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Does anyone really care about the BP Cup?

So, the Chicago White Sox are now the two-time winners of Chicago’s BP Cup. As a matter of fact, they’re the only winners of the BP Cup. Which makes me wonder, does anyone truly care about the BP Cup? Sure, Cubs fans and White Sox fans have always been at odds with one another.  Since... Read more »

Charlie Sheen and Sammy Sosa Have Something In Common: Steriods

Charlie Sheen and Sammy Sosa Have Something In Common:  Steriods
  Charlie Sheen just doesn’t seem to go away.  Love him or hate him, Sheen has captured the attention of America in quite the same manner of a derailed train.  Since going bat-you-know-what crazy, Sheen has been 2011’s answer to tabloid cravings and an idol to the millions of Americans destined to be douchebags. Meanwhile,... Read more »

Is Ozzie Guillen on the verge of being fired?

Is Ozzie Guillen on the verge of being fired?
I can’t make any sense of it — not that anyone really has much of an idea what Ozzie Guillen is trying to convey via his Twitter account. But today — within the last couple of hours, to be exact — Ozzie has rattled off a string of tweets that indicate he may be experiencing... Read more »

My Interview With @OzzieGuillen

Love him or hate him, Ozzie Guillen is definitely one of the most colorful personalities in Major League Baseball.   Nearly one year ago, Guillen set up an account with social media giant, Twitter.  Over the course of the past year, Guillen has tweeted his opinion on everything from Major League Baseball to the finest... Read more »

Chicago Sports Rapture: Who is saved, and who is sent to the "lake of fire" (also known as "Milwaukee")

Not only does Soriano not get a seat on the bus to the new Earth, Soriano isn't even allowed to say goodbye.  A first-class, one-way ticket to the land of Laverne and Shirley for this guy.  Hasta la vista!
Happy Rature, everyone! Rumor has it, around 6:00PM, the end of the world is scheduled to begin.  During this period, God will begin judging the human race and sending them to their appropriate place.  Like a club bouncer with small genitalia, God will supposedly destroy heaven and Earth, because they have become polluted by sin,... Read more »

Is it right to raise new Chicago sports fans?

In case you didn’t notice (and odds are you didn’t), I’ve been on a little bit of a hiatus for awhile.  My reason for being away wasn’t some sort of contract dispute or holdout situation.  I wasn’t hospitalized, and I wasn’t backpacking through Europe (or more dangerously, Philadelphia). The reason for my time away was... Read more »

Manny Move Dangerous For Sox Identity

  There’s a reason Barry Bonds never won a World Series ring. It’s astonishing to think that general managers of Major League Baseball still cannot figure out a winning formula.  Sure, the Yankees have won a large amount of World Series Championships, but the only thing their success proves is that titles can be purchased.... Read more »

Other Scenarios Worth Re-Living Digitally

MLB 2010's "Reverse The Curse" mode allows users several historic scenarios in which to guide the Cubs to their first World Series berth since 1945.  Scenarios like "The Durham Ball", "Garvey's Fist", "The Clark Express", and "Bartman Blues" allow players to overcome the historic events that have led to over a century of futility!  Reserved for expert players only, as most scenarios are simply impossible to defeat.
In case you missed it, video game giant 2K Sports recently announced that former Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan will grace the cover of 2011 version of the company’s NBA 2K series.  NBA 2K will feature not only Jordan’s likeness on the cover, but a game mode which allows players to re-live great moments of... Read more »

Aren't You Glad We Had Singletary And Not "LT"? -- Chicago Pain Daily Recap (5/07/10)

Recap for Friday – May 7th, 2010 In case you haven’t heard (and who hasn’t?!?), former New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor was arrested Thursday on charges of raping a 16 year-old prostitute. After numerous issues involving drug abuse, Taylor now potentially adds rape and prostitution to his list of offenses.  The Blackhawks continue their... Read more »

Chicago Pain - Daily Recap (5/06/10)

Recap for Thursday – May 6th, 2010 Riding on the wings of a career-best performance by Dustin Byfuglien, the Blackhawks battled their way to a 2-1 lead in their Western Conference Semifinal with the Vancouver Canucks last night. Byfuglien scored a hat trick for the Hawks, while providing a physical edge for his team against... Read more »