NBA Action Is Fantastic: LeBron's girlfriend sleeping with Rashard Lewis and more!

Is it just me, or is the NBA evolving into more of a daytime soap opera with each passing day?

Actually, the more I think about it, the NBA seems to be devolving into a "sports entertainment" organization.  One that has surely set out to challenge Vince McMahon's WWE for the heavyweight title of "most ridiculous "sports" production."

When you compare the two organizations, the only thing the WWE has over the NBA is it's willingness to involve blood in their production.  Other than that, what else separates the two organizations?
Each NBA arena celebrates the beginning of the game with an over-the-top introduction for the home team -- complete with "JumboTron" video productions and aggressive music.  Heck, the Miami Heat celebrated the off-season with a production that would rival anything the WWE has ever done.  They had it all -- lasers, pyrotechnics.  Most hardcore WWE fans with no knowledge of the NBA would have initially thought the production was a new entrance gimmick for Hogan, Nash, and Hall (or better known as members of "nWo" to you wrestling fanatics).
Now, at the height of the NBA season -- the NBA Playoffs -- one would think the NBA headquarters is pulling double-duty trying to concoct bigger storylines with each passing playoff game.
At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if David Stern himself ran onto the floor, grabbed a microphone and publicly fired someone.
I will admit, it would be cool if Michael Jordan cam running on to the floor and gave Stern a stunner to cap-off the shenanigans.
The NBA Playoffs sideshow began innocently for 2011.  First, there was the nice story of Tyler Hansbrough and the confidence placed in him by NBA legend Larry Bird.  A nice story.  "White kid gets backing from greatest white guy to ever play the game."  Nice touch.   We get it.
Next, after the San Antonio Spurs were knocked out of the playoffs by the dark-horse Memphis Grizzlies, reports surface that Spurs guard Manu Ginobili was actually playing the series with a fractured (or "broken", depending on the source) arm.  Yikes.
Later in the playoffs, we get some "Hardcore Match" action from the Lakers' Andrew Bynum, as Bynum gave a flying elbow to Dallas small-guy J.J. Barea.
"That's gotta hurt, Gene!"
Over the course of these 2011 NBA Playoffs, a few teams have been on the short-end of the foul stick, while other, more superstar-blessed teams have gone to the line enough times to account for over half of their scoring.  
Makes you wonder if Heat coach Erik Spoelstra and Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle aren't necessarily great coaches, but just utilize the best referee-distraction tactics in the NBA.
Now, with the NBA Finals in full-swing, and the Dallas Mavericks possessing a 3-2 lead in the best-of-seven series, the drama is reaching even greater heights.
With the Mavericks trying to pull even in game four of the series, Dallas super-stud Dirk Nowitzki was rumored to be suffering from a bit of a cold.  As if the reports of Dirk's illness weren't enough to give fans added incentive to watch game four, the Miami Heat duo of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade took it a step further, and in true WWE form mocked Dirk like the top-billing cast members of David Stern's production they truly are.
Check it out at about the 1:00 mark:

How the tables have turned now for the Miami Heat, as Dirk "The Warrior" Nowitzki has pulled Dallas ahead of the Heat 3-2.  
Now that I think about, maybe LeBron and Dwyane were simply just choking and not feigning coughs.
Regardless, do you now finally feel like the table is set for either a Dallas upset-of-the-ages or a Miami comeback of epic proportion?
You shouldn't. 
Stern's writers have another added twist.
savannah-brinson-and-lebron-james_510x365.jpgEvidently, rumors have now begun to surface that LeBron James' girlfriend, Savanna Brinson, has been sleeping with another NBA'er, Washington Wizards forward Rashard Lewis.
This news, of course, adds an even greater dramatic effect to the 2011 NBA Finals.  If anything, it gives reason for LeBron's subpar performance.
Almost makes you wonder if someone from LeBron James' entourage is nothing more than an "excuse guy", who's paid to make LeBron's failures look more like personal struggles with unrelated variables rather than LeBron's inability to be the "Chosen 1" he likes to think he is.
Of course, the rumor of somebody in the league sleeping with somebody close to LeBron is nothing new.  Last year, it was reported that then-teammate of James, Delonte West had slept with LeBron's mom, Gloria.  
The NBA Playoffs: Truly where "amazing" happens.
Anyone else starting to get concerned that NBA arenas use folding chairs for floor-level seating?
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