeBron James NBA Championship Replica Giveaway Night"

Now that the Miami Heat’s 2011 NBA Playoff run has come to an end, those who share a common despise of the Heat and, more notably, LeBron James have rejoiced in a common effort to concoct creative ways to celebrate the fall of the NBA’s greatest antagonist. Since the Dallas Mavericks knocked off the Heat... Read more »

Could "F**k The Goat" Shirts Be Cubs Catalyst?

Somehow, the Cubs returned home from a usual embarrassing road trip and have looked like a team in the midst of a pennant race.  Granted, it’s only been two games, but the Cubs have managed to cool off a Brewers team fresh off a sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals and just a week removed... Read more »

Mark Grace -- Under-appreciated "Ballplayer"

Mark Grace -- Under-appreciated "Ballplayer"
In case you missed the news, it was recently reported that Mark Grace was arrested on suspicion of DUI in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Fans and supporters of Mark Grace can only hope the incident results in more public awareness around the issue of driving while intoxicated.   Grace, the one-time Cubs’ ambassador to Chicago night life,... Read more »

Ex-Cub Mark Grace arrested on suspicion of DUI (*Mugshot included*)

During the early-morning hours of Memorial Day, former Cubs first-baseman and current Arizona Diamondback color man Mark Grace was stopped by Scottsdale, Arizona police for weaving in his lane. Grace was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. The Arizona Republic reports: Grace, 46, was stopped by Scottsdale police at 64th Street and Cochise... Read more »

The All-Time Best Players The Cubs Have Passed On In The MLB Draft

Choosing at number six in the 1983 draft, the Cubs selected Jackie Davidson.  Every heard of him?  Didn't think so.  While Wrigleyville prepared for "Jackie Fever", the Red Sox drafted one of the greatest pitchers of all-time, Roger Clemens, with the 19th pick in the draft.  Had the Cubs had the foresight to draft Clemens, they could have had a rotation consisting of Rick Sutcliffe, Greg Maddux and Clemens.
So, we talked about how bad the Cubs are on draft day.   But how bad has it really been? Granted, many teams have missed out on their fair share of draft pick.  Albert Pujols was passed by every Major League club numerous times, as he was drafted in the 13th round. For the Cubs,... Read more »

MLB Draft: Just another thing the Cubs stink at

MLB Draft:  Just another thing the Cubs stink at
The 2011 MLB Draft is officially underway, and you know what that means — 50-plus rounds of seemingly endless statistical analysis.  All kidding aside, the MLB Draft, like any major sports league’s draft, is a glimpse into the future.  It’s a way for fans to see what the future may bring for their favorite teams... Read more »