The All-Time Best Players The Cubs Have Passed On In The MLB Draft

So, we talked about how bad the Cubs are on draft day.  

But how bad has it really been?
Granted, many teams have missed out on their fair share of draft pick.  Albert Pujols was passed by every Major League club numerous times, as he was drafted in the 13th round.
For the Cubs, the law of averages should have swung in their favor at some point, however.  Have a look for yourself.  The following is a complete list of all the players the Cubs have passed on in just the first round of the MLB Draft since 1980.
Given the talent the Cubs have under-evaluated, it's no surprise there hasn't been a World Series on the north side of town since 1945.

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  • This post looks awfully familiar...

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    Yeah, I thought that after you posted your link in another comment. Sorry, I didn't intend them to be similar. I just hadn't seen your post.

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    No least we agree that the Cubs have had some awful drafts in the past ;)

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