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Chicago Sports Rapture: Who is saved, and who is sent to the "lake of fire" (also known as "Milwaukee")

Not only does Soriano not get a seat on the bus to the new Earth, Soriano isn't even allowed to say goodbye.  A first-class, one-way ticket to the land of Laverne and Shirley for this guy.  Hasta la vista!
Happy Rature, everyone! Rumor has it, around 6:00PM, the end of the world is scheduled to begin.  During this period, God will begin judging the human race and sending them to their appropriate place.  Like a club bouncer with small genitalia, God will supposedly destroy heaven and Earth, because they have become polluted by sin,... Read more »

Need more reasons to hate the Miami Heat? Here ya go!

Steve Bartman is now a painful, household name to Cubs fans worldwide thanks largely in part to the Florida Marlins.  The Florida Marlins have TWICE won a World Series in their short 17-year existence.  Having purchased their first title in 1997, then owner Wayne Huizenga opted to dump the contracts of most every significant player who helped win the '97 World Series.  In 2003, the Marlins started the season terribly.  With a management change, zero expectations, and some crazy good luck, the Marlins went on to -- as Tom Berenger so eloquently stated in the movie Major League -- "win the whole f**king thing".
Odds are, you probably despise the Miami Heat more than a trip to the DMV, a routine root canal, or the entire cast of Jersey Shore.  You should anyway.  They’re the closest thing the NBA has had to “purchased championship”.   Chris Bosh is an over-sensitive ninny who always feels as if he’s under-appreciated.  Dwyane... Read more »

Bears clinch. Are they satisfied?

Extreme highs and lows — that’s how to best describe the experience of the typical Chicago sports fan, especially those who spend the majority of their die-hardedness on the Bears. Just eight days following the lowest of 2010’s lows, the Bears traveled to the homeland of one of their biggest rivals, Minnesota, and seemingly took... Read more »

Naming your kid after a Bears legend

Yesterday, I wrote this article which was more or less an amusing account on the difficulties of raising a child to love the Chicago sports teams that have been so heart-breaking to me in the past.   The general consensus was that I should remain loyal to my teams and take my new son on... Read more »

Is it right to raise new Chicago sports fans?

In case you didn’t notice (and odds are you didn’t), I’ve been on a little bit of a hiatus for awhile.  My reason for being away wasn’t some sort of contract dispute or holdout situation.  I wasn’t hospitalized, and I wasn’t backpacking through Europe (or more dangerously, Philadelphia). The reason for my time away was... Read more »

Stupid Is As Chicago Does

It seems to have become evident that the decision-makers for nearly all Chicago sports franchises are stupid.   Although it seems rather unprofessional to label someone or something as “stupid”, the sports scene in Chicago has surpassed what could once be considered “enigmatic” — or for the superstitious, “cursed” — and has grown into full-on... Read more »

The UGLY History of Bears Backup QB's

Collins was forced into duty following a concussion in the Bears' latest loss to the Giants.  Collins gets the start this week against the Carolina Panthers.
Wednesday’s news from Halas Hall was something Bears fans knew was inevitable, yet were still hoping to avoid.  After being sacked nine times and sustaining a concussion in last Sunday’s horrific loss to the New York Giants, Jay Cutler has been ruled out for the week’s game against the Carolina Panthers. In his absence, veteran... Read more »

Jerry Angelo's Talent Problem

After what may possibly be the most embarrassing for the Chicago Bears since the Henry Burris era, uncertainty about the once undefeated Bears has begun to invade the minds or fans, media, and undoubtedly the players themselves.  With the quick 3-0 start the Chicago Bears were off to in this 2010 season, it seemed that... Read more »

85 Years of Bears-Packers History

With expectations high for the 2009 season, Bears fans were hopeful thanks to the acquisition of new quarterback Jay Cutler.  The Packers had other ideas, however.  Using the 3-4 defense for the first time, the Packers confused Cutler and the Bears en route to a 21-15 win.  Cutler was intercepted four times, with the final interception coming on the Bears last chance drive late in the fourth quarter.  (Photo courtesy Chicago Tribune)
It started with the league’s first-ever ejection for fighting.  Throughout the years, the Bears and Packers have met 179 times, with the Bears leading the series 91-82-6.  There have been legendary players, legendary coaches, and memories to last a lifetime.  Stars like Payton, Sayers, Butkus, Ditka, Lambeau, Lombardi, Starr, Hornung, Singletary and Favre have all... Read more »

10 Reason Why You SHOULD Drink The Bears' Kool-Aid

As the saying goes, "Rome wasn't build in a day."  The same can be said of winning football teams.  The main components of the Bears' offense and defense are finally in place and have had time to come together.  With Brian Urlacher healthy on defense and Jay Cutler having more experience with the Bears' offensive personnel, the Bears now have an identity.  Although more immediate results would've been nice, they rarely are what they initially seem -- just ask the Denver Broncos.  The 2009 Broncos started the season with six wins and were riding high on the shoulders of new head coach Josh McDaniels and new quarterback Kyle Orton.  When 2009 was all said and done, the Broncos went home after 16 games and an 8-8 record.
The 2010 season for the Chicago Bears has begun with two wins.  The Bears defeated the lowly Lions in week one, and the NFC’s “diva”, the Dallas Cowboys, this past week.   Times are great, right? Of course not. With the Bears coming off of quite possibly their sexiest victory in a couple of years,... Read more »