My Interview With @OzzieGuillen

Love him or hate him, Ozzie Guillen is definitely one of the most colorful personalities in Major League Baseball.  

Nearly one year ago, Guillen set up an account with social media giant, Twitter.  Over the course of the past year, Guillen has tweeted his opinion on everything from Major League Baseball to the finest seafood restaurant in Toronto.
Here now is a brief interview (via Twitter) with Ozzie Guillen:
Me:  Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down with me, Ozzie.

Ozzie Guillen:   
Me:  Uhhh, thanks, I guess.  So Ozzie, what goals have you set for the Sox this season?  Anything interesting you hope your team can accomplish?

Ozzie Guillen:
Me:  Hmmmm.  Interesting.  At 25-31, it would seem as if your priorities would be a little better.  Don't you think the White Sox still have a chance?

Ozzie Guillen:
Me:  C'mon, Ozzie.  That's a little harsh.  I never said that.

Ozzie Guillen:
Me:  My name is George, but nevertheless, I forgive you.  Moving on...  Some say you are on the proverbial "hot seat" this season, and if the White Sox don't improve, you may be out of a job.  Care to shed some light on that?

Ozzie Guillen:
Me:  What?  You're going to come after me with a fox?  That seems a little harsh.  

Ozzie Guillen:
Me:  I will do my best.  Outside of baseball, what do you like to do with your free time?

Ozzie Guillen:
Me:  Ok.  Shuckers sounds nice.  Anything else?

Ozzie Guillen:
Me:  So, family time is important to you.  I can definitely understand that.  Anything else fans should know about Ozzie Guillen - "family man"?

Ozzie Guillen:
Me:  Unfortunately, Ozzie, I am not the best source of information on that.  Maybe ask Joakim Noah that question.  Speaking of Joakim Noah, any thoughts on the Bulls' strong season?

Ozzie Guillen:
Me:  Yep.  The Bulls had a nice season.  They almost made it to the NBA Finals, and Derrick Rose won the league's MVP award.  

Ozzie Guillen:
Me:  Yeah.  I suppose his moves are a little moth-like, the way he changes direction so quickly.  

Well, Ozzie, is there anything else you'd like to say to your fans before we conclude this interview?

Ozzie Guillen:
Me:  Alrighty then.  Thanks a lot for your time, Ozzie, and good luck the rest of this season.

Ozzie Guillen:
Me:  Ozzie, once again, my name is....  Oh, forget it.  
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